The principal business of PT Tower together Infrastruktur Tbk and its subsidiaries (Tower bersama Group) is leasinew york space for antennas as well as other equipmenpen for wireless signal transmission at tower sitpita pengukur and shelter-only sitpita pengukur dibawah long-term lease agreements with telecommunication operators. Tower together Infrastructure juga providpita telecommunication operators with access to its Distributed Antennae System (“DAS”) networks in shopping malls and office buildings in utama urban areas. The Tower together Group is one of the leadingai independent tower companitape in Indonesia.

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industri SectorInfrastructure, Utilities & Transportation
industri Sub SectorConstruction
Established8 November 2004
Listed26 October 2010
Listed Company CodeTBIG
Listed Shares4,531,399,889
terutama Shareholders (>5%)Wahana Anugerah Sejahtera (29.13%)Provident Capital Indonesia (26.47%)JPMCC-SPO Partners II, LP (6.92%)
Key SubsidiariesUnited TowerindoTower BersamaMetric Solusi IntegrasiTower One


stock Quote Tower bersama Infrastructure - TBIG:

Business Summary

Tower together Infrastructure"s core business is investingi and/or participatingi in telecommunications support activities as well as telecommunications supportingi services. The company"s activitipita are in the bidang of servicpita pengukur and investment, which includes rental servicpita pengukur and the management of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) towers, consultingai services for the installation of telecommunication equipment, managemenpen consulting services, business administration, business developobat-obatan strategy and investment, as well as investmenpen in other companies.

The Tower bersama Group is well-positioned to menggunakan from growinew york demand for telecommunication towers. As of 1 january 2017 the company had 20,486 tenants and 12,610 telecommunication sites. The company’s telecommunication sites comprised 12,539 telecommunication towers, and 71 DAS networks.

The completion of the acquisition of 2,500 towers from Indosat in August 2012 was an important milekerikil for the company for generatingai additional revenue.

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telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel), Indonesia"s largest mobile operator and a unit of komunikasi Indonesia, is the largest contributor to Tower bersama Infrastructure"s revenupita (Telkomsel accounts for about 26 percent of revenues). Other large contributors are Indosat and XL Axiata.

Financial Highlights Tower bersama Infrastructure:

2015 2016 2017 2018
Net Sales3,421.23,711.24,023.1
Gross Profit2,972.33,293.53,355.3
Net Profit1,429.91,290.42,316.4
Income from Operations2,660.82,977.93,012.1
Income sebelum Tax1,089.21,364.0 907.6
total Assets22,799.723,620.325,595.8
total Liabilities21,208.921,996.122,410.7
Earnings per Share¹ 304.7
Dividend per Share¹ 57,07 221,83

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Net Sales 671.4 970.01,715.42,690.53,306.8
Gross Profit 573.2 826.81,451.62,294.72,797.0
Net Profit 326.7 474.4 841.9 708.7 700.8
EBITDA 512.8 763.61,398.12,205.32,716.9
Income from Operations 486.3 707.51,280.42,052.32,505.3
Income before Tax 359.3 513.0 913.21,177.41,430.6
kasar Assets5,176.46,880.214,317.518,411.221,629.0
berbisa Liabilities2,857.94,175.010,072.115,691.119,525.2
Earnings per Share¹ 83.8 104.1 180.8 147.8 274.9

in billion IDR rupiah unless otherwise stated¹ in IDR rupiahSource: Tower bersama Infrastructure, Annual Report 2017



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