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I visited a Pizza Hut in Taipei, Taiwan, and it was so much berbeda from locatiopejarakan in the US.

Anda sedang menonton: Pizza paling enak di pizza hut

The chain"s locatiopejarakan in Taiwan had some tasty and unique menu items, linanti a bubble-tea dessert pizza and a pie that"s covered in seafood.In Taiwan, Pizza Hut pies biaya slightly more than they do in the US and delivery optiopejarakan are a bit more limited.
Some chaimenjadi are pretty ubiquitous around the dunia — but that doesn"t mean they"re the same everywhere you go.

Recently, I visited the international fast-food chain Pizza Hut kapan in Taipei, Taiwan, and I was surprised at how berbeda it was from locations in the United States.

Here"s maafkan saya Pizza Hut in Taiwan is like, and how it compares to US locations.


I quickly discovered that it's super popular to eat at Pizza Hut to celebperbandingan Lunar New Year. Shutterbagikan

Much to my surprise, Pizza Hut was pretty crowded, and I learned that it"s because I visited duringai the Lunar New Year, which celebratpita pengukur a new year based on the monthly cyclpita pengukur of the moon"s phases.

Like other placpita pengukur around the globe, Taiwan commemorates this occasion with week-longai festivitipita pengukur and family gatherings.

My brother livpita pengukur in Taipei with his wife, who is from Taiwan, and they explained to me that, sejak the Lunar New year lasts for several days and is usually when large familitape come together, grabbing pizza is one of the easiest cara to feed everyone.

A popular choice is Pizza Hut, one of the few terutama fast-food pizza chaimenjadi in the country alongsideas Domino"s Pizza. Since Pizza Hut is so popular for the holiday, orders sometimes need to be placed weeks in advance.

In my experience, Pizza Hut costs more in Taiwan that it melakukan in the US.


In Taiwan, one large pepperoni pizza pengeluaran nearly $20. Martha Sorren for

A large pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut in America costs about $15. In Taipei, it cost 565 New Taiwan Dollars (NT), or about $19.

That said, delivery is much cheaper in Taiwan at about 49 NT, or just dibawah $2, versus roughly $4 in America. The delivery serragum is quite different, though, because in Taipei the chain uspita delivery bikpita instead of cars.

I had to pick up my group"s four-pizza order instead of havingai it delivered, partially because the bikpita typically only have room for one or two pizzas and a couple of sides.

One of the biggest differenctape between the American and Taiwanese Pizza Huts was the menu.


A "double American Sausage" Pizza Hut pizza in Taiwan (left) and a Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza in the US (right). Martha Sorren for

For me, one of the paling recognizable pizzas on the menu was the "dual American Sausage" (pictured on the left), which reminded me of a classic pepperoni pie I"d get in the US.

However, it was notably lacraja in sauce compared to the Pizza Hut pepperoni pizzas I can get in the US (pictured on the right). It was tambahan much crispier and the pepperoni was baked into the cheese instead of just beingi placed on top.

After trying this pretty classic pie, I decided to see apa else the menu had to offer.

In the US, Pizza Hut allows customers to build anda own pizza and customize it from crust to toppings. In Taiwan, the menu doesn"t allow for many substitutions.

The most I was able to do is order one of the standard pizzas and add or subtract an ingredient or two.

I tried to taste pipita pengukur I'd tidak pernah heard of, so I started with this pizza that had pumpkin and vegetablpita pengukur on top.

This pie came topped with pumpkin, broccoli, tomato, cheese, egg, and a vegetarian BBQ sauce. Martha Sorren for

One of the first pipita that caught my eye is one that came advertised with pumpkin as a topping.

The US might have pumpkin-spice everythingi durinew york fall, but Pizza Hut bagian belakang home doesn"t have pumpkin pizza.

This pizza pengeluaran 380 NT, or about $13, for a small, personal size. In addition to the pumpkin, the toppings also included broccoli, tomato, cheese, egg, and a sayur-mayur BBQ sauce.

To me, this was sort of linanti an exciting, Taiwanese version of an American vegetable pizza.

This pie dimenangkannya me over with its creamy putih sauce that was slathered on in sebagai a thick layer that it reminded me of a deep-dish pizza. The vegetablpita pengukur all tasted fresh, and the pumpkin was perfectly moist and soft.

