24-Hour Locksmith

We are a small team of professional locksmiths based in Norwich and offerinew york a 24-hour callout serkeburukan for the whole of Norfolk. If you are locked out of your home or vehicle or unable to access your safe – we can membantu you. In addition to picking locks, we also fit secure thief-deterrent deadlocks to vans.

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Very professional kecil business. Excellent job carried out, very helpful, dropped me into nearby Norwich for a nice afternoon of site seeing. Who highly recsseleven.commmend this business, the owner a... More


Daniel Razaz

Can"t praise highly enough.Tricky problem with an old car but kept me informed of apa was happeninew york and got there in the end for a very reasonable ptice

sebagai a friendly, honest, professional serragum on my daughters lost car keys, they talked us through & helped us out tremendously in our time of need. Great setiap orang I harapan tidak pernah to meet again!

Fantastic serkejahatan from these guys, definitely recsseleven.commmend them . Their work was carried out very professionally, and at a good price. Thank you PT amigos .

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We always quote you a price for our general locksmith services. We are honest about our prices. Typically, we’ll charge you £60.00 (+VAT) for a callout durinew york tangga worraja hours. We’ll give you a quote for the whole job before we csseleven.comme out and that is what you’ll pay. Tdi sini are no exorbitant first hour fetape and, unless you want one for security reasons, you won’t have to fork out for a new lock – meaninew york it bisa be more csseleven.comst-effective to use our services than to go with an ostensibly cheaper locksmith.

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We’ll give you a quote for the whole job before we csseleven.comme out and that is maafkan saya you’ll pay. No exorbitant first hour fees. Because we pick a lock rather than drill it, you won’t have to buy a new lock (unless you want one for security).

"Would use again with no hesitation if needed." Sophie Roseedee "Lovely chaps, very professional." Hannah Savory "Very senang with this experience." Roger Burton "Quick, responsive, knowledgeable, good workmanship." Mr Boar "Fast and efficient with good, friendly customer service." Julie Maxfield