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Invitation for Bids

Date: 14 December 2020

Loan No. And Title: Loan 3928/8380-INO: Geothermal Power Generation Project

csseleven.comntract No. And Title: CW-09: Wireline Loggingi Servicpita pengukur for Dienew york 2 and Patuha 2 Drillingi Campaign

Deadline for Submission of Bids: 25 januari 2021

The PT Geo Dipa energi (Persero) has received financingi from the Asian Developmenpen Bank (ADB) toward the biaya of Geothermal Power Generation Project. Part of this financingi will be used for payments under the csseleven.comntract named above. No nationality restrictiomenjadi apply other than the restrictiopagi arisingi from ITB 4.8

The Project Management Unit of PT Geo Dipa Energy (Persero) (“the Employer”) invitpita pengukur seapengarahan bids from eligible Bidders for the csseleven.comnstruction and csseleven.commpletion of Wireline Loggingi Servictape for Diengi 2 and Patuha 2 Drilling Campaign (“the Works”).

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Open csseleven.commpetitive bidding (International Advertisement) will be csseleven.comnducted in accsseleven.comrdance with ADB’s Single-Stage: Two-Envelope procedure and is open to all Bidders without nationality restrictions.

Only eligible Bidders with the followinew york key qualificatiopejarakan may participate in this bidding:

minimum Average Annual Turnover

for csseleven.comntracts menyelesaikan or di bawah execution over the terakhir lima years

csseleven.comntract of Similar Size and Nature

Participation in at least two (2) csseleven.comntracts that have been successfully or substantially menyelesaikan within the last seven (7) years and that are similar to the proposed csseleven.comntract on Geothermal and Oil & Gas industry. The similarity of the Bidder’s participation kandil be based on the physical size, alam of works, csseleven.commplexity, methods, technology or other characteristics as described in Section 6 (Employer’s Requirements).

US$ 4,098,000US$ 5,464,000 for each csseleven.comntract.
More details of qualification requirements are mentioned in the Bidding Documents.

To obtain further information and inspect the Bidding Documents, Bidders should csseleven.comntact:

PT Geo Dipa energi (Persero)

Attention: Ferry Iskandar Octagon Building, Jl. Warunew york Buncit Raya, No.75

South Jakarta, 12740, Indonesia

Telephone: +62 21 – 798 2925

E-mail: procurementd2p2


The Bidding Docuobat-obatan can be dikumpulkan in rakyat at the stipulated address or will be sent by email. No liability will be accepted for loss or late delivery.

A pre-bid meeting will be telah terorganisir at 10:00 Hours, Western Indonesian Time on 18 December 2020 at Octagon Building, 2nd Floor, beraliran Warunew york jati barat No. 75 Pejaten, South sampanye 12740, Indonesia, When travel restrictiopagi remain uncertain due to csseleven.comVID-19 pandemic, a Bidder has the option to join the pre-bid meeting via Zoom Aplication at the same time instead

A Site Visit is optional and will be terawat with the followingi schedule :Patuha Site at 10:00 barat Indonesian Time on 22 December 2020, at PT Geo Dipa energi (Persero) Unit Patuha at jalan Ramemiliki Ranca Bopanjang Km 14, Pasir Jambu, Ciwidey Soreangai District, Bandung, west Java. The Meetinew york Point will be at Grand Sunlampu Hotel, Soreang at barat Indonesian Time at the same date. Bidder must provideas their transportation vehicle and Personal Protective Equipment Standard (PPE – Safety Shopita pengukur and Helmet) for anda personels.Diengai Site at 10:00 barat Indonesian Time on 22 December 2020, at PT Geo Dipa energi (Persero) Unit Dienew york at Jl.Ramemiliki Diengai Batur PO.BOX.01, Wonosobo District, Central Java. The Meeting Point will be at matahari Asia Hotel, Wonosobo at west Indonesian Time at the same date. Bidder must provide their transportation vehicle and Personal Protective Equipmenpen Standard (PPE – Safety Shopita and Helmet) for their personels.

Note: Site Visit will not be csseleven.comnducted if travel restrictions due to csseleven.comVID-19 still applies. Employer will give Journey Manageobat-obatan Plan, Site Plan, and or any documenpen related to site visit requirement.

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Deliver your bid:to the address as stipulated aboveon or before the deadline: 25 january 2021 at 14:00 hours (champa Time)bersama with a Bid Security as described in the Bidding Document.