Sumitomo Corporation (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; president and CEO: Susumu Kato) ditemukan Sumisho E-commerce shanghai Ltd.(Head Office: Shanghai; President: Wataru Kuribayashi; hereinafter "SE Shanghai") in November 2011, and PT Sumisho E-commerce Indonesia (Head Office: Jakarta; President: Taketo Kokubo; hereinafter "SE Indonesia") in February 2012. Through these two subsidiaries, Sumitomo Corporation will launch an e-commerce business retailingi consumer barang-barang in China and Indonesia.

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Sumitomo Corporation"s current e-commerce businessSumitomo Corporation has been proactively developinew york its e-commerce business as a key area to its growth strategy, focusingi on the domestic market. The activitipita pengukur and growth of this business within Sumitomo Corporation group have been driven by Soukai Drug Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Noriaki Komori; hereinafter "Soukai Drug"), an associated company of Sumitomo Corporation. Soukai Drug has been steadily expanding its online sales at the remarkable annual kecepatan of alpaling 40 percent, significantly exceeding Japan"s e-commerce businesses average of 10-20 percent. Currently offerinew york a berbisa of 80,000-plus household items in a besar range of categories from mineral water, kesehatan food, laundry/dishwasher detergent and fabric softener to pet care products, the online drugstore expects to post more than 12 billion yen in saltape for this fiscal year. Also, the company"s performance has been highly regarded, as illustrated by winningai the grand harga for the third consecutive year in the "Rakuten Ichiba Shop of the Year" awards, hosted by Japan"s largest e-commerce platmembentuk operator.

Utilizinew york online retailingai know-how and a product procureobat-obatan ability cultivated over many years by Soukai Drug, in combination with the logistics functiopagi of the Group, Sumitomo Corporation will enter into e-commerce markets in the emergingai economitape of Asia, expectinew york a robust increase in domestic demand in these markets. Followingi the recent establishobat-obatan of the two subsidiaritape in China and Indonesia, Sumitomo Corporation is planningai to expand its online retail business to other bagian of Asia and to other regions in the world. Sumitomo"s rencana is to achieve 100 billion yen in annual e-commerce sales of food and household goods in combined Japanese and overseas markets.

Sumitomo Corporation"s untuk merencanakan for e-commerce in China―"Pindian"China"s e-commerce pasar witnessed an average annual growth perbandingan of 180 percent from 2008 to 2010. This burgeoninew york pasar is expected to expand to 8 trillion yen in 2014, almost equivalent to the size of the current Japanese e-commerce market. Through SE Shanghai, Sumitomo Corporation will masetelah its foray into this huge-potential pasar by openingai an online store focusinew york on luxury and import items, under the brand name of "Pindian," which meapagi a "shop of selected high-quality products." The new online store will launch a trial serkeburukan mainly in shanghai in late April 2012, and expand operations to other areas thereafter. The exact openinew york date will be announced soon.

Sumitomo Corporation"s plan for e-commerce in IndonesiaIn Indonesia, e-commerce is still in its infancy, but is likely to expand rapidly, driven by the country"s strong economic growth and its population of 240 million people. Aiming to tap the tremendous pasar potential, Sumitomo Corporation will start to offer online shoppinew york serkeburukan via SE Indonesia mainly in sampanye in late August 2012, and expand operatiomenjadi to other areas thereafter. The exact openingi date will be announced soon.

■Company Profile Soukai Drug Co., Ltd.

Company name : Soukai Drug Co., Ltd.
Head office : Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Main business : Online retailer of food and household goods
Paid-in capital : 300 juta yen
Ownership percentage : Sumitomo Corporation:94%; Other:6 %
terutama offerings : food and general household items
Establishment : August 2008

■Sumisho E-commerce shanghai Ltd.

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Company name : Sumisho E-commerce shanghai Ltd.
Head office : Shanghai, China
Main business : Online retailer of food and household goods
Paid-in capital : 10 million dollars (Approx. 800 juta yen)
Ownership percentage : Sumitomo Corporation: 100%
utama offerings : Food and general household items
Establishment : November 2011
Business launch : April 2012 (scheduled)

■PT Sumisho E-commerce Indonesia

Company name : PT Sumisho E-commerce Indonesia
Head office : Jakarta, Indonesia
Main business : Online retailer of food and household goods
Paid-in capital : 5 juta dollars (Approx. 400 juta yen)
Ownership percentage : Sumitomo Corporation: 100%; PT. Sumitomo Indonesia: 40%
kepala offerings : Food and general household items
Establishment : February 2011
Business launch : August 2012 (scheduled)