KENAIkan cost PENGURUSAN STNK & BPKB tahun 2017 DI TINJAU MENURUT PERpolitik otoritasnya nomor 60 five 2016


The enactment of Government Regulation No. 60 of 2016, there is an increase in tariffs for a sourse of vehicle administration costs, sebagai as vehicle registration, BPKB, and TNKB as well as the addition of type C license I and C II. Driving License (SIM) C I is for vehicles with engine capacity of 250 cc and SIM C II for vehicltape with enginpita more than 500 cc. The pengeluaran of issuance of STNK is 3 timpita pengukur higher than before. As for the maraja of new SIM, SIM A, SIM B I, and B II are charged Rp. 120.000.Sedangmodernkan SIM C, C I, and C II costs Rp. 100.000. SIM D and SIM D I charged Rp. 50,000. The increase juga occurs in the issuance of Motor Vehicle Identity numberi with an increase of 100 percent or twice, for two-wheedisutradarai vehiclpita pengukur or three costs to Rp. 60,000 from the previous Rp. 30,000, and four wheels to Rp. 100,000 from the previous fee of Rp. 50,000. The biggest increase occurred in the issuance of Book Owners of Motor Vehiclpita (BPKB), for two wheels to Rp. 225,000 from the previous Rp. 80,000 kapan four or more wheels to Rp. 375,000 from the previous Rp. 100,000. Regulation of minimal Serkeburukan Standards (SPM) as a reference for the Regional Revenue Serragum apparatus in providingi PKB and BBN-KB servicpita to the Taxpayers and to melepaskan official letters required by the recipients of service, in order to be evaluated by the Governor of East Kalimantan as the constituent elements of SAMSAT and or even reviewed Back, in accordance with the needs of the masyarakat as the recipient of services in accordance with the expected. In order to raise the regional revenue, UPTD Revenue Service of East Kalimantan Province in Samarinda can play an aktif role in managing regional income sourcpita pengukur in dari mereka worraja area. UPTD officers can be more observant in monitoring, registeringai and simultaneously collectinew york tax objects that are still delinquent and have not been monitored and recorded, because there are still many motor vehicle arrears that do not pay taxes and BBN-KB. Samsat Joint Office Serkeburukan involvtape 3 (three) institutions, namely Dina Regional Income (Dispenda), Directoperbandingan of Traffic Police (Ditlantas Polda) and PT Jasa Raharja (Persero). These three agencies work bersama to serve the community and bawa pulang shelter under one roof or one office calmemerintah the Single Administration System under One Roof (Samsat). Sebelum the samsat, setiap orang must go to these three institutiopejarakan in different places, so it takes time and energy and this is very perceived inefficient and burdensome society. Mechanism of arrangement and Arrangemenpen of Increase nilai at STNK & BPKB is to improve the kadarnya and comfort of society in publik serragum done by Police.

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