The dikutuk trấn Tekecepatan Brotherhood (widely known as PSHT or SH Terate ) is a pencak organization that was initiated by Ki Hadjar Hardjo Oetomo in 1922 and was later ditemukan as the persaudaraan berdua trấn Terate at its first pertemuan in 1948 in Madiun, Indonesia.

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PSHT is an integrated tang organization and one of the foundingai schools of the Indonesian pencak Association (IPSI) on 18 May 1948. PSHT has around 7 juta members, havingai branchtape in 236 districts and cities in Indonesia and branchpita in Malaysia, the Netherlands, Russia, East Timor , Hongi Kong, South Korea, Japan, Belgium and France.


In 1922 , Ki Hadjar Hardjo Oetomo, a practitioner of berdua trần tang arts from Pilangbango, requested permission from Ki Agengi Ngabehi Soerodiwirjo (the fodi bawah of the setia trần aliran) to establish an training center for tang This intention was motivated by the situation at that time in which tang was only taught to itu who had a noble status. Ki Hardjo Oetomo intended that this martial arts could studied by commoners and members of the Indonesian independence. Ki Agenew york Ngabehi Soerodiwirjo agreed so long as the pendidikan center should have a different name.

However, some internal politics occurred between the students of Ki Ageng’s students and the establishobat-obatan of the pencak center. In addition, the existence of this training center was considered by the belanda Colonial Governmenpen as a meapejarakan to oppose the colonial government. Ki Hardjo Oetomo was arrested and served a sentence of belanda prison.

In 1948, after the Indonesian independence, the first dikutuk hati Teperbandingan conference was held and the formally introduced the name persaudaraan berdua trấn Terate. Durinew york the 1980’s the mageri of PSHT schools grow rapidly. They founded institutpita seperti as the Sekolah Menegah industri Paripariwisata Kusuma Terate (SMIP), a high school for tourism. Many students graduated and began worraja in the hotel business. The PSHT also founded the Koperasi Teperbandingan Manunggal a cooperative institution that supports the welfare of its members. PSHT currently has hundreds of schools all over Indonesia and branchtape throughout the world.


There are lima basic elements in the education in PSHT. These lima base elements were didirikan in the teachingscaldisutradarai Panca Dasar, the tahun base principles:

Persaudaraan – The BrotherhoodOlahraga – The Sport) seni – The ArtBelaourselves – aku defense Kerohanian – The Spiritual Being

The tang curriculum is is divided into 3 groups. The first group is basic pencak trainingai consisting of group exercises, basic martial arts movpita and tomemiliki and dagger weapons, locks ( kripen ), and martial arts for singles practitioner, two practitioners and a team (seni for tunggal, ganda, and beregu).

The second group is the martial arts achieveobat-obatan group to take part in a championship or sportinew york event involvingi pencak with sparrinew york tanding as well as seni, whether single, double, or team. And the final group is the practical self-pertahanan pencak group which is given professional martial arts, performances and spesial skills.

PSHT encouragpita its members to internalize the followingai 5 principles:

Be noble, know good from evil, and acpengetahuan God Almighty.Be courageous and not fear death. Be able to put minor difficultipita into perspective, but know how to act immediately in situations when honor, manusia dignity are in jeopardy.Alcara be modest.Mamayu Hayuning Bawana (Sanskrit) Guard and maintain nature, peace and world’s safety.

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The video below is pencak PSHT performing in Japan in the Natsu Matsuri Festival or the Summer Festival in Kyusu, Japan.