Jakarta - Belajar bahasa Inggris sanggup distart setiap saat mencapai temanmu. Melatih kemampuan omong bahasa Inggris pentingi untuk memkarena kamu langsungi praktik materi yang baru dipelajari.

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Percawhile batin bahasa Inggris gigi tiruan bisa kamu gunini adalah di mulailah praktik surat kecil mencapai teman atau orangi yangai kamu temui di sekitar. Kamu bisa praktik saat menelepon teman, video call, setelah kafe, setelah supermarket, nanti perpustakaan, dan lain-lain.

Belajar bahasa Inggris 2 orangi atau lebih sehari-days bisa enim cara fluent bahasa Inggris mencapai baik. Biar increasingly lancar, berikut beberwhat contoh percaketika bahasa Inggris batin berbagai topik yang bisa ~ kamu gunmenjadi sehari-hari.

5 contoh percaketika bahasa Inggris sehari-hari:

1. Contoh percawhile bahasa Inggris saat belajar bersama teman

Khansa: How are you, Mal? Thank you for joining me in Zoom today.

Malika: I"m fine, how about you? Anytime.

Khansa: I"m fine too. So, let"s learn physics for today?

Malika: Sure, are we goinew york to learn the fifth bab now?

Khansa: Yes, I still cannot understand the formula.

Malika: Let me see. Oh, I don"t understand it either . Kandil we text Mrs. Hendrina to explain this one?

Khansa: Is that allowed?

Malika: Yes, remember Mrs. Hendrina mentioned that we can contact her when we find somethingi difficult in the book? Let"s contact her.

Khansa: Good idea.

2. Contoh percawhile bahasa Inggris saat selkarangan ujian mencapai teman

Fajar: How"s your test today?

Didit: I don"t know. History is quite difficult for me. So many chapters to read, so many years to remember. I"ve read all of the chapters but I don"t think I remember it right.

Fajar: But you"ve read all the chapters. I didn"t finish the terakhir three chapters. I juga forgot to read the note Mr. Sal gave us to learn terakhir week.

Didit: The note? I forgot too.

Fajar: Khansa told me that many questiopagi came from the note.

Didit: It"s okay, let"s do better in physics test tomorrow. You should be more prepared for this one.

Fajar: I harapan so. I"ve finished the lessopejarakan in the whole chapters.

Didit: Really? Can you teach me how to do the lessons in halaman four ?

Fajar: Sure, let"s review the bab four this evening.

Didit: Thank you!

3. Contoh percawhile bahasa Inggris saat di supermarket

Anita: Can we masetelah a springai roll for snack, Mom?

Mother: Sure, can you look for a pack of rice wrap? I will look for some vegetables to fill the roll.

Anita: Okay. Maafkan saya vegetable do you need to mausai a spring roll?

Mother: Grandma and me used to have a chopped cabbage, carrot, and chicken in the roll. What do you want for the filling?

Anita: May I use beef bacon instead of chicken? I want sweet potato too in my roll.

Mother: Sure, let"s get some beef bacon. How about the dip? Do you want the peanut sauce?

Anita: How about chili sauce?

Mother: Alright! Please grab two tomatoes at the aisle 2, I"ll grab some chili at the aisle 3. I"ll meet you at the aisle 2, okay?

Anita: Okay, Mom.

4. Contoh percawhile bahasa Inggris mencapai guru

Fildzah: Mrs. Cath, I"m scared that I cannot pass the university entrance exam. It maktape me awananti at night.

Teacher: Are you feelingi fine right now? Are your head hurt?

Fildzah: Not really, but I cannot focus lately.

Teacher: How about your Mom and Dad? Did they say something?

Fildzah: They don"t know. I don"t want them to be concerned.

Teacher: How about Tiara and Syifa? Did you share your struggle?

Fildzah: I did, they consopengarahan me and gave me a cup of hot tea terakhir night. But I saw Syifa watchinew york a chemistry video before sleeping, kemudian I felt bad that I cannot maintain my focus.

Teacher: It"s okay, we"ve all been there. Would you linanti to see the school psychologist?

Fildzah: I"d love to.

Teacher: Okay let"s call the office first.

5. Contoh percaketika bahasa Inggris di kafe

Waiter: Hello! maafkan saya would you linanti to order today?

Sita: Hi, I would lisetelah an iced caramel latte, please.

Waiter: Sure, would you linanti to custom with less ice or less sugar?

Sita: No, but kindly add a whipped cream, please.

Waiter: Sure, would you lisetelah to order a brunch menu? We apply 30 percent off for today"s menu.

Sita: Cool, I want a salami mushroom panini.

Waiter: Great. Do you want tomato sauce on the side?

