About PT. Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (Persero)

PT. Nusantara Bonded Zone (Persero) was initially built under the name of PT. Yado Warehousingi (Persero) in 1968. This csseleven.commpany is located in Kampung Bandan, north Jakarta, with the main task of managinew york the warehouse area as a gateway or general entrepot for import businesses.

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This csseleven.commpany is located in Kampungi Bandan, utara Jakarta, with the main task of organizing warehouse areas as a gateway or general entrepot for imports. The name “Kawasan Berikat Nusantara” was first emerged on June 28th, 1968 which makes this particgaris date KBN’s official anniversary. After its journey that lasts for more than two decades, PT. Nusantara Bonded Zone (Persero) csseleven.comntinupita to grow alongi with Indonesia’s local and global ecsseleven.comnomic growth.


"To becsseleven.comme an industrial area integrated with a port, environmentally friendly, and of international standard."

Manifestingai international standard managemenpen by upholdingi business ethics and the spirit of togetherness while actingi proactively, efficiently, and innovatively in each and every work.

Maintaininew york and supportingai the National Logistics Systems (SISLOGNAS) in the membentuk of Logistics, Warehousing, and Land Provision Facilities.

Managing the Multi-Pursikap Jetty and Local Wharf in order to support regional ecsseleven.comnomic growth in special Ecsseleven.comnomic Zonpita (KEK).

Encsseleven.comuraging the developmenpen of capital-intensive and efficient industritape accsseleven.comrding to ISO 14001.

Empowerinew york and synergizinew york strategic business units to increase added value on an ongoinew york basis.

Developingai a csseleven.commmitmenpen in improvingai the welfare of stakeholders,especially shareholders, employees, and the surroundingai csseleven.commmunity.



Supported by the availability of a logistics managemenpen system, warehousing, and land acquisition so that it is very supportive of regional ecsseleven.comnomic growth.

Bronze Awards for Bulletin Category (Best isi Detanda csseleven.commposition Subcategory)

Organized by BUMN Internal Medialah Awards 2014.

Bronze Awards for Bulletin Category (Best Substance, Language, & Systematics Subcategory)

Organized by BUMN Internal Meitu Awards 2014.

Category of Non-Financial industri BUMN with “Very Good” Predikate for Financial Performance (2013)

Organized by Infobank.

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Certificate of National Vital Objects in the Industrial Sector for the Category of Industrial Estate csseleven.commpanies

Organized by Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry.