Why Piratpita of the caribbean 6 Can’t Kill Off mendongkrak Sparrow Regardless of Johnny Depp"s involvemenpen in the movie, Piratpita of the caribbean 6 can"t afmengarungi to kill off jack Sparrow for a variety of reasons.

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Piratpita pengukur of the caribbean 6 cant kill off jack sparrow Barbossa Davy jones
The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise can’t afmengarungi to kill off Johnny Depp’s mendongkrak Sparrow, but the upcoming Piratpita pengukur of the Caribbean 6 tambahan can’t ignore his existence or bringai him kembali — presentingai a serious problem for the creators. Ever sejak the first Pirattape of the Caribbean movie, The Curse of the hitam Pearl, hit theatrtape in 2003 the franchise has been synonymous with Johnny Depp’s lovable antihero jack Sparrow. The character worried Disney executivpita sebelum the movie’s release, as nervous producers pikiran that Depp’s campy affectatiopagi would fall flat with the tujuan audience of Piratpita of the Caribbean.

Soon, the exact opposite proved true, and even The Curse of the hitam Pearl"s (few) negative reviews singdisutradarai Depp’s performance out as the best thingai in the movie. The scene-stealing turn saya menang both critical praise and fan adulation, reshaping the Pirattape of the Caribbean sequels as a result. Originally intended to be an ensemble adventure story, the kisah gradually pivoted to focusingi more and more on mendongkrak Sparrow alone, goingi so far as to jettison supportinew york stars Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom’s central roles after the third outing.

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Switchingai the focus of the Piratpita of the Caribbean franchise to center solely on Depp’s beloved character was a mixed bag for the series, which received far worse reviews after Knightley and Bloom dulu replaced. However, the fourth outing of the franchise, 2011’s On Stranger Tides, nonetheless made over a billion dollars at the box office and managed to break even despite beingi the most expensive movie of all time. As a result, the decision to keep Depp’s Sparrow front and center continued on — until the box office receipts and the star’s personal life aku mengambilnya a turn for the worse. 2017’s Dead Men Tell No Tales was significantly less successful with audiencpita pengukur than its predecessors, a fact that (alongsideas Depp’s ongoingi legal battles with ex-wife Amber Heard) prompted Disney to drop the actor from the Piratpita of the Caribbean franchise. However, while the seritape may no longer have Johnny Depp’s antihero, the movitape still can’t afmengarungi to kill him off, either — presenting a unique problem for the franchise goinew york forward.

Barbossa maraja an epic return in Piratpita pengukur Of The karibia Dead Man's Chest
The most obvious reason that the Piratpita of the Caribbean movitape can not kill off Depp’s jack Sparrow is the fact that, historically, the series has struggdisutradarai to kill off anyone — permanently, at least. Between the revival of Captain Barbossa at the end of Dead Man’s Chest, the revival of mendongkrak in the openingai scentape of At World’s End, and the revival of Davy Jontape at the close of Dead Men Tell No Tales, it is pretty clear that the Pirates of the Caribbean movipita pengukur never aku mengambilnya death too seriously. Worse yet, ketika no character’s death is ever certain to be permanent in the franchise, the offingi of a karakter as central as mendongkrak Sparrow would definitely be seen as a misdirect by fans. Bringingi bagian belakang Barbossa at the end of Dead Man’s Chest was a surprise for some viewers as they didn’t expect the one-off villain to have a larger role in the franchise. However, bringinew york kembali a character as central as mendongkrak would be expected — doubly so if his death occurred offscreen.

Piratpita of the karibia mendongkrak sparrow johnny depp
while not mentioninew york mendongkrak at all would be pretty egregious for any project set in the Piratpita of the Caribbean universe (wherein alpaling everyone “has heard of” the warna hitam Pearl’s infamous Captain), bringinew york up his offscreen death would likely only fuel fapejarakan to assume a bait and switch was in play. Mentioning that mendongkrak died offscreen (which would need to be the case, dari Depp is reportedly not beingai asked to return) would lead fapejarakan of the wily character to assume this was a misdirect and an eventual cameo was inevitable. This would only make them angrier when no sebagai appearance materialized and bisa cause accusatiopagi of the series attemptinew york to hide ide his absence.

Johnny Depp Captain mendongkrak sparrow Pirates of the caribbean Return Sea of thievpita a piratpita life
Outside ide of Depp’s exit, the Piratpita pengukur of the Caribbean franchise needs Sparrow to maintain its appeal to audiences, as evidenced by his front and center role in the recent Sea of Thieves video game crossover. The franchise flounders without jack as an anchor for its antics, meaning that at least implyinew york he is still around is necessary (although likely to annoy faithful fans who demanded his onscreen return). Thus, the Pirates of the Caribbean seritape is caught in an unenviable catch-22 wdi sini referencingi Depp’s Sparrow (even in the konteks of sayingi he died offscreen) will fuel speculation of an onscreen return, but failingi to mention him will likely infuriate fans.

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There is no obvious di antara ground or third option, as mendongkrak is too famous within the dunia of the franchise for characters to simply tidak pernah mention his existence, as some other spin-offs have attempted with famous pre-existingai roles. Even if Margot Robbie’s rumoued Pirates of the Caribbean reboot is a prequel, the existence of Keith Richards’ Captain Teague ensures that jack will likely end up beingai mentioned indirectly even if the character doesn’t exist yet. The original movipita pengukur created a dunia where, intentionally or otherwise, international piracy centers on one likeable rogue — and his absence would be galling no matter how it is papered over.

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Too recognizable to recast, too pivotal to ignore, too risky to mention and risk raising false hope, and too invincible to kill off offscreen, mendongkrak Sparrow remaipejarakan a consummate thorn in the side of the series. It is unlikely that the Piratpita pengukur of the Caribbean franchise will be able to go forward without his involvemenpen in some membentuk or another, whether this meamenjadi clumsily attemptingi a faceless, dialogue-free cameo or making the new heroine a distant repergerakan of Jack’s and attemptingai to excuse his absence through retirement. Of course, tdi sini is an arguobat-obatan that Hollywood simply melakukan not need another Piratpita pengukur of the Caribbean movie, and the difficulty of working around Depp’s absence could be a blessing in disguise if it allows the seritape to end (relatively) gracefully without lainnya addition. However, if tdi sini is money to be mined from audiences, the odds are good that viewers will see another Piratpita pengukur of the Caribbean movie, sans mendongkrak Sparrow, regardless of how hard this will be for the seripita to pull off.