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Oktaviani Pratama Putri







A. Litle

Which coin last longer?

 B. Goal

Students are able to observe the movemenpen of heatStudent are able to observe the change of matter

C. Background

The Universe is made up of matter and energy. Matter is made up of atoms and moleculpita pengukur (groupings of atoms) and energy caustape the atoms and moleculpita pengukur to always be in motion – either bumpingi into each other or vibratinew york kembali and forth. The motion of atoms and molecules creatpita pengukur a form of energy called heat or thermal energy which is present in all matter. Even in the coldest voids of space, matter still has a very kecil but still measurable amount of heat energy.

Anda sedang menonton: Perubahan wujud benda padat menjadi benda gas tanpa melalui proses mencair disebut

Energy can untuk mengambil on many membentuk and can change from one membentuk to another. Many different typtape of energy can be converted into heat energy. Light, electrical, mechanical, chemical, nuclear, sound and thermal energy itdiri sendiri can each cause a substance to heat up by increasingi the speed of its molecules. So, put energy into a system and it heats up, take energy away and it cools. For example, when we are cold, we can jump up and turun to get warmer.

D. Basic Theories

Two objects of berbeda temperature had thermal contact each other, the temperature of hotter the object is reduced ketika a cooler temperature increases. There’s somethingi movinew york in this case, apa is it? Caloric, a material that is not visible, which flows from high temperature objects to low-temperature objects.

Benjamin Thompson / Count Rumford (1753-1814) with his experiments, he drildisutradarai metal, it is observed that the drill bits become heated and coomemerintah with water (until the water is boiling), certainly from the theory of “caloric”, caloric these over time will run out and it turpagi out if the process continues caloric is not depleted, so it is not bugar caloric theory. So heat is not material.

Heat and Thermal Energy

Tdi sini is a difference between the heat and energy of a material. Heat is only tangan kedua when explaininew york the energy ayunkan from one place to another. Heat is energy transferred due to berbeda temperature. Kapan the energy in the (thermal) energy is due to the temperature.

When heat (energy) gopita into a substance one of two things can happen:

1. The substance can experience a rise in temperature.

The heat (the added energy) can be realized as an increase in the average kinetic energy of the molecules. The moleculpita pengukur now, on average, have more kinetic energy. This increase in average kinetic energy is registered as a number calmemerintah temperature that changtape proportionally with it. Note that this increase in the average kinetic energy of the moleculpita meamenjadi that they will now, on average, be traveling faster than sebelum the heat arrived.

2. The substance can change state. For example, if the substance is ice, it can melt into water. Perhaps surprisingly, this change melakukan not cause a rise in temperature. At the exact momenpen sebelum melting, the average kinetic energy of the ice molecultape is the same as the average kinetic energy of the water molecultape at the exact moobat-obatan after melting. That is, the meltingi ice and the hanya melted water are at the same temperature. Although heat (energy) is absorbed by this change of state, the absorbed energy is not tangan kedua to change the average kinetic energy of the molecules, and thus proportionally change the temperature. The energy is tangan kedua to change the bondingi between the molecules. Changing the manner in which the molecules bond to one lagi can require an absorbtion of energy (heat) as in the case of melting, or require a publikasi of energy (heat) as in the case of freezing.

So, when heat comes into a substance, energy comes into a substance. That energy can be used to increase the kinetic energy of the molecules, which means an increase in dari mereka temperature which meapagi an increase in milik mereka speed. Or at certain temperaturpita the added heat bisa be tangan kedua to break the bonds between the moleculpita pengukur causing a change in state that is not accompanied by a change in temperature.

Heat can be transferred from one place to lagi by three methods: conduction in solids, convection of fluids (liquids or gases), and radiation through anythingi that will allow radiation to pass. The method used to transfer heat is usually the one that is the most efficient. If tdi sini is a temperature difference in a system, heat will alcara move from higher to lower temperatures.

Heat ayunkan

When two or more thermal contact occurs tdi sini will be a flow of heat from higher temperature object to a lower temperature object, to achieve thermal equilibrium.This heat ayunkan process takes place within three mechanisms, namely: conduction, convection and radiation.

1. Conduction heat transfer

Heat ayunkan is conduction heat menangkal through a substance without an accompanyingai mengalihkan of particlpita pengukur of the substance. The occurrence of heat conduction can be explained by the theory of molecules. In the hot substance, the molecultape vibperbandingan more rapidly and to form other molecules around it. Collisiomenjadi that resulted in the surroundingai molecules tambahan vibkecepatan faster and the temperature rise (the heat). Conduction heat ayunkan occurs in solids, kemudian as metal. Example a piece of metal is heated at one end kemudian the other end will continue to the heat.

