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If your small-sized cent is dated 1857 or 1858, it is a Traveling Eagle Cent. If you marketed it to a coin supplier, a Traveling Eagle Cent in the well-worn problem is worth concerning $15 to $25. (Note: A lot of the coin costs are practical quantities that a dealership will certainly pay you. They"re not retail or "brochure" worths like you locate basically all over else. Most individuals trying to find coin costs wish to know just how much they can market their coins for today.)

You require to take it to a dealership to obtain an evaluation if your Traveling Eagle Cent is dated 1856. This cent is extremely uncommon, with a mintage of just 2,000 samplings, and also imitations as well as modifications of this day are much more typical than the authentic 1856. The 1856 Traveling Eagle Cent is thought about to be a pattern coin, as opposed to a blood circulation problem by numerous experts.For a complete graph of Indian Traveling Eagle Cent worths, see:


1872 Indian Head Dime Graded MS-67 RDHeritage Public auction Galleries,

Indian Head cents are dated from 1859 via 1909, and also have a representation of Woman Freedom using an Indian-style feathery headdress, therefore the misnomer "Indian Head" Dime. As a whole, all Indian Head Pennies deserve a minimum of $1 each, also in really used problem, as long as they"re not seriously harmed. Watch for 1877 as well as 1909-S Indian head cents. They are most useful in any type of problem and also are very demanded by coin enthusiasts.

Wheat Cents are dated from 1909 to 1958 as well as have a picture of Lincoln on one side, as well as a wreath-like style of wheat directly the various other. In some cases called "Lincoln Cents" (without pointing out the Memorial as explained listed below,) they are constructed from practically pure copper (95%) besides one year, the 1943 cent, which is constructed from zinc-plated steel.All Wheat Cents deserve at the very least 3 times stated value, yet certainly numerous deserve significantly much more specifically the essential day Wheat cents. Watch for the ultra-rare 1909-S VDB. this coin is most demanded by enthusiasts and also is most beneficial in any kind of quality. Likewise, the 1909-S (no VDB on the opposite), the 1931-s as well as the 1914-d are likewise important coins in any type of problem. Lincoln Memorial PennyHeritage Public auction Galleries, Lincoln Memorial Pennies are dated 1959 to 2008 as well as have a picture of Lincoln on one side of the

Lincoln Memorial structure on the various other. They were constructed from 95 %copper till 1982. Throughout 1982 the make-up was altered to 97.5% zinc, with a slim copper plating, to make sure that you have dimes outdated 1982 made from both steel kinds. From 1983 up until today, all united state cents are made from primarily zinc. A Lot Of Lincoln Memorial Pennies are just worth stated value unless they have their initial copper appeal from the Mint.In 2009, the united state Mint provided an one-of-a-kind celebratory collection of 4 cents to commemorate the 100th wedding anniversary of Head of state Lincoln "s birth and also the Lincoln cent style. Lincoln Cents took pleasure in a rise in appeal, which indicated some greater worths for these extremely preferred pennies.The USA Mint in 2010 completely transformed the opposite of the Lincoln cent to include a guard with E PLURIBUS UNUM on top as well as a banner decorated with ONE CENT throughout the guard. These brand-new coins are called the Lincoln Guard Reverse dime. Numismatists identify these 3 various kinds of Lincoln cents all under the Lincoln Memorial Cent kind.