Peterpan is an Indonesian pop rock band. The group started in 1997 when Andika Naliputra Wirahardja (nickname: Andika) formed a school pita in Bandung, called Topi, bersama with Mohammad Kautsar Hikmat (nickname: Uki), who plays guitar, Nazril Irham (nickname Ariel) as a vocalist, Abel (bassist) and Ari (drummer). They mainly played Brit Alternative until Ari withdrew from the group that marked the end of Topi.

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Andika started to regroup topi former members on 2000. The drummer position was replaced by Reza (Ilsyah Ryan Reza), a college student from Palu. Loekman terhukum (nickname: Loekman), Indra"s elder brother"s friend, juga joined them as milik mereka lead guitarist, which added a sense of matureness and enriched the melody in milik mereka lagu-lagu to complete the band.
Andika then suggested Peterpan as the name for the band, Peter referring to a dreamer who wanted to fly, a Disney cartoon character name which accordinew york to Andika comtape in front of other character namtape sebagai as Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, X-Men etc. After the name was chosen, Peterpan was formally founded on September 1st 2000
The band originally began in 1997 when Andika Naliputra Wirahardja formed a band caldisutradarai topi with guitarist Uki (Mohammad Kautsar Hikmat), his junior at Bandunew york 2 High School. Uki kemudian asked Ariel (Nazril Irham) to join as vocalist and Andika asked his friend Abel to permainan bas and Ari to permainan drums.
Peterpan is a popbatu band from Bandung, Indonesia who now livpita four members. The pita was formed in 1997 and famous thanks to the songs "Ada apa Denganmu", "Topeng", and "Kukatmenjadi mencapai Indah". Initially the group consisted of Ariel Peterpan, CIU, Loekman, Reza, Andika and Indra. But in the month of November 2006, two members, Andika and indera was fired from the band. The split was triggered by the differences in principles of creativity.
In 1997, Andhika (keyboards) formed the band hat with his class in high school aku mengambilnya second brother Bandung, Uki (guitar), as well as playmates, Abel (bass) and Ari"s (drums). CIU juga invitpita his junior high school friend Ariel, who fill the vocal position. With a formation liusai that, they began performing and playingi musical homage to Brits alternative. Ari later resigned and was dismissed without cause Hats definite.
Andika reassemble the personnel topi in 2000. But this time, the position telah terorganisir by Reza drums. To give a more mature vocal color and richer melody, then invite Loekman, a friend of Indra"s brother, who eventually became lead guitar (lead guitar). After the formation is formed by six people, they juga ambil the name peterpan. September 1, 2000 is officially peterpan formed.
Peterpan professional journey began in 2001 with expanded from café to café in Bandung. They play at café O"Hara and Broom Sticks by bringingi top 40 songs, and alternative batu linanti Nirvana, mutiara Jam, cold Play, U2, Creed, etc.. When the café is Lidi Brooms anda potential seen by Kanew york Noey (base Java Jive), which was looraja for a pita to fill out a compilation album. Of the three lagu that are sent to the demo, "Friends", "Perfect Dream", and "Sky Garden", selected the sonew york "Perfect Dream" to put into Acts 2002 compilation album, released in July 2002 night. Unsuspected hero sonew york became the album and boost salpita pengukur to over 150 000 copies.
Musica Studios record company did not miss any potential peterpan. Musica expedite submission of the contract for dari mereka debut album peterpan. Finally peterpan titmemerintah debut album released in Taman Langit in June 2003. Not the blue, the album was able to sell 650 000 copipita in the figures. Of milik mereka achievement, they received a Multi-Platinum albums for Taman Langit.
Not only the numberi of sales, Peterpan was juga successful concert marathon record in six provincpita within 24 hours on July 18, 2004. The concert, titpengarahan "LA Lights Peterpan 24 Hour Brearaja Record" was started in Medan, north Sumatra at about 7:55 until 8:40 pm. From there, they then proceed in Padang, west Sumatra at around 10:45 until 11:30 pm. At 12:55 hours until 13:40 pm, Peterpan concert in Pekanbaru, Riau, Lampunew york continupita pengukur at 16:25 hours until 17:10 pm. Ariel and then openingai concert in Semarang, Central Java, at around 19:45 and ended at 20:30 pm. Peterpan concert in Singapore closed at around 22:15 until 23:00 pm. On this achievement, they are entitled to be recorded in Indonesian Record Museum (MURI).
Not longai to wait, peterpan re-released anda second album titmemerintah Bintangi Di Surga in the months of August 2004. Within two weeks, the album has sold 350 000 copies, and in early januari 2005 has reached 1.7 juta copies. The album is a candidate "What"s Up With you" later this month (February 2005) through the 2 juta copies. And accordingai to records, this second album peterpan were able to sell as many as three juta copies. are pretty fantastic value, consideringi the time it was the vocalist, Ariel was trippinew york problems. Ariel said to have impregnated a former girlfriend, Sdirection Amalia.
tahun 2005 was tambahan a tahun of "triumph" for Peterpan, not only in terms of album sales, but also awards. In early 2005, has been awarded peterpan favorite artist at the MTV Asia Aid Indonesia on May 9, 2005 in Bangkok. MTV Asia Aid is another name for the MTV Asia Awards 2005 event mungkin be dipegang regularly every year. This change as a membentuk of berhubungan dengan over the International MTV earthquake and tsunellie that struck in 11 countries, December 26, 2004. In Anugerah Music Indonesia (AMI) in 2005, the top ranked peterpan nomination by obtaining 11 nominations. Four of them printed through the songi "Ada apa Denganmu". Of the 11 nominatiopejarakan that, peterpan saya menang seven awards, amongolia others for the judul of best band, best album, best album, graphic detanda and best production work, it"s all thanks to the album Bintangi Di Surga. In the event of SCTV Music Awards 2005, awarded in the category peterpan album Ngetop Pop Group and Best Songai Ngetop. After the previous tahun juga received Rookie Group Terngetop. Peterpan also menang Best tape category Ngetop on SCTV Awards 2005
In 2005, peterpan released two albums. Although this time they did not melepaskan the album "main". VCD To Sahabat is containingai Original VCD Karaoke includinew york video clips and documentation when they permembentuk a concert for record brearaja 24 hours in six cities. And the soundtrack album of Alexandria.
On November 4, 2006, Andika and Indra, officially quit the pita members. The two former personnel eventually formed another group calpengarahan The Titans.
After the melepaskan of Andika and Indra, their positiomenjadi are occupied by two additional musicians, namely Lucky and David. With this additional formation, Peterpan released, sunny days. Launchinew york event was juga created lainnya album because it is done in the two countries. In RUUMS Kuala Lumpur on May 25, 2007 after it was in Bandungi at the Monumenpen of Herotape Gazebo and broadcasted live on six television stations.
This album is claimed as milik mereka terakhir album dibawah the name "Peter". Ariel claims that eventually they will santai the name of Peter and the use of other names.

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Although without foramsi intact as before, peterpan still able to show "taring"nya. In the month of September 2007, they had the honor to attend the event "Songi Festival" in South Korea. Previously, peterpan juga still capable of baggingai the award for Best Favorite Artist Indonesia MTV Asia Award 2006 and the Pop Group Album SCTV Music Award 2006 Ngetop.