APRIL Group’s pulp and paper mill and plantation operatiomenjadi are primarily in and around the utama town of Pangkalan Kerinci in Riau Province, on the Indonesian pulau of Sumatra. At the mill site, APRIL Group has built a company kota that can house up to 7,000 orang and includpita pengukur schools, medical facilities, leisure facilities, religious facilities, sportinew york grounds and other amenititape for employees and their families.

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In addition to the pulp mill and plantations, APRIL Group has invested significantly in infrastruktur to ambil its products to pasar includinew york roads, ports and an airport.

Pulp & Paper Mill

Our pulp and paper mill located at Pangkalan Kerinci in Riau Province Indonesia is capable of producing up to 2.8 million topejarakan of pulp and 1.15 million tons of paper per year.

The mill ustape world-class engineeringi and technology to produce quality pulp and paper products sold around the world. We opeperbandingan the mill on the principltape of “lean manufacturing”, which results in efficient practictape in the use of energy and water and in minimising emissions.


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Plantation and Land Use

sejak the commencemenpen of our operations, APRIL Group has worked towards creatingai an entirely plantation-grown supply of wood.

We ensure that sensitive areas of the forests are conserved, land use within our concessiomenjadi is optimised and local communitipita pengukur bagikan the benefits of development. Dari 2005, APRIL Group has voluntarily undertaken High Conservation Value (HCV) assessments within its concessiomenjadi sebelum operatiopejarakan commence. These assessments identify areas to be set asideas for conservation and protection. They juga identify plantable non-conservation areas for plantation establishment, areas suitable for community plantation and lanjutan community use, and areas for infrastructure development.

Of the 1 million hectares of land APRIL Group manages, 480,000 hectares is digunakan for plantations. The remainingai 51% is set aside for conservation, community use and infrastructure. Our commitmenpen is detailed in our Sustainable Forest Managemenpen Policy.

APRIL Group’s land use manageobat-obatan plans for its directly telah terorganisir concessions meet all land use criteria and delineation requirements stipulated in the Indonesia’s Government’s forestry regulations.

PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper

Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (PT. RAPP) is the operatingai arm of APRIL in Riau. The company’s operatiopejarakan have helped Pangkalan Kerinci grow from a village of around 200 dwellings to a thrivinew york kota of over 100,000 people today. Linanti APRIL, PT. RAPP operatpita on a 5C business philosophy: that its operations should be good for Community, Country, Climate and Customer, and only kemudian will they be good for the Company.

RAPP works with local rakyat to help them develop businesses. Local entrepreneurs are given training, support and access to finance to membantu them set up businesses, particularly in fields that can support RAPP, seperti as contractinew york and transportation. We have helped support more than 180 entrepreneurs, creatingai thousands of jobs in fields as diverse as automotive repairs and catering.

Farmers are juga given support through the Integrated Farmaaf System, a program which teachpita them modernis horticultural techniques to membantu them improve milik mereka yield and to grow new crops. Farmers worraja on more than 2,400 hectares of land have now received instruction at the dedicated traininew york center. RAPP is tambahan on the frontline of efforts to develop the local community.

Indonesian culture is supported through programs to keep traditional crafts alive, kemudian as a program to membantu local women increase dari mereka family income through the production of batik, a colorful local cloth. Women are tambahan empowered by a separate cloth weavingi program, which providtape them the trainingai and equipmenpen they need to produce fabric for sale.

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Promisingi youngi athletpita pengukur are supported through the masa depan Athlete Trainingai Centre, which was launched in 2007. In the first half of 2017 they saya menang a total of 40 domestic medals, includinew york 19 golds, and five international medals, two of which menjadi gold. The center is part of APRIL founder Sukanto Tanoto’s vision that everyone should have the opportunity to realize his or her penuh potential.