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REDDISH-BROWN STEEL "REDDISH-BROWN STEEL" is a 17 letter expression beginning with R as well as finishing with L Crossword ideas for "REDDISH-BROWN STEEL" tr ClueAnswer tr td tr td Reddish-brown steel (6) COPPER td tr Component; police officer (6) tr td Cop; steel (6) td tr Steel, Cu (6) tr Old central heating boiler of clothing (6) td Red steel (6) td tr Old dime (6) td Bronze alloy part (6) td tr td Old coin (6) tr Component of brass (6) td tr td Conductor of note (6) td tr Brass element (6) td tr td Police officer in his component (6) td Chemical Aspect Cu (6) td tr table td h2 Basic synonyms, crossword solutions and also various other relevant words for solid REDDISH-BROWN STEEL solid We really hope that the adhering to checklist of basic synonyms for words copper will certainly assist you to complete your crossword today. We"ve prepared the basic synonyms in size order to ensure that they are less complicated to discover. 1 letter words C- G 3 letter words BAR- BAY- POLICE- FIN- REGULATION- GUY- PIG- TIN 4 letter words DOLLAR- BULL- CENT- COCK- DOLLAR- FISH- FOXY- FUZZ- GILT- GOLD- WARMTH- IRON- LEAD- MILL- ROAN- CORROSION- SKIN- BACKYARD 5 letter words h3 ADUST- BOBBY- BRASS- C-NOTE- SHADE- FIVER- G-NOTE- GRAND- FIFTY PERCENT G- HENNA- INGOT- STEEL- CENT- RUSTY- STEEL- TINNY h3 6 letter words h3 AUBURN- BAYARD- BRASSY- BRAZEN- BRONZE- BRONZY- COPPER- CUPRIC- BUCK- GOLDEN- FIFTY PERCENT A C- LEADEN- NICKEL- NUGGET- PEELER- PEWTER- AUTHORITIES- RUFOUS- RUSSET- SHAMUS- SILVER- COLD-BLOODED- TENNER- THE REGULATION- TITIAN 7 letter words h3 AUREATE- BRONZED- BULLION- CENTURY- COPPERY- CUPROUS- COMPONENT- FERROUS- FLATTIE- GUMSHOE- IRON MALE- JOHN REGULATION- POLICEMAN- PEWTERY- PIGMENT- QUARTER- RED CENT- RUSSETY- SAWBUCK- SILVERY- SMACKER- TEN-SPOT- THE POLICE OFFICERS- THE FUZZ- 2 LITTLE BITS- TWO-SPOT 8 letter words BLUECOAT- CHESTNUT- COIN GOLD- CUPREOUS- DOGBERRY- FIVE-SPOT- FLATFOOT- 4 LITTLE BITS- FROGSKIN- GENDARME- IRONLIKE- MAHOGANY- NICKELIC- SUNBURNT- 10 CENTS 9 letter words BASE STEEL- CARTWHEEL- CONSTABLE- INVESTIGATIVE- 5 CENTS- FIFTY PERCENT GRAND- MERCURIAL- MERCUROUS- NICKELINE- COP- SUNBURNT h3 10 letter words BAY-COLORED- CASTANEOUS- CHUTZPADIK- COIN SILVER- BUCK COSTS- FIFTY CENTS- GOLD NUGGET- GOLD-FILLED- GOLD-PLATED- FIFTY PERCENT BUCK- LIVER-BROWN- LIVID-BROWN- RUBIGINOUS- TERRA-COTTA- TERRA-COTTA- TERRACOTTA h3 11 letter words h3 BROWNISH-RED- FERRUGINOUS- QUICKSILVER- RUST-COLORED- YELLOW STEEL- YELLOW THINGS 12 letter words h3 GILDING STEEL- LIVER-COLORED- REDDISH-BROWN- SILVER BUCK- SILVER-PLATED 13 letter words h3 BRONZE-COLORED- CHESTNUT-BROWN- COPPER-COLORED- LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENT- TWO-DOLLAR EXPENSE 14 letter words h3 FIVE-DOLLAR COSTS- RARE-EARTH ELEMENTS h3 15 letter words CHEMICAL COMPONENT- METAL- THOUSAND DOLLARS- TWENTY-FIVE CENTS 16 letter words h3 TWENTY-DOLLAR COSTS 17 letter words HUNDRED-DOLLAR COSTS 18 letter words h3 5 HUNDRED DOLLARS- TABLE OF ELEMENTS TEAM- THOUSAND-DOLLAR COSTS 21 letter words h3 FIVE-HUNDRED-DOLLAR EXPENSE Meaning of copper h2 layer with a layer of copper any one of numerous little butterflies of the family members Lycaenidae having coppery wings a reddish-brown shade looking like the shade of sleek copper a copper cent a pliable flexible reddish-brown corrosion-resistant diamagnetic metal; takes place in different minerals yet is the only steel that takes place generously in big masses; made use of as a thermal and also electric conductor huge vessel utilized for cleaning or steaming Many thanks for going to The Crossword Solver. 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