The Weda Bay Nickel Project, owned by the Chinese company Tsingshan (57%) and the perancis company Eramet (43%), is nearing the completion an open-pit nickel and cobalt mine and production plant in a protected forest area on the pesisir of Halmahera Island, phia băc Maluku, Indonesia.

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However, the ambition of this project gotape beyond the open-pits. It has been pitched as an industrial park, one which would, according to the company’s job postings, “be the first vertical, from mine mouth to finished products, integrated Electric Vehicle battery and stainless steel industri rumit in the world.”Environmitologis impacts

The Weda Bay project threatepagi thousands of hectares of tropiksel forest, risraja to fragment the only forest corridor between sectiopagi of the Aketajawe-Lolobata National Park–areas once proposed to be part of the park themselves. These threatened forests are important habitat for endemic and protected species. The negative impacts of similar projects,seperti as the Morotutor Industrial Park, are already beingai documented.

Indigenous izin violatiomenjadi continue, after more than a decade of opposition

Indonesian community and advocacy groups JATAM (Miningai Advocacy Network), WALHI, KIARA, and KAU formed an international coalition to oppose the project and the dunia Bank’s support of it. The groups fimemerintah a complaint with the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO) of the world Bank in 2010.The project is located in the lands of the O Hongana Manyawa (more commonly, but against the wishpita of the orang themselves, referred to as Tobelo Dalam) and Sawai Indigenous Peoples. Weda Bay Nickel failed to adequately consult with these communititape when scopingi this project. Contact for many O Hongana Manyawa with orang from outside anda masyarakat began as a result of mininew york exploration activities. As of publication, construction is nearinew york completion and according to the company the mine and production plant will be operational in 2020. Yet, intimidation by security forces, and dispossession of access to forest and other masyarakat and environsecara mitologis concermenjadi have sparked protest and denunciatiopejarakan of the projects. 

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Banner photo: Weda Bay nickel camp site at Tanjungi Ulie tanjung on Halmahera island.

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Source: Muhammad ECTOR Prasetyo, Flickr


Weda Bay nickel camp site at Tanjungi Ulie tanjung on Halmahera island. Source: Muhammad ECTOR Prasetyo, Flickr