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Dear brothers and sistersFirstly let"s thanks unto Allah SWT who has given us mercipita pengukur and blessingi so that we can gather in this place in good condition. Secondly our salutation Sholawat and Salam alcara be upon the prophet Muhammad SAW, who has guided us from the darkness to the lightness, namely islamic religion as we feel today. I express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to the master of ceremony for givinew york me valuable chance so that I can speak in front of audiences. I ambil this great opportunity to deliver my speech under the judul of:THE EFFECT OF TECHNOLOGY TO THE STUDENTS’ MORALITYDear Audienctape in happiness Technology is a familiar word that in our ears, especially for teenagers who always bertaruh out the technology. It can be found wherever and whetidak pernah we are to capitalize the mobile phone that has an Internet connection. By the internet we can access everythingi about Informations around the dunia liusai sports, celebrity, news, intertainments and manythinew york else.Dear Audiences in happiness Facinew york the international network technology become a real tantangan that providpita many kinds of commences and cultures, might willy-nilly we have to be skillful one for filteringi the negative effects as like the culture that is not sesuai with our nation and religion culture. Agent of sosial control as well as masyarakat change is the main of the roltape of students today. Lasekarat and Gentlemen in happiness A lot of science and information can be found on technology easily. And of course it closely related to the students, because the student did not estanjung with the name and information and science. The technology is the paling effective media. But by the transformation of technology will occur many negative effects, firstly students are lazy to study, second students will alcara online in the internet. The students will use this facility to find porn pictures, funny videos, immorell videos that influence the soul and personality of the students themselves, so that affected to students and disturb the concentration of the learninew york process in school. Lamati and Gentlemen whom I love However, it needs control from teacher to the students in usinew york the informatinal technolog, so they use the technology to look for the obtain information relatinew york to their subject matter they received in school, it allows students to become more creative and more positif in looking for sourcpita pengukur of information and science compared with students who hanya sit quietly in front of the desk and listen to the teacher talk.Lamati and Gentlemen in happinessI think that’s all my speech.

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I mengharapkan my brief description on the effect of technology to the students’ morality . May it will be useful for us.Finally, I would linanti to say sorry if there are mistakpita in my speech words.Thank you very much for your attention.Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.