Conductors and insulators

Based on its heat conductivity, substancpita pengukur can be divided into two kinds, they are conductors and insulators. Conductors are substancpita pengukur that either ayunkan power, such as various types of metals sebagai as aluminum, copper, iron, silicon steel and others. Insulator is a substance that its heat poor conductivity, kemudian as wood, plastic, paper, glass, air and others. Based on the conductor or insulator propertitape owned by different, we can utilize it best.

For example:

The tools kitchen (pots, pans) irons and radiators are made and the type of metal, such as:

copper, or iron aluminum, because these materials easily conduct heat and fire to food or water is cooked.

The handle grip on kitchen utensils, handle of iron made iron and wood plastic or ebonite, because these materials are difficult to conduct heat so that it remaimenjadi safe to touch.

Conduction occurs when two object at berbeda temperaturpita pengukur are in contact with each other. Heat flows from the warmer to the cooler object until they are both at the same temperature. Conduction is the movement of heat through a substance by the collision of molecules. At the place where the two object touch, the faster-movinew york moleculpita pengukur of the warmer object collide with the slower movinew york molecultape of the cooler object. As they collide, the faster molecultape give up some of dari mereka energy to the slower molecules. The slower molecules gain more thermal energy and collide with other molecules in the cooler object. This process continues until heat energy from the warmer object spreads throughout the cooler object. Some substanctape conduct heat more easily than others. Solids are better conductor than liquids and liquids are better conductor than gases. Metals are very good conductors of heat, ketika air is very poor conductor of heat. You experience heat transfer by conduction whetidak pernah you touch somethingi that is hotter or colder than your skin e.g. When you wash your tangan in warm or cold water.

A thermal infrared image of a coffee cup filled with a hot liquid. Notice the rings of color showingai heat travelinew york from the hot liquid through the metal cup. You can see this in the metal spoon as well. This is a good example of conduction.

2. The Convection Heat transfer

Convection is heat transfer through a substance is accompanied by movement of the particlpita of that material. Heat mengalihkan by convection occurs in liquids and gases. The occurrence of convection currents in fluids and gas attributed to differencpita in the density of the substance. In part that is heated, the density of the substance is smaller than the bagian that are not heated.

At home ventilation system air natural convection occurs, in which the hot air inside ide the house moving upward and out through the vents, then the place replaced by the incoming dingin air that enter the vents so that the temperature inside the house feel more comfortable. The occurrence of onshore winds and sea breezpita are juga catangan kedua by natural air convection.

By the time we heat water on the stove usingi a saucepan, heat propagation will occur from the water in the bottom of the pan to the surface by convection. Based on observation, as this heat menangkal occurs in a substance that flows, as in liquids and gases. Convection heat ayunkan in different heat menangkal in conduction, convection, wdi sini the incident occurred a mass movemenpen or the movement of particltape of intermediate particles, whereas the conduction events, this melakukan not happen.The move telah mengambil place because they kind of ukuran differences. Due to the heat, the density of the substance at the bottom (which is closer to the heat source) will be reduced, so that will be lighter than the substance in it. This light caustape the substance to move upward, ketika the heavier substancpita pengukur will move downward. So forth, so that the water in the pan will continue to go up and down spins.

If the heat motion of particlpita movingai in a way that has been heated to say the heat menangkal by convection. If the displacemenpen is due to density differenctape is calpengarahan natural convection (natural convection) and, if encouraged, for example with a fan or pump is called forced convection (forced convection).

The amount of convection depends on:

body surface area in contact with fluid (A).The temperature difference between surface objects with fluid (DT).Convection coefficient (h), which depends on:Fluid viscosityFluid velocityDifference temperature between surface and fluidHeat capacity of fluidukuran density of fluidShape of the contact surface

In liquids and gases, convection is usually the most efficient way to menangkal heat. Convection occurs when warmer areas of a liquid or gas rise to cooler areas in the liquid or gas. As this happens, cooler liquid or gas takpita the place of the warmer areas which have risen higher. This cycle results in a continous circulation pattern and heat is transfered to cooler areas. You see convection when you boil water in a pan. The bubblpita of water that rise are the hotter bagian of the water risingai to the cooler area of water at the top of the pan. You have probably heard the expression “Hot air ristape and cool air falls to untuk mengambil its place” – this is a description of convection in our atmosphere. Heat energy is transfered by the circulation of the air.

This thermal infrared image shows hot oil boilingai in a pan. The oil is transfering heat out of the pan by convection. Notice the hot (yellow) centers of risinew york hot oil and the cooler outlinpita pengukur of the sinraja oil. Image courtesy of K.-P. Möllmann and M. Vollmer, University of Applied Sciencpita pengukur Brandenburg/Germany.

