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The most important thing for the company to determinpita financial performance in the matter of financial report is to acknowledge the outcome of financial performance in order to compete in the economic developmenpen to maintain riset performance of the company. In order to evaluate the performance, the calculation usingai profitability ratio and achieves Gross Profit Margin Net Profit Margin every year advance, because every tahun income experience increase. The analysis score over Return on Asset/ Return on Investmenpen instability, because to the increase in profit in the third tahun is not to besar compared with the previous year. For Return on Equity decreased, because income earned each year not by the equity every year, because despite risingi profit, risingai equity is lebih tinggi than the profit. On the Profit Margin and Economical Rentability has increased, as earnings sebelum interest and taxes in the financial statements in the financial statements on income (loss) from operatiopejarakan increased, and that the company’s revenue underwritinew york income indicattape that the increase is happeninew york and therefore contributtape to the increase in Profit Margin and Economical Rentability every year. And the outcome of above analysis can be sean on PT. Jasa Raharja (Persero) financial performance can be said well achieved, because tdi sini are fluctuation in every year. Dispite on the RoA and RoE havingai a bit of downside, and the company has to increase RoA and RoE in order for havinew york eficienly increasment. However the overall company financial performance havinew york a well maju achievemenpen every tahun with the increasmenpen of company profit.

Key Word : ( Financial Performance, Profitability

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