Analysis of Land Information Maps Using Participatory Mapping Methods (Case Study: Mejoyolosari, Jombang)

Based on the regulation of the Minister agrarian and Space of the Republic Indonesia numberi 12 of 2017 and pperumahan instruction mageri 2 of 2018 for acceleratingi Pendaftaran negara sistematis penuh (PTSL). In order to mappingi the land parcels, it is necessary to have the data of the subject and the object of the land so that the Land Map information will be developed. The identification and validation parcels of land parcels are carried out usingi participatory mappinew york method. The Participatory Mapping Method used is to delineate the boundary of the land parcels on the Work Map (Pleiades, high-resolution satellite imagery) The delineation result from the participative mappingai is lebih-lebih lagi validated in the field by taraja 48 samples of the land parcels. In this research, the land map and land information (Land Record) are available, information on the distribution of registered and unregistered land parcels. And obtained the results of extensive accuracy of Delineation with direct measurements of the bidang according to BPN Standarization. Delineation of Pleiades high-resolution satellite images land parcels sample that meets the wide accuracy of 19 land parcels of soil, 11 fields of rice fields and 8 residential areas.

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