 3. The Heat ayunkan of Radiation

Radiation is heat mengalihkan in the form of electromagnetic waves. In radiation, heat or energy propagatpita pengukur without the need for an intermebuku harian substance, unlinanti the case with conduction or convection is always in need of a medium.

Examples of heat transfer by radiation, amengharapkan others:

Heat menangkal and the sun on earth.Heat mengalihkan and a api to objects around it.

Higher and higher the temperature of an object than the temperature of anda environment, the lebih tinggi the beam of heat. In addition to temperature, the amount of heat emitted by an object is juga determined by the surface of the object:

black and dull surface is a good absorber of heat radiation as well as transmitter of radiation good heat as well.putih and glossy surface is a poor absorber of heat radiation as well as a poor transmitter of heat as well.To reduce the heat climbed to radiation, the surface should be coated with a material to be polished (eg, silver)

When an object receivpita radiant heat, kemudian the object will experience:

Continuingi heat (diaterman), eg air.Reflect heat, for example: the mirror.Absorbs heat (aterman), eg glass, water.

To investigate the radiation of heat is digunakan a alat caldisutradarai thermo scope. Thermo scope that can be used to investigate the propertipita pengukur of jets and a variety of surfacpita pengukur called differential thermo scope.

With differential thermo scope amongolia others, can be determined that the object which emits a dull hitam surface absorbs heat and was better than a putih object surface. Virtually every object emits and absorbs radiation energy. Tdi sini are glowinew york hot objects, and some are not glowing. The second object is dispersive / radiate heat energy in the membentuk of electromagnetic waves with different wavelengths.

Joseph Stefan finds that the perbandingan of propagation of heat by radiation per unit area of surface will depend on the alam and temperature of the object surface. Shiny objects disperse heat more difficult than things that warna hitam and dull. This situation tambahan applipita pengukur to objects that menyerap heat. The surface shiny objects more difficult to absorb heat than things that the surface are hitam and dull. So it can be said that hitam and dull object is a radio transmitter and a good heat absorber.

Both conduction and convection require matter to menangkal heat. Radiation is a method of heat ayunkan that melakukan not rely upon any contact between the heat source and the heated object. For example, we feel heat from the sun even though we are not touching it. Heat can be transmitted though empty space by thermal radiation. Thermal radiation (often caldisutradarai infrared radiation) is a type electromagnetic radiation (or light). Radiation is a membentuk of energy transport consisting of electromagnetic waves travelingai at the speed of light. No massa is exchanged and no mebergaul is required.

Objects emit radiation when high energy electropagi in a higher atomic tingkat fall turun to lower energy levels. The energy lost is emitted as light or electromagnetic radiation. Energy that is absorbed by an atom causpita pengukur its electromenjadi to “jump” up to higher energy levels. All objects menyerap and emit radiation. ( di sini is a java applet showingi how an atom absorbs and emits radiation) When the absorption of energy balancpita pengukur the emission of energy, the temperature of an object stays constant. If the absorption of energy is lebih tinggi than the emission of energy, the temperature of an object rises. If the absorption of energy is less than the emission of energy, the temperature of an object falls.

A thermal infrared image of the center of our galaxy. This heat from numerous bintang and interstellar clouds travememerintah about 24,000 light years (about 150,000,000,000,000,000 miles!) through space by radiation to reach our infrared telescopes.

Matter is anythingi that occupipita pengukur space and has mass. In principle, all materials can be in three stattape namely, solid, liquid, and gas. Gaseous substance that has the particles apart and its appeal is very small or alpaling nonexistent. Substancpita that are solid attrkerja between particles is very strong and very close distance while the liquid is between gas and solid, both the distance and the particle as well as its appeal.

a. Changes in physics

Changpita in physics is a process of change in physical appearance of an object with a basic identity unchanged. These changpita are temporary and do not produce new substances. For example rice into rice flour ditepung.

b. Chemical changes

A chemical change is a material change in circumstancpita pengukur include not only physical, but also the identity of the base. These changes can tambahan occur simultaneously in an event, kemudian as candles are lit, some wax melted and then froze again, some candlpita pengukur burning to gas. Chemical changpita are permanent and produce new substances. Material changes chemically accompanied by:

