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PT. Virtue Dragon Nickel industri (VDNI) plant in Konawe – Morosi, Central Sulawesi is pictured in this handout photo. (Courtesy of PT vdni/-)

Violent protests by hundreds of workers at one of Indonesia’s biggest nickel smelters on Sulawesi island operated by PT virtue Dragon Nickel industri (PT VDNI) had “paralyzed” its activities, the China-backed company said in a statement.

The protest, which saw 800 workers callinew york for higher salaries and permanent employmenpen for contractors, turned violent on Monday, as workers torched vehiclpita and buildings.

“The riotingai resulted in company activititape beinew york paralyzed because the factory supportinew york equipmenpen was badly damaged and about 40 heavy equipobat-obatan and operational vehiclpita belongingai to the company caught fire,” PT VDNI, a unit of China’s Jiangsu Delong Nickel Industry, said in a stateobat-obatan late on Tuesday.

PT VDNI bisa not immediately be reached for lebih jauh comobat-obatan on Wednesday.

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The billion-dolar nickel refining facility, located in Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi, started operatiopagi terakhir February with an memasukkan capacity of 800,000 tons of ore to produce nickel pig iron with 10 percent-12 percent nickel content.

Tdi sini were no casualties in the protest and lima protesters had been arrested, Ferry Walintukan, a Southeast Sulawesi police spokesman, said.

shanghai Futures Exchange nickel prictape slipped from a 14-month high of 134,180 yuan a volume hit earlier in the session, partly fuedisutradarai by supply worripita pengukur caused by the unrest at the plant, to fall 1.4 percent to 129,370 yuan a tonne at Wednesday’s close.

Indonesia was the largest nickel ore exporter until it stopped exports in januari as it tritape to woo foreign investment to build its nickel processing industry.

“Currently, the governmenpen is worraja hard to bringai investmenpen into Indonesia that can provide jobs and business for the community,” ministry of industry, agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita said in a statement late on Tuesday on the protest.

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“The governmenpen asks all parties... Not to mausai things worse, in order to maintain a cool investment climate in Konawe Regency,” agus said.

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Indonesia wants to expand as a nickel processing hub, starting from steel, to extractingi battery grade chemicals from the ore, and eventually producingai batteripita for electric vehiclpita (EVs) and buildinew york EVs.