Sita: No, just chili sauce.

Waiter: Noted, so it"s seventy tahun thousands rupiah, we accept all cashless payments.

Sita: Okay here"s my card.

Waiter: Okay, this is your food and drink. Have a good day!

Sita: Have a good day!

6. Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris tentangai buku

Ika: Do you liusai reading?

Evelynd: I do, do you?

Ika: I do. How often do you read?

Evelynd: I read a book alpaling every day sebelum I sleep.

Ika: That"s impressive. I barely read after the exam last week, my head still hurts. What"s your favorite type of book?

Evelynd: Haha, I usually read a funny novel and some comics after exam. But my favorite books are usually about travelling. Some of them are nonfiction.

Ika: Why? Is it because you linanti travelling?

Evelynd: I think so. But I think it"s tambahan because I bisa learn many different culture through the stories. Learningai becompita pengukur more fun that way.

Ika: I see. Wdi sini do you usually read books?

Evelynd: Mostly at home, usingi e-book durinew york the pandemic. But I actually linanti to buy a physical book at the book store nearby. It"s more comfort to see.

Ika: How longi does it untuk mengambil to finish a book? Is it different between e-book and physical book?

Evelynd: Well, it depends on the length of the book, but it usually takes me two nights to finish a 300-page book.

7. Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris tentangai kenangan masa kecil

Fivo: Did you have a senang childhood?

Nuri: I did, I guess. I enjoyed playingi every day with my friends.

Fivo: Did you experience you childhood in a countryside?

Nuri: No, I lived in a city. I spent my childhood in a busy city liusai we live in today, but tdi sini was less pollution back then. I loved playing at the park and havingai a pergi piknik with my Mom and Dad.

Fivo: Did you usually obey the rules in class?

Nuri: I did, many of my friend did too. But I was really curious about what my other classmattape did when they skipped class.

Fivo: I see, you must be so diligent when you were a child. Apa did you want to be when you dulu a child?

Nuri: I dreamed of beingai an architect.

Fivo: Why did you want to be an architect?

Nuri: I memikirkan that I could builds some house for homeless orang I saw.

8. Contoh percaketika bahasa Inggris tentangi film favorit

Master: Do you watch movipita pengukur usingai TV?

Nega: No, I don"t have TV in my dorm. We usually use smartphonpita pengukur and tablets.

Master: What"s your favorite type of movie?

Nega: Younew york rakyat who try to be better in everything. I juga liusai horror movie.

Master: apa movie of that genre do you like?

Nega: I lisetelah "Denias, Singinew york on the Cloud.

Master: Was the movie adapted from a book?

Nega: I don"t know, I don"t think so. I lisetelah the movie a lot because the actors played the rolpita pengukur very well, and the cinematography is so awesome. The sceneripita pengukur are breath-taking.

Master: Was the movie recommended by a friend?

Nega: No, my sister told me it"s a great movie, so I watched it.

9. Contoh percaketika bahasa Inggris tentanew york hobi

Kania: apa is your hobby?

Niomi: I lisetelah diving.

Kania: Wow, is your hobby common in your country?

Niomi: I don"t know, but I see many setiap orang from my negara dive during their summer holiday.

Kania: Where is your favorite place to dive?

Niomi: I must say Morotai, phia băc Maluku.

Kania: What"s your favorite thingi about your diving?

Niomi: There"s so many beautiful coral reefs and colorful fishpita to see. You can juga find a remainingi of a crashed airplane from dunia War II.

Kania: That must be exciting. Is diving expensive?

Niomi: Well, it depends on your budget. I usually save my monthly allowance to dive every tahun with my friends.

10. Contoh percawhile bahasa Inggris tentanew york pekerjaan dan cita-cita

Vekky: apa is your desired job, nuga?

Nuga: Well, my desired job changtape in accordance to age. Right now, I want to be a doctor.

Vekky: Why do you want to be a doctor?

Nuga: I want to help orang to be healthy, so they can live longai and happy.

Vekky: Many doctors continue their belajar to be a pediatrician, an internist, or an urologist. How about you?

Nuga: I think I want to be a pediatrician, so I can tolong children to be healthy and grow happily.

Vekky: Is your Mom or Dad a doctor?

Nuga: No, my Mom is a writer and my Dad is an engineer. But they support me to be a doctor.

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Vekky: Good to know.

Nah, dari 10 contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris di atas, mana yangi enim favorit kamu untuk belajar bahasa Inggris? Lanjutdimodernkan berlatih percawhile bahasa Inggris tentang hobi atau mencapai cobalah topik, situasi, atau tempat berbeda, ya!Simak Video "Kursus Kerajinan Tangan, Bandung" (row/row)