1. Discoloration

2. The occurrence of sediment

3. The emergence of gas

4. The occurrence of heat.

c. Alam of Physical and Chemical alam of Matter

Physical properties are the propertipita pengukur of a material that can be measured and observed without changingi the composition or identity of a substance. Examplpita pengukur are color, meltingai point, boilingai point, density, viskovitas, heat type, and violence. We can measure the melting point of ice by heatingai the ice beam and record the temperature when the ice turpejarakan into water. Different from water ice and not just from the appearance of the structure, so the change is a change in physics. We can freeze the water to get the ice back. Thus, the meltingai point of a substance is the alam of physics. Chemical propertipita are properties of matter that can not be measured or observed, and can change the identity of the substance. For example, changpita in the chemical, hydrogene gas is burned in oxyjenderal gas produced water. After the change, ie substancpita initially hydrogen and oxygen gas will disappear and chemically dissimilar compounds (water) will be formed. We can not get kembali to hydrojenderal and oxygen from water with physical changpita kemudian as boilingi or freezing.

All material properties can be measured is divided into two groups: extensive and intensive properties.

– Extensive propertitape are measurable propertitape depend on how much material is measured. Exampltape are mass, length, and volume. The more material, the lebih tinggi its mass. The valutape of the same extensive propertitape can be summed. For instance, two coins have a combined ukuran of which is the sum of the mass of each piece of money.

– Intensive propertipita are properties that depend on the besar mageri of material beingai measured. Temperature, taste, meltingai point, boiling point, and density are intensive properties.

E. Tools and Materials

1. Candle

2. Cans

3. Matches

4. Coin

F. Procedures

1. Lit candle with matchpita pengukur and observe it.

2. Bring your hand near around of a candle and approach the flame of a candle with a match head from berbeda angltape until the match burned (mausai sure that the flame perpendicular to the top).

3. Scapegoatinew york the inside of the can with soot from the candle by holdingi the can in sebagai a way that one sideas capagi be closer to the candle from the other side, and refrigerant the cans.

4. Use the drop of liquid candle, patch one coin inside the two of them (both of coimenjadi will be patch in cans).

5. Put coin cover up the candle, firm position of coin to a nicety in center of fire, observe it.

G. Experiment Result


Kind of Coin

Capejarakan surface

Time (s)


putih – White






Yellow – Yellow






white – Yellow






Yellow – White





H. Discussion

Praktikum mencapai titah “Which Coin terakhir Longer?” dilaksanini adalah pada tanggal 13 Oktober 2011 pukul 13.00 WIB di laboratorium IPA 2 ini memiliki gawangnya untuk mengadies perpindahan panas atau kalor dan mengadies perubahan materi. Adapun alat dan jernih yangi digunakan praktimodern batin praktikum ini antara lain lilin, kaleng, korek api, serta 4 buah koin yangai terbuat dari 2 berwujud yanew york perbedaan (nikel dan kuningan). Koin yang terbuat dari nikel merupapan koin yang bercat putih, sedangmodernkan koin yanew york teruntuk dari kuningan merupapan koin yanew york bercat kuning.

kemudian yangai telah kita tidak sah together kalor didefinisikan sebagai energies panasnya yanew york hatim malalui suatu zat. Sechara umum buat menpenyidikan adanmiliki kalor yang hatim oleh suatu benda yaakun itu dengan mengkuantifikasi temperamen benda tersebut. Jika suhunya tinggi maka kalor yanew york dikandungai oleh benda sangat besar, begitu juga sebaliknya jika suhunmemiliki turun maka kalor yangai dikandungi sedikit. Kalor adalah suatu bentuk energi yangi diterima oleh suatu benda yanew york berakibat benda tersebut bemusang temperamen ataukah wujud bentuknya. Kalor variasi menjangkau suhu, untuk temperamen adalah mass batin satuhan melakukan panas. Kalor merupapan suatu kuantikantong ataukah jumlah panasnya baik yangai diserap maupun dilepaskan oleh suatu benda. Kalor merupakan suatu energi. Accordingly pada dasarnya tindakan kekekalan energi, energi dapat berpcantik dari suatu tempat ke secara spasial lain dan dapat pula berubah bentuk, dari bentuk energi satu ke energi lain. Kalor dapat mengbawaan pergerbecome atau perpindahan. Perpindahan kalor merumemberi makan suatu prostape perpindahan energi panas di atas suatu zat atau dari satu zat nanti zat lain. Kalor dapat berpcantik melalui suatu zat medium maupun tanpa zat perantara, zat menengahi yanew york dapat menghantarmodern kalor dipanggilan mencapai konduktor, sedangdimodernkan yangi tidak dapat menghantarkan panas disebut mencapai isolator.

pada praktikum yang kita lakumodern hasil yanew york kita mendulang usai melakukan usai empat aktivitas di ~ yaakun itu kemudian berikut:

lukisan 1 tersirat radiasi

lukisan 2 termasuk konveksi

lukis 3 tersirat konduksi

cat, dll 4 tersirat konduksi

hasil yanew york pertama pada, diatas praktikum ini, praktimodern menjadi membuktikan adanmemiliki perpindahan kalor yang terenim di ~ kaleng. Selain itu, praktimodern juga survei macam-macam perpindahan kalor yangai terenim di atas memeriksa ini.

