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Yo Chaos, I'& #x 27; m as well near to the side on this niggaI ain'& #x 27; t gon & #x 27; dive however, I & #x 27; mixed martial arts maintain it raw gutterYo Natural born player, you understand I require you on this niggaI obtained spunk on my upper body, I need to confessLast evening I was the nigga that skyrocketed your projectsNow I'& #x 27; m back in the hood, with rocks in the PyrexTan khakis as well as them Nike Broadcasts with the colored checksI was compelled to live this life, compelled to breast my chromeMy stands out left me in a foster homeI really felt deserted like Quik since Mausberg goneSo I wear'& #x 27; t jump in the SS without the Mossberg homesI'& #x 27; ve been rappin & #x 27; for a fifty percent and also a year, my life is realPut the weapon in his mouth, he gon' & #x 27; attack the steelCome to Compton, I obtained red stripes for realBefore Dre, prior to the ice, prior to the bargain - I was practically killedLike '& #x 27; Special-interest Group prior to the Fatality Row dealI obtained fired over 2 extra pounds of weed, still ain'& #x 27; t located them niggasBut fate come quicker for a nigga beyond of the gunThat'& #x 27; s somethin I obtained ta instruct my childI wear'& #x 27; t require your love, no no no noI wear'& #x 27; t require your loveNeed it, I wear'& #x 27; t desire it, I wear'& #x 27; t demand itI wear'& #x 27; t require your love, no I wear
& #x 27; t require your loveI #x & wear 27; t require your loveCause, the, video game, #x & wear 27; t, modification I heard they obtained Bloods in New york city nowRed cloths in Uptown Harlem currently, I require that loveFront court at the Knicks video game, brand-new chick, French nameNew vehicle, brand-new home, and also often buddies changeAnd you wear'& #x 27; t demand that enjoy, when you'G & #x 27; s like usAnd your Jesus item is sim-u-lar to Big deal'& #x 27; sAnd your life tale is sim-u-lar to 50'& #x 27; sFirst they despise you, then they enjoy you, then they dislike you againWhat the fuck do it consider a gangsta to win?No mics, no Anonymous Buzz, nigga fuck The SourcePlus them honors I put on'& #x 27; t needAnd them niggas taking a breath the very same air as me, imitating they put on'& #x 27; t bleedWe #x & put on 27; t drive the exact same rate, this a Continental TThat'& #x 27; s a situation of Armadale, this a continental suiteSo I'& #x 27; mixed martial arts sink in my very own sorrowsLive life, fuck tomorrow, nigga '& #x 27; create fact is w/ variants + advertisement libsI was gassed up, Murder Inc., Roc-A-Fella passed upSat in Dad'& #x 27; s Home with Black Rob as well as Lou and also asked PuffNow The Video game'& #x 27; s uncompromising, the Franck Muller'& #x 27; s embeded in stonesDre cut me a check, I'& #x 27; m goneTryin & #x 27; to be the king of the roads, niggas & #x 27; ll damp your throneBut I obtained nieces to feed, 2 coastlines to pleaseSo I stroll via the city like the ghost of EGotta placed Compton back where it'& #x 27; s & #x 27; sposed to beNuthin' & #x 27; in between all my niggas that'& #x 27; s near to meIn the roads with 2 fellas packin' & #x 27; salute for meI & #x 27; m & #x 27; postured to be, obtained all the movie critics watchin' & #x 27; my pivotOn my block in the Sports car readin' & #x 27; kites from prisonI obtained niggas doing life in prisonAll my dropped soldiers is just one of the factors we put out liquorSo this tune is for Ms. Wallace, Afeni ShakurAnd all the mommies of dead children that headed out in the battle