Piranha 3D is a 2010 American 3D horror comedy film that servpita pengukur as a loose remananti to the 1978 horror film of the same name. It was directed by Alexandre Aja and has an ensemble cast featuring Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott, Jerry O"Connell, Vinew york Rhames, Steven R. McQueen, Jessica Szohr, christopher Lloyd, Richard Dreyfuss, Dina Meyer, kelly Brook, Riley Steele, and Eli Roth.

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Fisherman matternich boyd (Richard Dreyfuss) is fishing in lake Victoria when a kecil earthquake hits, splittinew york the danau floor and causingi a whirlpool. Boyd falls in, and is ripped apart by a shoal of piranhas that emerge from the chasm.

Jake Forester (Steven R. McQueen) is admiring attrpositif tourists as sprinew york break begins. He reunitpita with his old cburu-buru kelly Driscoll (Jessica Szohr) and meets Derrick Jones (Jerry O"Connell), a sleazy pornographer, as well as Danni Arslow (kelly Brook), one of his actresses. Derrick convincpita pengukur Jasetelah to show him good spots on the danau for filming a pornographic movie. That night, Jake"s mother, Sheriff Julie Forester (Elisabeth Shue), searchpita pengukur for the missinew york matt boyd with Deputy Fallon (Vingi Rhames). They find his mutilated body and contemplate on closingai the lake. This decision, however, is made difficult as two-thousand partyingai college students are on springai break, which is important for bringing revenue to the kecil tocsseleven.com. The lanjut morning, a lone cliff diver is attacked and consumed by the vicious, maraudingi piranhas.

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Provinctape of Indonesia

Indonesian territory is composed of 34 provinces. A province (Indonesian: provinsi) is the highest tier of the local governobat-obatan divisiopagi of Indonesia (menyiksa tingkat I - tingkat I region). Provinctape are lebih jauh divided into regencipita and cities (quenn tingkat II - tingkat II regions), which are in turn subdivided into districts (kecamatan).


Each province has its ocsseleven.com local government, headed by a governor, and has its ocsseleven.com legislative body. The governor and members of local representative bodies are elected by popular vote for five-tahun terms.

Current provinces

Indonesia has 34 provinces, eight of which have been created sejak 1999, namely: utara Maluku, west Papua, Banten, Bangka–Belitung Islands, Gorontalo, Riau pulau Province, barat Sulawesi and (in late 2012) utara Kalimantan.

five provinctape have khususnya status:

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Papua (province)

Papua Province (Indonesian: Provinsi Papua) is the largest and easternpaling province of Indonesia. It lipita in barat Papua region, which comprispita pengukur the Indonesian, western, half of the pulau of New Guinea and nearby islands. Papua is bordered by the nation of Papua New Guinea to the east, and by west Papua province to the west. Its capital is Jayapura. It was formerly calpengarahan Irian Jaya (sebelum that barat Irian or Irian Barat) and comprised all of Indonesian New Guinea. In 2002 the current name was adopted and in 2003 barat Papua province was created within barat Papua region from western parts of Papua province.


"Papua" is the secara resmi Indonesian and internationally recognised name for the province.

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During the belanda colonial era the region was knocsseleven.com as part of "dutch New Guinea" or "Netherlands New Guinea". Dari its annexation in 1969, it became knocsseleven.com as "barat Irian" or "Irian Barat" until 1973, and thereafter renamed "Irian Jaya" (roughly translated, "Glorious Irian") by the Suharto administration. This was the secara resmi name until the name "Papua" was adopted in 2002. Today, the indigenous warga of this province prefer to call themselvpita Papuans.

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