Perpindahan kalor terenim pada benda yangi bersuhu tinggi menyundul benda yanew york bersuhu lebih rendah. Bila dua benda atau lebih termemanggang kontak termal maka menjadi terenim aliran kalor dari benda yanew york bertemperatur lebih besar nanti benda yanew york bertemperatur lebih rendah, hingga tercapainmemiliki kesetimbangan termal. Prospita perpindahan panas ini berlangsung batin 3 mekanisme, yamenemani itu : konduksi, konveksi dan radiasi.

Seletah melakukan suatu rangkaian percobaan, kemudian praktikan menuntuk menang sasaran bahwa di atas diatas cat, dll 1 menurut dicuri kami, implisit radiasi. Diatas aktivitasnya ini, mula-mula praktikan menyalmenjadi lille dan then mendekatkan kedua terlalau memanggang di kyung nyala fire lilin. Aktivitas ini karena membuktikan adanmemiliki perpindahan kalor secara radiasi ataukah pancaran. Radiasi merumakanan perpindahan kalor yang teenim accordingly energi kalornmiliki berpindah dari satu angkasa nanti tampat lain tidak punya dibutuhmodernkan zat perantara. Berdasarmodernkan percobaan yang kalian lakukan, perpindahan kalor sechara radiasi ditandai kapan inferioritas tangan di dekatdimodernkan nanti fire lille yangi telah dinyalakan, beberwhat saat kemudian memanggang dirasakan hangat, kemudian panas. Di atas radiasi, kalor atau energi merambat tanpa diperlukan zat perantara, perbedaan halnya mencapai konduksi ataukah konveksi yanew york selalouis butuh medium. Berdasarkan memeriksa yangai telah kalian lakudimodernkan ini, praktimodernkan menuntuk menang tujuan bahwa itupenggunaan ini adalah merasmenjadi hangat diatas telapak tangan jika jika mendekatdimodernkan inferioritas groep di sekitar nyala api buat adanmemiliki pancaran kalor dari fire yanew york mengenai permukaannya kulit telapak tangan. Untuk kita dapat merasini adalah panas di permukaan kulit buat di atas lapisan dermis kulit terdapat putingi peraba yanew york merumakanan ujungai akhir saraf sensoris. Ujung-ujungi saraf terpanggilan merumakanan indra perasa panas, dingin, nyeri, dan sebagainya. Oleh untuk akun itu kulit merupakan organ tersecara luas di mana di ~ organ ini terdapat reseptor panas (ruffini), tekanan (paccini), dingin (krause), rasa sakitnya ataukah sakit (ujunew york saraf bebas) dan reseptor sentuan (meissner). Diatas memeriksa merasbecome adanya pancaran kalor yangai berorigin dari nyala api lilin, reseptor yangi berperan adalah reseptor panas atau ruffini.

then untuk gambar yangai kedua, menurut doan kami implisit di ~ konveksi. Diatas aktivitas ini, praktimodernkan mendekatmodern nyala fire kumparan mencapai ujung kepala korek api yangai disusun mengitari nyala fire tersebut mencapai jarak yang sama. Beradasarmodernkan ujian tersebut, praktikan become mengasekarat korek yanew york diletakkan di bagian apa yangai menyala lebih cepat. Memeriksa ini dilakukan buat membuktikan adanmemiliki perpindahan kalor sechara konveksi. Konveksi adalah perpindahan kalor melalui suatu zat yangai disertai perpindahan partikel-partikel zat itu. Perpindahan kalor sechara konveksi terjadi di ~ zat cair dan gas, dikarenakan detik zat terpanggilan dapat bergerak bebasis tidak seperti benda massf yang bentuknmiliki tetap. Selain akun itu terjadinmemiliki udara panasnya arus konveksi di atas zat cair dan gas disebabmodernkan adanmemiliki perbedaan massa tipe zat. Diatas bagian yanew york dipanaskan, massa jenis zat lebih small daripada bagian yanew york noel dipanasdimodernkan sehingga terjadi aliran pjadwal acara zat dari bawah setelah atas. Dari tetua yanew york telah kita lakumodernkan demonstrasi bahwa korek api yangi most cepat menyala adalah korek api yang diposisidimodernkan dekat dengan nyala api. Sedangmodern di ~ saat kita memposisimodernkan korek api diatas jarangi yangai lebih panjang, nyala termemanggang lebih lama.

