Life360 is a wonderful program that lots of families use to discuss their places. Users of the app love the security elements of the program. By way of instance, it has crash detection which may alert relatives if you are involved in a car collision.

Even though these attributes are helpful for consumers, there are a number of cases in which you’d want to update your Life360 place . Luckily, placing a fake place for Life360 is possible and simple enough that the majority of individuals ought to be able to get it done! .

· Component 1: What’s Your Privacy Concern on Life360?

At first glance, Life360 seemingly has few privacy issues. Its principal feature is place sharing, however the sharing of the information just occurs amongst relatives to whom you have already provided permission.

There are instances, however, where you may be concerned about privacy. Spouses may keep tabs on each others moves. That is great if you are heading home from work just like regular, but imagine if you would like to stop and purchase your partner a anniversary present? Or, suppose that you are in an abusive relationship and want to look for help covertly? Parents who talk about their place with their children might want to go someplace discreetly with no children knowing. There are lots of legitimate cases where you would like to spoof Life360 place, temporarily.

Instinctually, so as to maintain privacy, many consumers that wish a fake place for Life360 by turning their place providers and wifi.

To Make Sure That Life360 Can’t track your place, please perform the following measures:

Measure 1. This useful feature for the iPhone/iPad stops desktop programs from refreshing.

Measure two .

Measure 3.

Measure 4. This will make sure that the program never gets permission to get your own position.

As you can see, doing such will not let you pretend your place for Life360, but it is going to only make it that Life 360 can’t get your upgraded GPS position.

Thus, there are a couple of Disadvantages for this procedure, though. The most apparent one is that you want to keep your own wifi away, which will work with more of your mobile data. Turning on battery saver mode is also an inconvenience as it is going to prevent all programs from refreshing from the backdrop, not simply Life360.

If you don’t remember to maintain your wifi away and you start Life360 by injury, it may join and show your real position. This 1 error will totally blow your pay!

Is there a more economical way to pretend GPS to get Life360? Yes, luckily, there’s! With the ideal software, you are going to have the ability to use your own iPhone because you’ve got – using wifi and desktop refreshing – and also have Life360 think you are somewhere you are not. The best part is you cannot accidentally show your actual site! Here are three options you might want to think about (the smartest choice is original ).

The easiest way to make certain your mobile indicates the”right” place in Life360 would be to utilize Goooch GPS Virtual. This incredible Life360 place scooter allows people to place their iPhone’s place anywhere on the planet.

Additionally, Goooch GPS Virtual is extremely sophisticated since it may also move where you are along a path. Therefore, as you’re picking up your partner’s big birthday present, they will think you are stuck in traffic coming home from work! It is a wise way to spoof your Life360 place.

· Cease being monitored by family or buddies after dialing GPS.

· Fake locations on Life360 along with other location-based programs.

· Function for many iOS version apparatus, regardless of what operating system or iOS apparatus you have, the newest iOS 14.

Measure 1. Download, install, and operate Goooch GPS Virtual in your PC.

Measure 2.

Measure 3. Then pick a destination by entering the address at the top-left corner of this program, or you may pick a close destination by simply clicking in/out the map.

Measure 4. Click the Transfer button. The place in your iPhone is going to be changed into your chosen place.

Your iPhone will think that you’re someplace else on earth. Open Maps to confirm this. If you find the blue dot at the place you picked in Goooch GPS Virtual, then the teleportation functioned. Then place on Life360 will also be changed.

Two Change Location on Life360 through Burner Phone

Another alternative to pretend your place on Life360 would be to utilize a burner telephone. The theory behind the process is that you may place Life360 in your next apparatus and make that where you are supposed to be (house, workplace, etc.). It is smart, and also, such as the Goooch GPS Virtual system, it is going to operate with no possibility of a slip-up.

This process is not difficult to perform, and anyone with another telephone can do this relatively quickly.

Measure 1. Log from Life360 in your principal device. Log in to Life360 in your burner telephone.

Measure two . Leave the burner telephone wherever you are supposed to be.

But if anyone looks at where you are, they will not find where your principal device is – they will see where your burner telephone is. You are free to proceed without anybody knowing where you’re!

There are a couple Caveats for this procedure, though.

· First, you want another phone. Not lots of individuals have spare apparatus lying about that they could utilize.

· Secondly, if a person attempts to message you through the program, you will not have the ability to respond as you won’t possess the iPhone with you personally. Your non-response may increase suspicions.

The next choice for placing your device’s position would be to use iTools. This program enables you fool your GPS monitoring system to modify your cellphone’s location. As you may expect, this not only changes your apparatus place for Life360 however, rather, it applies to all programs.

You will find Many features of iTools

· iTools contains many smaller apps that every help with a part of your iOS apparatus. One of these is a place faker.

· File Explorer to have a peek at what you’ve got in your iPhone.

· Screen mirroring – control and see your iPhone from the own desktop!

At first glance, iTools appears to be a good way to repaint your Life360 place. But while the attributes do work, you will find A Few Issues using the general software package. Specifically, setup is a nuisance. The Apple drivers it needs frequently don’t put in properly. Antivirus programs also occasionally trip with this software and erroneously flag it as a virus. The simple fact that a antivirus program believes it is not secure is a significant red flag. For that reason, it’s difficult to recommend as a cohesive answer to this spoofing problem.

Q1. The Way to set up location on Life360 on Android apparatus?

Thus far, this manual has just covered spoofing your place on iOS apparatus. Android apparatus have a very different Life360 place scooter. To correct your position on Android, think about looking for the following:

· Proceed to Settings -> Program -> Programmers alternatives .

Harness that.

· Choose the Fake GPS Location program .

· Open Fake GPS and place the place to where you would like to be!

Q2. How can I stop sharing my place?

If you would like to prevent sharing your place altogether in Life360, there is a choice to do this within the program.

You may get this at the lower right corner of this program.

· Select the Circle with that which you need to quit sharing your place.

Q3. Can Life360 monitor you when your telephone is away?

No. Your device has to be around to your place to upgrade. Nevertheless, without regular upgrades, the program will understand your location info is obsolete.

Q4. Can Life360 provide the wrong site?

If you find the wrong place, there are a number of tricks to resolve this.

· Empower wifi as that’ll enhance location accuracy.

· You may also try running Life360 from the foreground.

· Running in the background is going to get a decrease place resolution.

· Switch off battery saver mode and be sure the Background App Refresh is around for Life360.


When most users wish to share their actual place to possess Life360’s attributes, there are particular situations in which you are going to want to conceal your status on the planet briefly. For those scenarios, utilizing Goooch GPS Virtual will provide you the very best, hassle-free encounter. Using a slick interface, and smart features, Goooch GPS Virtual is the best answer for concealing your place if you don’t need your loved ones to understand precisely where you’re! Try out this wonderful procedure to spoof your Life360 place.