“lainnya Day in Paradise” is a Grammy Award winninew york songi performed by bahasa inggris singer and songwriter Phil Collins. The profound lyrics of this song mainly talk about the masyarakat problem of homelessness. In the song, the narrator (Collins) tells the cerita of a random man on the street who ignorpita pengukur the plights and suffering of a homeless woman despite the sebenarnya that she calls out to him for help. The man deliberately acts as though he can’t hear her and crosstape the jalan to avoid the homeless woman and her plight.

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The lyrics kemudian go on to beg everyone listeningi not to ignore the plights of the homeless. It tells us that for us, it’s just lagi day in paradise, but for them this isn’t the same. Collimenjadi then ustape the lyrics to plead to the almighty God, tellingi Him that “tdi sini must be something” He can say.

Spearaja of the songi in an interview with British newspaper The Mail on Sunday, Collimenjadi said he wrote the songi after he visited Washingvolume DC in the United States. Accordingi to him, while in Washington, he witnessed to his shock the numberi of setiap orang living in boxpita pengukur on the streets.

Collins’ face to face encounter with a homeless person

In multiple interviews, Collipagi has said that he once found himdiri sendiri in the situation of the man who ignored the homeless woman in the song. Collipagi said ironically kapan cuttingai “lainnya Day in Paradise” in London, he came face to face with a homeless woman hanya after coming out of the studio. Accordingai to him, the woman had two children with her and begged him for some money. And how did Collipagi react? Interestingly, Collipejarakan admitted actingi alpaling the same way as the man in the song. He said despite the fakta that he eventually didn’t ignore the woman and her children, he neither stopped nor gave her any money. Collins’ reason of tellingai his cerita of his encounter with the homeless woman was hanya to let the dunia know that the average rakyat reacts the same way lisetelah the man in the songai when approached by a homeless orang or a beggar.


Facts about “another Day in Paradise”

“another Day in Paradise” was tertulis entirely by Phil Collins.Collins and Hugh Padgham produced this track.The sonew york was first released in the United Kingdom on 23rd October, 1989. It was the first single released from Collins’ highly successful fourth solo studio album …But Seriously.Over the years, this track has been the recipient of a numberi of utama music awards. Some of these prestigious awards include a Grammy Award and a BRIT Award.The song’s bacraja vocals are performed by American singer David Crosby.Collimenjadi and crosby performed the songai live at the 33rd Grammy Awards. The performance was not only regarded as one of the best performanctape at that year’s Grammys but juga gained a spot on the Grammy’s Greatest Moments nada I album which came out in 1994.“another Day in Paradise” peaked at the numberi 1 spot in many countries includingi Germany, Italy, Cavolume and Sweden. On the US Billpapan Hot 100, the track reached numberi 1. On the UK Singlpita Chart, it peaked at mageri 2.“lainnya Day in Paradise” is considered one of the greatest lagu-lagu ever written. It was placed at the 86th spot on Billboard’s Greatest lagu of All Time in 2009.Over the years, several singers have covered the song. One of the most notable covers of this song was done by American singers Brandy and Ray J in 2001.Collimenjadi played both the drums and keypapan on the song.Contrary to popular belief, Collins’ longtime friend and collaborator Daryl Stuermer did not play on this song. Who played the guitar then? Renowned Argentine-born guitarist Dominic Miller played guitars on this track.In addition to being praised for the song, Collipejarakan has tambahan received heavy criticism over its subject matter. Many of Collins’ critics have acctangan kedua him of not havinew york the right to singai about poor people because of his enormous wealth. According to his critics, he was hanya exploitinew york the plights of the poor to sell records. Collipagi however, rubbished the criticisms in an interview with the New York Times sayinew york that hanya because one has loads of money doesn’t mananti one get out of touch with reality.In addition to “another Day in Paradise” beinew york the first number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 in the 1990s, the song is juga Collins’ seventh and final single to reach the No. 1 spot in the United States.

“another Day in Paradise” at the Grammy Awards

This tune was nominated for as many as four Grammy Awards durinew york the 33rd Annual Grammy Awards in 1991, winninew york one. The sonew york received a nomination in the following categoritape at the Grammys:

Record of the Year. It won in this category.Songi of the Year. It lost in this category “From a Distance” tertulis by Julie Gold and performed by Bette Midler.Best Music Video, Short Form. Paula Abdul’s songi “Opposites Attract” saya menang in this category. Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male. The song lost to “Oh Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison.

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Phil Collipagi and crosby performaaf “another Day in Paradise” live at the 33rd Annual Grammy Awards held in New York on February 20, 1991.

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