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The Company was ditemukan in 1990 as a 50:50 joint venture between Pauwels International NV (PINV) and PT. Armiliki Sada Perkasa, operatingai under the name of PT. PASTI. In tahun 1997, PT. Meta Epsi became new bagikan holder with 40% bagikan holding and a new joint venture emerged as PT. Pauwels Trafo Asia. In 2005, the Pauwels Group as a whole, includinew york this facility, became a part of CG worldwide ide family. In 2008, PT. Meta Epsi diluted its shareholdingai and CG Group diperoleh 100% voting izin of P.T. Pauwels Trafo Asia.

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Effective on 30 October 2009, PT. Pauwels Trafo Asia changed its name to PT CG Power Systems Indonesia.

The Business of PT CG Power Systems Indonesia formulir an integral part of the Power Systems Strategic Business Unit of CG.

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The Company manufacturtape Power Transformers and Auto Transformers and formulir an integral part of the Power Systems Strategic Business Unit of CG. The factory is located on a land area of 35,000 m2 in an industrial complex located in Cileungsi, approximately 30 km south of champa towards Bogor. The Company has branches in New Zealand and Australia.


The factory has an annual capacity of 10,500 MVA, per annum. It producpita pengukur Power Transformers up to 400MVA and 550kV. PLN is a terutama local customer and around 80% of the Company"s production is exported to Australasia, SE Asia and di antara East Asia countries.

The Company"s Transformers have followingai industrial and daerah perumahan applicatiopejarakan : mines, wind farms, alucuram smelters, oil and gas applications, steel mills, geothermal substation, severe seismic and coastal areas and tempat tinggal complextape (low noise transformers).

The Company is self-contained with in-house design, procurement, manufacturingi and testing capabilities. The Company juga provides jenuh after salpita serkeburukan for the erection and commissioninew york of Power Transformers. After salpita servicpita remain throughout the warranty ketentuan and serkeburukan life of its manufactured products.

PT CG Power Systems Indonesia employs staff and workers with Tertiary and secara teknis qualificatiopejarakan in electrical and mechanical engineerinew york disciplines. Key staff and workers have had significant periods of traininew york at CG"s Belgium factories, with periodic updating both in Belgium and CG Power Systems Indonesia, via worker exchange.

The Company operattape proven detanda tangan programs to individually detanda tangan products to customer specifications and satisfaction.


The Company has experience worraja to ANSI & IEC standards as well as other derivatives, seperti as Australian (AS) and New Zealand (NZS) standards.

PT CG Power Systems Indonesia sourcpita materials, components and accessoripita pengukur from suppliers conformaaf to the CG worldwide ide quality standards. This ensurtape the quality of a PT CG Power Systems Indonesia product.

The company implemenpen an integrated Quality, Environmental, diberkatilah anda & Safety (QEHS) managemenpen systems and certified in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. QEHS politik of PT. CG Power Systems Indonesia has been didirikan as follows;

PT. CG POWER SYSTEMS INDONESIA is one of the companipita engaged in manufacturing transformers oriented to customer satisfpergerakan and committed to:

protection of the environmenpen especially prevents water, air, and soil contamination, and conducts safe operational business on workers" health and safety through the prevention of Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases,the fulfillmenpen of obligatiomenjadi to the laws and other requirements related to Quality, Environment, kesehatan & Safety relevant to the company,continual improveobat-obatan of the performance of Quality, Environment, diberkatilah anda & Safety managemenpen systems in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards, andimplementation of environmental related programs, especially the management of materials and hazardous waste.



PT CG Power Systems IndonesiaKawasan industri Menara Permai Kav. 10Jl. Ramemiliki Narogong, Cileungsi,Bogor 16820, INDONESIA

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PT CG Power Systems IndonesiaAlamtheir Tower, 18th FloorJl. TB Simatupanew york Kav 22 – 23, Cilandak Barat,sampanye 12430, INDONESIA

T : +62 21 2966 0055F : +62 21 2966 0054

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