Bigotry begins when categories sebagai as race, age, gender, disability, seksualnya orientation, or specipita pengukur are tangan kedua to justify discrimination.

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Victory! Chinchilla Breeder Stripped of License, Slapped With $18,000 Fine—membantu Get Animals out NowA U.S. Departobat-obatan of Agriculture judge stripped Moulnada Chinchilla Ranch’s owner of his authorization to sell animals wholesale to laboratoritape and the pet trade. Ambil pergerakan for the remaining animals now.


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Arizona Republic Shreds UW Monkey Lab and Breedingi Mill: Read’s Devastatingi ReportMilliopejarakan of taxpayer dollars are flowingi into a disease-infested monkey-breeding mill located lanjut to a toxic waste site in Arizona.

membantu Us Stop Animal Testing

Mananti a spesial donation duringai’s “Stop Animal Testing” tantangan and your gift will be matched!

You Can’t Trust the Label! All 11 ‘Humane-Certified’ Factory Farms atlas Investigated were Horrifically CruelHow much more video footage of sufferinew york animals will it ambil for the ASPCA, HSUS, and Compassion in world Farming (CIWF) to stop promotinew york sham “standards” for factory farms? Find out how you can help.

19 Dogs Want to Capture People’s Hearts, Not Be held Captive in CagesMisguided efforts, dried-up funding, zero insight gained—why is Texas A&M University STILL holdinew york dogs from its notorious canine muscular dystrophy laboratory prisoner?

Find Us a Licensed Veterinary Technician and We mungkin Pay You Up to $1,000Introduce us to a friend and—if it’s a match—you bisa make money! is payingai up to $1,000 for qualified referrals, so get started today.

mengarungi Reverspita Gears, Funds Crash Test on Pigs Despite Assurances—bawa pulang ActionNo other U.S. Automaker ustape animals in crash tests anymore. Mengarungi said it wouldn’t, either—but the company recently funded a barbaric test using pigs. Ambil action.

Stapp Car Crash Journal
atlas ‘Primate’ Protests UW Torture on First Day of supporters descended on the University of Washingnada to panggilan for the school to close its primate center and santai the monkeys telah terorganisir tdi sini to reputable sanctuaries. Ambil pergerakan at

atlas Ad Urges Chicago Shoppers to Wear Vegan

hanya in time for fall,’s new ad calls on Chicago shoppers to ditch wool, as the industri uses gentle sheep linanti wool-producing machinpita pengukur and steals dari mereka fleece and skin.

‘Dinosaurs’ take to Tokyo Streets With Urgent Message

atlas Asia supporters encouraged passersby to ditch the prehistoric action of eatinew york animals and opt for vegan foods that save lives and reduce your carbon footprint.

Casey Affleck and His Mom Join Protest at UMass

Oscar winner Casey Affleck and his mother, chris Anne Boldt, joined to demand an end to the University of Massachusetts–Amherst’s deadly experiments on marmosets. Ambil merencanakan at

Protesters ‘Plucked Alive’ Speak Out Against the Cruel Feather Industry France members calpengarahan attention to the painful live-plucraja that birds endure in the down industri and caldisutradarai on Paris Fashion Week to remove feathers and other animal-derived materials from its catwalks.

Rescued! Riley Gets the Chance to Find a Lovinew york Home caseworkers arranged for Riley’s removal from the cramped pen that she’d been confined to for two years. She’s now in a comfortable, lovingi foster home kapan she awaits adoption.

‘Animals’ Cause Ruckus Outside Urban Outfitters, Inc., Stores

atlas members and supporters in Missouri cadigunakan mayhem outsideas Urban Outfitters, Inc., stores—includingi Anthropologie and Free People—calling on the company to stop sellingi anythinew york stolen from animals.

Students roast Starbucks Over Vegan Milk Upcharge

Across the country, students have been occupyinew york Starbucks storpita because the company still chargpita extra for vegan milk, despite agreeingai that it’s better for the planet.

‘Monkeys’ Hold ‘Shriek-In’ at NIH Experimenter’s Home

Experimenter Elisabeth Murray got an earful when atlas supporters called for her to end monkey fright tests by playingai recordings of distressed monkeys taken in her National Institutpita of health lab. Untuk mengambil action at

Tofu Mascot ‘Runs’ to Show Representative the Joy of Soy members handed out barbecued tofu sliders to show U.S. Rep. Byron Donalds and the welcomaaf Floridiamenjadi he represents that tofu and other vegan foods make hearty meals while protectingi animals and arteries.

mulailah Savingai Animals Today’s 3-Week Vegan challenge will tolong you make a change to protect animals and the environment ketika improvingai your personal health.

Stolen Lives: Meet Beamish, a Monkey Prisoner in Elisabeth Murray’s Lab NIH tried to keep—and you—from learningi about Beamish, a monkey experimenters have cut open and tormented and will eventually kill in worthless tests.

Why atlas Wants You to Give an Oat Milk Latte to the person Behind You in Line at Dunkin’Got a few dollars you can spare? Make a lifesaving investmenpen by buyingai delicious vegan food for someone who hasn’t tried it yet.

A bill to Get Animals out of Testingai Was hanya Introduced in the Senate!The landmark faktur would revamp FDA rultape requiringi deadly animal experiments, allowingai faster development of lifesavingi treatments. Please urge your members of kongres to support it.

Publix and Walmart Are ‘Shelling’ Out for Forced Monkey Labor—Speak Up Now In Thailand, terrified monkeys are chained, beaten, and forced to climb trees to pick coconuts. Opting for one of these animal-friendly brands bisa mean savingi a life.

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