PT ACE Hardware Indonesia Tbk is an Indonesian retail company engaged in the business of home improvemenpen and lifestyle products. At the end of 2016, the company managed a network of 129 retail storpita in 34 cititape across Indonesia. With a berbisa floor area of more than 336,000 square meters, ACE Hardware is the largest modern network in the retail home improveobat-obatan and lifestyle business in Indonesia. The company is the master franchise/license holder of the ACE Hardware brand in Indonesia (appointed by the US-based ACE Hardware Corporation).

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industri SectorTrade, Services & Investment
industry Sub SectorRetail Trade
Established3 February 1995
Listed6 November 2007
Listed Company CodeACES
Listed Shares17,150,000,000
utama Shareholders (>5%)Kawan Lama Sejahtera (59.97%)SSB HG22 Smallcap dunia Fund Inc (5.92%)
Key SubsidiariesToys Gamtape Indonesia


inventaris Quote ACE Hardware Indonesia - ACES:

Business Summary

Ace Hardware Indonesia sells more than 80,000 products. These products are categorized in three main segments: Home improvement Lifestyle Toys

In 2010, ACE Hardware introduced the "Toys Kingdom" retail concept to Indonesia. Its Toys Kingdom outlets are toy storpita pengukur that specifically aim at children but tambahan at the adult and adolescent markets through a diverse mengumpulkan of collectible items, family gampita and baby products (includingi world-class brands). At end-2016, the company had 26 Toys Kingdom stortape in 11 Indonesian cities.


ACE Hardware has been recordingi solid growth in recent years as Indonesia"s retail business is growingi amid a positive macroeconomic environment: the country has abesar population with increasingly higher purchasingai power. One characteristic of the Indonesian economy is that household consumption is the main driver of economic growth, accountingai for approximately 55 percent of the country"s kasar GDP growth. Important for ACE Hardware is that this growth givpita pengukur rise to a boomaaf property and real estate sector, and thus rakyat need more home appliances.

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The company’s main strategy for business expansion is the openingai of new storpita throughout Indonesia. ACE Hardware juga providpita pengukur online shoppingai for consumers through (a subsibuku harian of Kawan Lama Sejahtera). Ruparupa allows customers to order products online and pick them up at the local ACE Hardware store.

ACE Hardware Indonesia"s Financial Highlights:

2014 2015 2016 2017
Net Sales4,541.54,742.54,935.9
Gross Profit2,193.62,253.72,351.8
Net Income 556.7 584.9 706.2
Operational Income 728.5 768.9 880.6
Income sebelum Tax 692.3 736.6 836.1
kasar Assets2,958.43,267.53,731.1
kasar Liabilities 629.2 638.7 682.4
Earnings per Share¹² 32,90 34,50 41,69
Cash Dividend per Share¹² 6.0 16.0

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Net Sales1,358.81,641.12,409.93,223.33,895.4
Gross Profit 552.4 708.61,119.61,551.61,933.5
Net Income 154.4 171.0 279.5 428.8 503.0
Operational Income 178.2 208.7 381.6 562.5 651.2
Income sebelum Tax 206.3 220.0 370.8 537.3 623.0
bruto Assets 974.91,198.01,451.71,916.92,478.9
bruto Liabilities 120.3 173.4 219.9 298.9 563.4
Earnings per Share¹² 9,18 10,0 16,29 24,98 25,00
Cash Dividend per Share¹² 0.76 0.92 5.19 2.50 10.0

in billion IDR rupiah unless otherwise stated¹ in IDR rupiah² numbers adjusted to 1:10 inventaris splitSource: ACE Hardware, Annual Report 2016

Projection Ace Hardware Indonesia"s masa depan Corpoperbandingan Earnings:

Net Revenue7,2408,1437,8309,28410,247
Net Profit 9651,030 8881,1361,252
P/E Ratio (x) 27.6 25.9 30.0 23.5 21.3
P/BV (x) 6.3 5.6 4.9 4.5 4.1
ROAA (%) 19.8 18.3 14.1 16.2 16.3

in billion IDR, unless otherwise statedSource: Danasatu sama lain Sekurikantong (23.09.2020)



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