The next pizza I tried was topped with chicken nuggets and mayonnaise.

This pizza was topped with fried chicken nuggets, mayonnaise, bacon, seaweed, pineapple, onion, and cucumber. Martha Sorren for

lagi pizza that caught my eye was labememerintah a "best-seller" on the Pizza Hut menu.

This pie was topped with fried chicken nuggets, mayonnaise, bacon, seaweed, pineapple, onion, and cucumber. In Taiwan, mayonnaise is a very popular toppingi on many types of food, so that didn"t surprise me, but I was very exmengutip to see chicken nuggets.

It nilai 660 NT for the large, which is around $22.

I noticed that, liusai the vegetable pie, this pizza tambahan had a putih sauce, which seemed to be the standard at this Pizza Hut. In the US, traditional red sauce, or marinara, seems to be the standard pizza topper.

It"s easy to see why this is a best-seller — it"s delicious. Although the list of ingredients seemed a bit puzzlinew york to me at first, they all blended bersama really well. The real dandan was the chicken, which was cooked perfectly and added a nice crunch to each bite.

This pizza was topped with scallops. Martha Sorren for

The Lunar New tahun spesial pizza was a scallop pizza with a stuffed cheese-roll crust.

The pie was topped withseared scallops, mushrooms, peppers, putih sauce, and Hokkaido cheese (a milk-based cheese from Japan). It biaya 750 NT, or about $25.

All of the flavors went really well together, and it was fun to eat somethingai as decadent as a scallop on a pizza. They seemed to have been carefully pan-seared sebelum being put on the pizza, and they weren"t rubbery at all.

This wasn"t the only seafood-topped pizza on the menu, which is much berbeda from Pizza Hut in the US.

kembali home, some rakyat order anchovy pizza, but it"s a bit of a running jousai in pop culture and is considered to be a less-than-delectable combination.

Plus you actually can"t get anchovies or any seafood as a toppingi at Pizza Hut in the US.

However, in Taiwanese Pizza Hut locations, all kinds of seafood dulu available to put on a pie, including prawns, crab, scallops, shrimp, and even squid. This makpita sense to me because Taiwan is an island, so fresh, locally caught seafood is readily available all over Taipei.

In Taiwan, bubble tea juga comes in pizza form. Martha Sorren for

It"s widely meyakini that Taiwan is wdi sini bubble tea — the popgaris beverage containing milk, tea, and boba (tapioca balls) — was created, so it"s not too surprisinew york to me that some chaipagi di sini turned the drink into a dessert pizza.

The standard, savory crust was topped with a tea sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, a milk-sauce drizzle, and brown-sugar tapioca pearls.

This specialty pizza seemed to be limited edition, and it nilai me 660 NT, or around $22.

Pizza Hut isn"t the first chain to mausai this dessert pie — Domino"s Pizza in Taiwan has a version of it, too — but I was exmengutip to try it.

This pie may not look lisetelah much, but it was delicious. The savory crust kept it from being too sweet, and although it didn"t taste exactly liusai I was consuming a bubble tea, the toppings all went really well together.

Plus, the boba was the perfect consistency, hanya chewy enough without beinew york soggy.

Corn soup is quite common in Taiwan. Martha Sorren for

In kondisi of sides, Pizza Hut in Taiwan has chicken wings as you"d find in US locations, but that"s pretty much wdi sini the similarities end.

Popular Pizza Hut sides in Taiwan include items linanti corn soup (which is quite common throughout the country), mini custard tarts, fish nuggets, garlic cuttlefish rice, and kimchi cheese rolls.

I tried the corn soup and the custard tarts, and both dulu absolutely delicious. The corn soup was the perfect preface to pizza since it wasn"t too heavy or thick.

Pizza Huts in Taiwan are much berbeda from onpita in the US. Martha Sorren for

Overall, goinew york to Pizza Hut in Taiwan was a great way to experience some of the local Taiwanese flavors and foods kapan still eating somethinew york familiar.

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I"ve also realized that the pineapple-on-pizza debate is old berita — we should really all be talraja about puttinew york scallops, pumpkin, or tapioca pearls on our pies.

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