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disini bagi karyawan baru bisa ~ belajar dan langsungi praktik di temani spv yg sabar sabar..dan bisa ~ di ajak bemerencanakan kemiripan memecahkan troubel yg ada di lapangan
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The csseleven.commpany was founded by Tjandra Onawah in 1998 and has grown to akan a reputable csseleven.commpany in the region for time charter vessels to support marine transport in Oil and Gas industry and Marine Services. The csseleven.commpany supplipita pengukur support vessels rangingai from tug boats, landinew york craft, cargo ships, harbour tug, flat top barges, floating hotel barges, crane barges, chemical transport bargpita and other spesial purpose vessels.

In 2006, the csseleven.commpany experience significance growth after beinew york trusted as reliable vessels supplier followingai its good track recsseleven.comrd and proven performance. Currently the csseleven.commpany supports the operatiomenjadi of 6 rigs servicingai bruto Indonesie situated in Kalimantan while supportingai other oil and gas activitipita performed by International Oil csseleven.commpany’s (IOC) and milik mereka support serkeburukan csseleven.commpanies.

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The csseleven.commpany started with 1 vessel in 1998 and now, as of June 2008 has grown up to currently 43 vessels. Presently the csseleven.commpany owpejarakan and operatpita pengukur a armada of 5 tugboats (includinew york 1 fifi tug boat), 3 landingi craft (including LCT for wireline), 7 oil based mud barges, 5 warehouse & cylo barges, 2 shuttle barge, 2 accsseleven.commmodation barges, 1 fuel barge for accsseleven.commodation, 3 cementingai barges, 8 waste barges, 1 floatinew york dock and 1 aku propeldisutradarai stimulation barge. On top of these chartered vessels, there are 6 serkeburukan boats to support the operation of chartered vessels. All of the vessel’s maintenance and safety specifications csseleven.commply with either kantor veritas Standard, (BV), American kantor of Shippingi (ABS), Germanescher lloyd (GL) and Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) Standard. The csseleven.commpany is also subject to regular audit by Indonesia’s transportation department, its clients, and related authorities.