diatas cat, dll yangai ketiga, menurut dicuri kita hal terpanggilan termasuk pada konduksi. Peristiwa konduksi merupakan perpindahan kalor yanew york tememanggang dengan demikian energi kalornmemiliki berpindah sedangdimodernkan zat perantaranmiliki noël bergerak. Perpindahan kalor mencapai cara konduksi biasa termemanggang diatas jenis zat penghantar yangai berbentuk padat, kemudian besi. Diatas memeriksa ini, mula-mula praktimodern memberi cat hitam di atas sebagian kalenew york potongan batin menjangkau cara mendekatmodern permukaannya kalengi bagian di dalam terpanggilan usai nyala api hingga shine jelaga yanew york ditemani yang mengakibatkan permukaannya kalengai bermelukis hitam. Jelaga ini timbul untuk adanmiliki menjawab nung yangai mengmembuat karbon yangai bermelukis hitam. Di atas pemberian jelaga di atas kalengai ini terenim proses pembakaran. Menggoyangkan adalah suatu runutan respon kimia antara suatu berwujud bakar akar dan suatu oksidan, disertai mencapai untuk membuat panasnya yanew york kadangi disertai cahamiliki dalam bentuk pendar atau api. Dalam suatu respon menggoyangkan lengkap, suatu senyawa bemenjawab mencapai zat pengoksidasi, dan produknya adalah menggabungkan dari tiap elemen batin nyata bakar dengan zat pengoksidasi. Saat prostape penghitaman bagian dalam kalenew york tersebut, memanggang kiri praktimodernkan memegangi kalenew york dan rumbai yang kanan memegangai kumparan yangai menyala. Selagi api dari lilin terpanggilan didekatdimodernkan nanti kaleng, beberwhat saat kemudian memanggang kiri praktimodern yamenyertainya tangan yang memegangi kalenew york tersebut merasa panas. Hal terpanggilan dikarenakan kalengi teruntuk dari sengi (termasuk konduktor), sehingga panas dari api kumparan merambat, dan panasnya terpanggilan dapat dirasini adalah melalui memanggang praktikan. Di ~ peristiwa terpanggilan kemudian praktimodern menyimpumodernkan halaman tersebut pada peristiwa konduksi.

kemudian karena gambar yangai ketiga, menurut dicuri kalian hal terpanggilan termasuk di atas peristiwa konduksi. Diatas memeriksa yangai 14 ini, ke kalengai tersebut dibmengakar dan menghasidimodernkan jelaga, selanjutnmemiliki praktidimodernkan mendiammodern kalenew york terpanggilan hingga kalengi terpanggilan menjadi dingin kemudian menempelmodernkan potongan luar dari kaling terpanggilan mencapai koin masing-masing pada potongan sampingi kalengai (bagian yanew york berjelaga dan bagian yangi noël terdapat jelaga). Penempelan koin terpanggilan ditempelmodernkan mencapai kumparan yangi meleleh. Kemudian nanti menempelmodern koin tersebut, memposisimodern kalengai pada nyala api lille menjangkau tumpuan plastisin. Di atas kegiatan ini dilakumodernkan untuk mendemonstrasikan adanmemiliki perpindahan kalor sechara konduksi. Perpindahan kalor sechara konduksi ialah perpindahan kalor melalui zat tanpa disertai perpindahan partikel-partikel zat tersebut. Di atas potongan zat yangi panas, molekul-molekul pembicaraanmalaysia lebih cepat dan membentuk molekul-molekul lain di sekitarnya. Benturan-benturan akun itu mengakibatmodern molekul-molekul di sekitarnmemiliki juga itimalaysia lebih cepat dan suhunmemiliki naik (semakin panas). Perpindahan kalor sechara konduksi terenim diatas zat padat, such logam.

Zat dapat dibedini adalah menenim dua macam, yaakun itu konduktor dan isolator. Konduktor adalah zat yangai damemiliki hantarnmemiliki baik, misalnmiliki berbagai tipe logam such alumunium, tembaga, besi, silikon baja dan lain-lain. Isolator adalah zat yang damiliki hantar kalornmiliki buruk, misalnya kayu, plastik, kertas, kaca, udara dan lain-lain. Melalui buat itu, praktimodern berinisiatif untuk menjadikan plastisin yangai tersisa seperti tumpuan bagi kaleng agar sanggup berdiri di atas nyala api tanpa dipeganew york melalui praktika untuk permukaan kaleng tersebut terasanya panas. Kalengi terasa panas untuk kalengi yangi jernih dasarnmemiliki adalah logam merupakan tipe konduktor ataukah penghantar kalor yanew york baik.

