Burial Place Numerous Graves Mod offers you with one block: a tomb. Keep in mind that you can not craft and also gather it, yet it is actually essential. Upon a gamer's fatality (thinking you have not impaired tombs in the configs; nevertheless, if you do that, why did you mount the mod?), a major block will certainly be generated which contains every one of the passing away gamer's supply (consisting of Knickknacks) and also a conversation message informs you the specific place of the generated tomb.

Tomb will certainly adjust to the block below them (somewhat). If you do not pass away on a "appropriate" ground material, the tomb will certainly show up with the dust structure or a floating head in case that you weren't also on the ground when you passed away

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Components as well as screenshots:


By default, just the gamer that passed away can obtain the products from their tomb by slipping over it while it is opened. All various other gamers will just travel through the block and also wait opened tombs. Besides, just the gamer that has the tomb can toggle whether a tomb is secured or opened by shift-clicking it. In the photo listed below, opened tombs get on the left and also secured tombs get on the right. When a tomb is secured, no gamer will certainly have the ability to acquire the things in it. This works if you require to make the location "security" while slipping. For that reason, you do not unintentionally grab your products if you aren't all set for them.


Due to the fact that they have a head as well as will certainly keep in mind which [the tombs are wise [solid> supply ports and also which products When you passed away, are required. The tomb will certainly try to put them back in their initial ports when you recover your products. If you have it mounted, knickknacks are consisted of. Any type of product in the major whose initial port is not vacant will certainly rather be put at the gamer's feet, in a similar way to if you had actually damaged one more mod's tomb.

Graves are undestroyable, so the only method to eliminate it is to have the initial gamer get their products or have an imaginative participant damage the tombs. (If it is damaged, the tombs will certainly go down every one of their products on the ground).


Each gamer currently has a buddy checklist!

/ tmg_friend

will certainly include a buddy to your checklist (if that gamer is presently on-line, you can make use of TAB to auto-complete their name)

/ tmg_removefriend

will certainly eliminate a good friend from your listing (once again, utilize TAB to auto-complete any kind of names currently in the checklist)

/ tmg_list

will certainly present all your existing pals in conversation.

Gamers in your pal checklist will certainly have the ability to engage with your tombs in the precise very same method you can (lock/unlock/retrieve).

Bring back Supply:

Unless you have actually shut off this attribute in the configs, every single time a gamer passes away a data will certainly be produced that shops the materials of their inventory/baubles. As long as you have authorizations (OP/cheats get on), you can utilize the complying with commands:

/ tmg_restore

/ tmg_drop

The initial command will certainly bring back the supply comparable to strolling over a tomb while the secondly will certainly go down the things at the place of the gamer rather. You can make use of TAB to auto-complete any kind of gamer's name that is presently on-line as well as to auto-complete at any time stamp for which there is a documents developed. (The layout for the time stamp is yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss.) Keep in mind that the data will certainly not be developed if the video game regulation "keepInventory" is noted to real, neither will certainly it be produced if the fatality occasion is terminated "prematurely" (for instance, if a gamer is putting on the Golden Laurel Crown from Botania upon fatality, the crown will certainly be ruined as regular, the gamer will certainly live, and also no documents will certainly be developed).

Fatality Supply Listings:


Presuming you have not handicapped the fatality stock documents pointed out in the previous area, upon re-spawning after fatality you will certainly get a checklist of all things you carried your body when you passed away. Right-clicking with it in your primary hand will certainly open up the GUI; tossing the checklist on the ground (through "Q" or drag/dropping it while your stock GUI is open) will certainly ruin it (in this way you do not need to maintain it around).

If, by some possibility, you inadvertently damaged your listing, you can obtain a brand-new one by utilizing the command

/ tmg_getdeathlist



Minecraft Forge

Burial Place Lots Of Graves Mod Download And Install Hyperlinks:

Submit NameStatusGame VersionDate
TombManyGraves-1.10.2 -2.1.14 Beta 1.10.2 Dec 15, 2016
TombManyGraves-1.10.2 -2.1.13 Beta 1.10.2 Oct 19, 2016
TombManyGraves-1.10.2 -2.1.12 Beta 1.10.2 Oct 17, 2016
TombManyGraves-1.10.2 -2.1.11 Beta 1.10.2 Oct 13, 2016
TombManyGraves-1.10.2 -2.1.10 Beta 1.10.2 Sep 22, 2016
TombManyGraves-1.10.2 -2.1.9 Beta 1.10.2 Sep 22, 2016
TombManyGraves-1.9.4 _ 1.10.2-2.1.8 Beta 1.10.2 Jul 23, 2016
TombManyGraves-1.9.4 _ 1.10.2-2.1.7 Beta 1.10.2 Jul 22, 2016
TombManyGraves-1.9.4 -2.1.6 Beta 1.10.2 Jul 1, 2016
TombManyGraves-1.10 -3.0.0 Beta 1.10 Jun 23, 2016
TombManyGraves-1.9.4 -2.1.5 Launch 1.9.4 Jun 23, 2016
TombManyGraves-1.9 -1.0.3 Beta 1.9 May 23, 2016

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