PT Wijamemiliki Karmemiliki Tbk (Wika) is an Indonesian company that is involved in engineerinew york and construction work in both Indonesia as well as abroad. Its businesstape include civil engineering, buildinew york construction, and construction of industrial plants as well as energy facilities. The company is majority-owned by the Indonesian government.

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industri SectorProperty, Real Estate and Construction
industri Sub SectorBuildingai Construction
Established11 March 1960
Listed29 October 2007
Listed Company CodeWIKA
Listed Shares6,105,627,500
kepala Shareholders (>5%)Government of Indonesia (65.05%)
Key SubsidiariesWijamiliki Karmiliki BetonWijamemiliki Karmemiliki RealtyWijamemiliki karmemiliki Intrade


stock Quote Wijamemiliki Karya - WIKA:

Business Summary

Being a government-controldisutradarai company, Wika"s primary customer is the government of Indonesia as well as other Indonesian state-owned enterpristape (SOE). However, the vast growth of Indonesia’s economy juga impacted on growth of the construction industry in the private sector. This growth allowed Wika to expand its membidik markets from the government and other SOE companipita pengukur to the private sector.

Moreover, Wika has extended its target pasar from Indonesia to other developinew york countries. The company has participated in projects in the di antara East and north Africa (Iraq, Algeria and Libya), as well as several other countries in the Asia samudera pasifik (Timor Leste, Brunei Darussmakhluk and Myanmar).

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Wijamemiliki Karmemiliki has two core businesses: Construction, which is divided into Civil Construction (roads, bridges, seaports, airports and dams) and Buildingai Construction (tempat tinggal and commercial housingi as well as utility buildings) and Mechanical Electrical, which consists of Energy and Industrial Plants. The Energy segment is focused on Engineering, Procuremenpen and Construction (EPC) and Investment.

New Contracts:

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Infrastructure & Building6,411.58,937.79,038.29,816.719,077.139,648.3
Energy & Industrial Plant4,202.74,100.54,458.03,633.71,034.47,493.8
Property & Realty 800.61,463.41,244.01,378.51,376.33,342.6

in billion IDR rupiahSource: Wijamiliki Karya, Annual Report 2016

Wijamemiliki Karya"s Financial Highlights:

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Net Sales6,590.96,022.97,741.89,905.211,884.612,463.213,620.115,668.8
Gross Profit 623.1 632.9 763.4 957.81,322.41,424.61,654.72,227.1
Net Income 189.2 311.2 390.95 523.3 624.4 743.8 703.01,147.1
OperatingIncome 485.0 477.6 653.7 870.01,216.01,401.51,513.92,079.0
Profit beforeIncome Tax 348.1 473.3 629.6 832.71,016.71,139.2 751.31,230.5
total Assets5,700.66,286.38,323.011,020.812,594.615,909.219,602.431,096.5
berbisa Liabilities4,064.94,369.56,103.68,186.59,368.011,032.514,164.318,597.8
Earnings per Share¹33,37 47,47 60,59 77,96 92,84 99,06101,81158,64
Cash Dividendper Share¹ 17,08 17,56 22,32 27,82 20,01 20,35 33,86

in billion IDR rupiah unless otherwise stated¹ in IDR rupiahSource: Wijamiliki Karya, Annual Report 2016

masa depan Forecast Wijamemiliki Karya"s Financial Highlights:

Net Sales31,15835,76544,77751,474
Net Income1,7302,2582,7143,046
ROAA (%) 3.3 3.7 4.0 3.9
P/E Ratio (x) 4.6 3.5 2.9 2.6
P/BV (x) 0.5 0.5 0.4 0.4

in billion IDR rupiah unless otherwise statedSource: Danareksa Sekuritas (26.03.2020)



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