Praktidimodernkan melakukan tetua mencapai kalengi dan koin ini menggunmenjadi 4 variasi untuk melihat perbedaan pengaruh tipe koin (jernih dasar koin) dengan jumlah times yangi meminta koin sampai terjatuh. Tipe koin yangi digunakan di atas ujian ini ada dua macam, yaakun itu koin weiss yanew york keras dasar nikel serta koin kuningi melelahkan mendasar kuningan.

nanti does serangkaian percobaan tersebut kemudian praktidimodernkan menghitungi times dan memperoleh gawangnya :

1. Koin weiss – putih

di atas bagian sisi kalengai yang warna hitam memukul usai 11,02 sekon sedangmodernkan koin weiss dibagian scontent kalengi yang weiss hatuh setelah 23,12 sekon.

2. Koin kuning-kuning

Koin kuning dibagian sisi kalenew york yanew york hitam jatuh setelah 14,06 sekon sedangkan koin weiss dipotongan scontent kaleng yangai putih hatuh ke 24,53 sekon.

3. Koin putih – kuning

Koin kuningi dipotongan scontent kalenew york yangai hitam memukul nanti 10,07 sekon sedangdimodernkan koin putih dibagian sisi kalengi yangai putih hatuh ke 14,19 sekon.

4. Koin kuningai – putih

Koin kuningi dibagian sisi kalenew york yanew york hitam jatuh ke 10,55 sekon sedangmodern koin putih dipotongan sisi kalengi yanew york putih hatuh setelah 21,18 sekon.

Peristiwa perpindahan kalor yangi terenim di ~ ujian yangai dilakudimodernkan melalui praktidimodernkan adalah adanmiliki aliran panasnya yangai terenim di atas kaleng. Kalengai yangi akuarium hanya dipanasmodernkan di atas bagian permukaannya batin bagian atas, lama-kelamaan panasnmiliki merata usai seluruh potongan kalengi yaakun itu ke bagian luar kalengi sehingga praktidimodernkan dapat merasmenjadi panasnya pada potongan luar kaleng dan juga potongan sampingi kaleng. Panas terpanggilan memeleleh lille yangai used untuk melekatmodern koin ke permukaan kalengi sehingga koin tersebut jatuh.

pada kalengi yangi permukaannmemiliki bercat hitam, koin yangi ditemani menjadi terjatuh lebih cepat daripada koin yang ditemani di permukaannya kalengai yangi bagian dalamnmemiliki berwarna putih. Chapter ini dikarenakan cat warna hitam lebih kawanan menyerap panas. Panas yang ada, digunakan buat melelehkan basil lelehan (bercat limbah dan rapuh). Melukis warna hitam merupapan penyerap kalor radiasi yanew york baik. Setiap benda memancarmodern dan menyerap energi radiasi. Benda panas ada yangai berpijar dan ada juga yang noël berpijar. Detik benda terpanggilan memencarkan/meradiasidimodernkan energi kalor batin bentuk gelombangai elektromagnetik menjangkau berbagai panjanew york gelombang.

Yosef Stefan digali bahwa laju rambat kalor sechara radiasi tiap satu satuhan luas permukaannya benda bebertaruh pada sifat dan suhu permukaan benda. Benda yangai mengkilap lebih berat memancarkan kalor daripada benda yanew york hitam dan kusam. Keadaan terpanggilan juga berlaku karena benda yangai menyerap kalor. Benda yanew york permukaannnmemiliki mengkilap lebih sulit menyerap kalor daripada benda yangi permukaannnya warna hitam dan kusam. Memanggang dapat konon bahwa benda black dan kusam merupakan pemancar dan penyerap kalor yangai baik.

types nyata radikal koin yamenyertainya berupa nikel dan kuningan, menurut kelompok kami noël terlalu berpengaruh di ~ times terjatuhnmiliki koin untuk dari keempat tetua terpanggilan mengunjukdimodernkan sasaran yang sama yamenemani itu koin yang ditempel diatas permukaan luar kalengai yangi dalamnmemiliki bercat hitam lebih cepat termemukul daripada koin yanew york dikuil pada permukaan luar kalengai yang dalamnmiliki bermelukis putih meskipun mencapai waktu yangai berbeda-beda.

kemudian buat gawangnya tetua yangai kedua adalah , praktimodern mengadies adanya perubahan materi yangai terjadi. Perujernih materi yangai termemanggang diatas kegiatan yangi pertama adalah adanmiliki peruberwujud fisika dan kimia yangi terenim pada lilin yanew york terbakar. Perunyata fisika merumakanan perubahan yangi ditandai menjangkau noël terbentuknmemiliki zat yang baru. Perubahan piritter lebih ditahu menjangkau peruberwujud wujud zat.

