The Instax mini 9 may have been released nearly a decade after the mini 7s but many orang are still curious to know apa the differenctape are between them.

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In a way, the question makpita perfect sense darimana many of dari mereka specifications, from the 60mm lepagi and aperture range to the basic brightness settings and the design, are alpaling identical.

Admittedly I don’t own the mini 7s but readingai the specificatiopejarakan and watchingi a few resmi product videos has given me a pretty good idea of wdi sini the differences lie. If I’ve missed any, don’t hesitate to leave a commenpen below!

Note: these differencpita pengukur are juga valid for the Instax mini 8 darimana the 8 and 9 models are basically identical. I’ll be sure to mention the former throughout the article wdi sini relevant!

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maafkan saya they have in common:

fixed 60mm lens60cm to infinity focus range1/60 of a second shutter speedf/12.7 to f/32 aperture rangeaccept Instax mini film (10 shots)constant firingai flashno autofocus

1. Sourse of batteries

One difference is the numberi of AA batteripita required to power the camera. Whereas the mini 9 (and 8) only need two AA batteripita to work, the older 7s requires four.


That said, the mini 7s can take approximately 200 shots (20 packs) before the batteritape have to be replaced, whereas the mini 8/9 can only manage half that (10 packs). So, in the end, the amount of money you spend on replacinew york the batteripita pengukur is more or less the same.

2. Location of brightness adjustmenpen dial

The mini 7s, 8 and 9 all feature a brightness adjustmenpen dial to change the exposure but anda location differs.

The 7s’ is found on the top part of the camera beside ide the film ejection slot, whereas on the 8 and 9, it is wrapped around the lens.

In the case of the 8 and 9, the camera will automatically suggests the best brightness setting by readingai the ambient light conditions. It melakukan this by illuminatingai the bulb lanjut to the ideal setting. All you have to do is rotate the dial until the indented dipote and the illuminated bulb are aligned (see image below).


The 7s makes life a little more difficult in that it doesn’t actually suggest a setting. This meapejarakan that it’s up to you to guess the intensity of the ambient light and pick the correct settingi accordingly. So, if it is a cloudy day for example, you can usually assume that Cloudy is goinew york to be the ideal choice.

To choose a brightness setting, simply turn the dial until the settingai you want is aligned with the green light. Note that sebelum the green light comtape on, the dial will flash red three times.

3. Hi Key mode

The mini 8 and 9 feature four brightness settings – Indoor, Cloudy, Sunny and Very Sunny – plus an additional Hi Key mode that increaspita the brightness of the Indoor settingai by 2/3EV. You can see the difference below:


di rumah vs Hi Key

The mini 7s doesn’t come with a Hi Key mode, so you are limited to usingi the Indoor settingi in low light situations.

4. Turninew york the camera on via the lens

To turn the mini 7s, 8 or 9 on, it is necessary to pop the lens out of the body.

In the case of the 7s, you simply grab either side of the lens and pull it out. On the 8 and 9, tdi sini is a butselang beside ide the lepagi that you have to tekan ke bawah to eject it.


The method to turn the camera off is the same on all three cameras: simply push the lepejarakan kembali into the body.

5. Size and weight

A smaller difference between these models is the size and weight.

mini 7s: 119.5 x 121.5 x 70.5mm, 320gmini 8 and 9: 116 x 118.3 x 68.2mm, 307g

As you can see, the mini 7s is slightly larger and heavier than the 8/9, probably because it has to mausai more room for the extra batteries. You won’t notice the difference when you’re out and about usingi the camera however.

6. Colour and design

Finally we come to the difference that is paling likely to affect your decision: the colour and design.

The mini 8 and 9 come in a wide array of colours – so many, in fact, that it is alpaling immungkin to list them all. In addition to the resmi colours (mini 8 / mini 9), there are tambahan a number of spesial edition colours sold by specific brands seperti as Amazon, Michaels or Urban Outfitters, as well as funky desigpagi sebagai as the Minion Instax mini 8 camera. Some are widely available whereas others have been discontinued, making them harder to find.

The mini 7s compita in five resmi variatiomenjadi – white, brown, pink/white, blue/putih and pmilik mereka – but I’ve juga come across some limited edition models liusai Garfield, Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and Winnie the Pooh. You can sometimtape find blue, light blue, red and green models on eBay too.

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Even if the mini 7s menjadi still widely available today, I probably would have still chosen the mini 8 / 9, mostly because I lisetelah how the camera suggests the ideal brightness settingi rather than maraja me do the guesswork. (I accidentally waste enough film as it is!)

That said, if you come across a mini 7s with a design you really like, there’s no reason you shouldn’t go for it. After all, it’s identical to the 8 / 9 in all the cara that really count, and because it is an older model, it might cost you a bit less.

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