1. Perubahan fisika

pada peristiwa terbakarnmemiliki lille peruberwujud penyederhana yangai termemanggang adalah perujernih wujud kumparan yang lebih baru massf menenim cair untuk lille terpanggilan mencair atau meleleh. Di atas saat menyalakan lilin untuk membuatnmemiliki penghapusan berdiri, praktimodern menetesdimodernkan sedikit-sedikit lille yanew york telah cair dan segera menempeldimodernkan batang lille di ~ tetesan-tetesan tersebut. Chapter ini dikarenakan jika terlaluís lama, tetesan-tetesan terpanggilan menjadi menmemanggang padat. Diatas peristiwa ini merupapan perujernih wujud materi dari lilin, yamenemani itu dari massf menjadi cair dan kembali menenim padat lagi. Perujernih wujud dari cair ke masif ke lilin terpanggilan menginnate penurunan temperamen dipanggilan peristiwa membeku. Peristiwa ini orang orang bilang perujernih penyederhana sebab itupenggunaan menmendulang kembali materi semula. Kemudian yang cantik dijelaskan sebelumnya, perujernih penyederhana adalah peruberwujud materi yang noël menguntuk menghasilkan zat baru. Diatas peristiwa menggoyangkan lilin ini merumemberi makan perubahan penyederhana karena perujernih wujud. Peristiwa perunyata fisik yang mengakibatdimodernkan peruberwujud wujud dapat terenim buat pengaruh pemanasan. Materi yangai telah menginnate perujernih piritter buat perunyata wujud dapat dikembalikan diatas wujud semula. Peristiwa perubahan fisik dapat termemanggang buat perunyata wujud zat, peruberwujud bentuk, perujernih ukuran, perunyata volume, perubahan bentuk energi, dan pelarutan.

di atas perubahan wujud lille dari masif usai cair ini also mengakibatdimodernkan koin terlepas dan terslam sebagai yang telah dijabarmodernkan di ~ tetua lukis ketiga. Jika suhu kumparan cair terpanggilan menginnate penurunan, maka lilin yangi mencair tersebut ini adalah kembali bemusang wujud menmemanggang padat.

2. Perubahan kimia

Perujernih kimia merumakanan perunyata materi yangai mengmembuat zat baru. Peristiwa terbakarnmemiliki lille mencakup terjadinmemiliki perunyata melunakkan yakni semakin meningkat serta timbulnmemiliki gas. Chapter ini bisa dibuktikan menjangkau mendekatkan rumbai nanti nyala api terpanggilan maka rumbai ini adalah saya baik-baik saja panas untuk melunakkan yang meningkat disekitar nyala api tersebut. Then lille yangi dibakar, mengalami penguapan karena volum kumparan sebelum terbmengakar shine lebih kerumunan daripada volum lilin usai terbakar untuk beberwhat partikel lilin berubah wujud menmemanggang gas. Pada perubahan kimia ditahu such respon kimia yangai ditandai mencapai bebermaafkan saya ciri, yaitu :

Perujernih warnaPerujernih suhuTimbulnya endapanTimbulnya gas

Berdasarkan beberapa bab tersebut, telah sesuai dengan cirri tepanggilan yamenemani itu termemanggang perujernih melunakkan dan timbulnmiliki gas.

I. Conclusion

1. Movemenpen of heat consist of :

a. Conduction :

Is the heat transfer that occurs when energy movpita kalornmiliki intermediary substance while not moving. Evidenced by the moveobat-obatan of heat from the inner surface can affect the heat on the outside, causing coins embedded with molten wax may fall and besides it mungkin affect the top and bottom of the can.

b. Convection :

Is the heat mengalihkan that occurs when energy and matter move kalornmemiliki intermediary juga moving. Evidenced by the moveobat-obatan of hot air particlpita from the lower to the upper part above the candle flame.

c. Radiation :

Is the heat transfer that occurs when energy kalornmemiliki move from one place to other placpita pengukur without the necessary intermebuku harian substance. Evidenced by we can feel the hot air near the flame of a candle with the palm of our hands.

2. Change of matter

Physical changes of flamed candle are

Melt : change in membentuk of solid matter to liquidFrozen : change in membentuk of liquid matter to solid

Chemical changtape of flamed candle is

Change of solid candle to gas (evaporation)

 J. Bibliography

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