There"s no gettingi around it: Babitape cry. It"s how they communicate hunger, pain, fear, the need to sleep, and more. So how are you supposed to know exactly what your baby is trying to tell you? It can be tricky to interpret your child"s cries, especially at first.

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This is probably the first thingai you think of when your baby cries. Learninew york to recognize the sigpagi of hunger will tolong you mulailah feedingi your baby before the cryinew york stage. Some hunger sigmenjadi to watch for in newborpagi include fussing, lip smacking, rootingai (a newborn reflex that makpita pengukur babipita turn dari mereka head toward your hand when you stroke anda cheek), and puttingai their tangan to anda mouth.

Stomach problems from colic and gas

Tummy troubles associated with gas or colic can lead to lots of crying. The rather mysterious condition known as colic is usually described as inconsolable cryinew york for at least three hours a day, at least three hari a week, at least three weeks in a row.

For more help, learn helpful strategipita pengukur for soothinew york a colicky baby.

If your baby often fusspita pengukur and cripita pengukur right after being fed, she may have some sort of tummy pain. Many parents swear by over-the-counter anti-gas drops for babipita or gripe water (made from herbs and sodipum bicarbonate), though neither has been proven to be effective. Get your doctor"s okay sebelum usingai either of these.

Even if your baby isn"t colicky and has tidak pernah been fussy after eating, an occasional bout of gas pain can masetelah her miserable until it passes. If you suspect gas, try putting her on her back, graspingai her feet, and movingai her legs in a gentle bicycling motion.

"One time when my daughter was 9 months old, she cried inconsolably for two hours. She had never done that before, and this time she wouldn"t even nurse. The doctor told me to untuk mengambil her to a nearby clinic. While we waited in the exam room, she let out a big fart, and after that she was fine. It was just gas."— Kate

"When my daughter was a baby she was gassy a lot, and would scream and cry in pain. I would give her some infant gas drops, lay her on my bed on her back, gently push her knepita up to her belly in a rocraja motion, and sing a little song. Soon she would let out some farts and be fine."— Wife & mommy of two

"If your baby is wearingi any kind of pants, especially with a somewhat snug elastic waist, try pullingai the waisttape away from the belly to see if it helps. Sometimes that little bit of pressure hurts milik mereka tummy."— Mom of 2

"Recently found out why my baby had been cryinew york for the terakhir day and a half – he was constipated! He finally passed a 4-inch poop that was very, very hard. Suppositoripita pengukur work wonders."— txblondetori

Needs to burp

Burpingai isn"t mandatory. But if your baby cripita after a feeding, a good burp may be all he needs. Babipita swallow air when they breastfeed or suck from a bottle, and this may cause discomfort if the air isn"t released. Some babies are intensely bothered by havingai air in their tummy, kapan others don"t seem to burp or need to be burped much at all.

"My little one often cries because he has a difficult time burpingi after a feed, even with kembali rubbing and patting. Apa I found helps is some "tummy time." He"ll often let out a great big burp after a few minutpita on his tummy."— A member

"I can"t count how many timtape I"ve burped (or tried unsuccessfully to burp) my little one when she"s fussy after a feeding. Walking around and patting her on the kembali will sometimpita let loose a huge belch – no wonder she was crying!"— NovPiglet

Discover other possible caustape of abdominal pain in babies, includingi reflux, stomach flu, milk allergy, lactose intolerance, constipation, and intestinal blockage.

A dirty diaper

Some babipita pengukur let you know right away when they need to be changed. Others can toleperbandingan a dirty diaper for quite a while. Either way, this one is easy to check and simple to remedy.

Needs sleep

It seems like tired babies should simply be able to go to sleep, anytime, anywhere. But it"s harder for them than you might realize. Instead of noddingi off easily, babipita may fuss and cry – especially when they"re overtired.

"We thought our daughter was colicky for the first lima weeks of life, until we read about how babipita get really cranky if they"re exhausted. After we started puttingai her to sleep as soon as she yawned the first time (at any time of the day), she cried a lot less and had fewer problems with gas."— A member

"I"ve noticed that if my baby starts cryingi after beingai played with, fed, and changed, and she"s been up for a while, she is overtired! I hanya hold her close, talk to her in a soft voice, and let her cry. She doesn"t cry hard when I hold her like that. She makpita funny fussy noispita pengukur with her eypita closed. Sebelum long, she"s sound asleep."— Stefanie

"A loud "shhhhhh" sound works incredibly well. I had to make a recordingai because I was gettingai lightheaded from doing it so much for my daughter. My recordinew york lasts for 48 minutes, and it works every time!"— Rob

"My 2 1/2-month-old is so interested in everythinew york that she doesn"t want to stop beinew york part of the pergerakan by fallingi asleep. Yet she"s tired and cranky at the same time. Minimizinew york sensory memasukkan sometimes helps her feel linanti she"s not "missing something" by settling down. (And kemudian tdi sini are the timpita pengukur when she"s hanya goingi to cry no matter apa I do.)"— A member

Wants to be held

Babipita pengukur need a lot of cuddling. They like to see their parents" faces, hear milik mereka voices, and listen to their heartbeats, and can even detect dari mereka unique smell. Cryingi can be their way of asraja to be dipegang close.

You may wonder if you"ll spoil your baby by holdingai him so much, but duringai the first few months of life that isn"t possible. To give your arms some relief, try wearinew york your baby in a front carrier or sling. (Learn how to put on a baby carrier.)

"I linanti to lightly wrap my daughter in a soft blanket, hold her in a nursinew york position, and lightly strousai her face and head. She lovpita pengukur feelinew york my tangan in her hair and calms down pretty quickly."— Tiffany

"My son lovpita pengukur to hear my voice, so when he cripita pengukur uncontrollably, I hold him close to my chest and tell him that Mommy is di sini and will protect him. Within minutes, he is sleepingai in my arms!"— Jey

Too dingin or too hot

If your baby feels chilly, lisetelah when you remove her clothpita pengukur to change a diaper or clean her bottom with a dingin wipe, she may protest by crying.

Newborns lisetelah to be bundled up and kept warm – but not too warm. As a rule, they"re comfortable wearingai one more layer than you need to be comfortable. Babipita pengukur are less likely to complain about beingi too warm than about beingi too cold, and they won"t cry about it as vigorously.

Somethingi painful and hard to notice

Babipita can be troubled by somethingai as hard to spot as a rambut wrapped tightly around a tiny toe or finger, cutting off circulation. (Doctors panggilan this painful situation a "rambut tourniquet," and it"s one of the first things they look for if a baby seems to be cryingi for no reason.)

Some babipita are extra sensitive to things like scratchy clothinew york tags or fabric. And they can be very picky (understandably) about subtletitape rangingi from the position they"re held in to the bottle you offer.

"It helps me to think, "apa could be maraja me uncomfortable if I dulu her?" These are some possibilitipita pengukur I"ve come up with: Is my finger or foot sdagu or cramped? Do I need to sit or lie differently? The pacifier tastpita gross and needs washing. This tag or outfit is itchy. It"s colder near the floor. The light is too bright, and the TV is annoyingi – I want soft music instead."— cunnincl25

"I found that my son a rambut wrapped around his penis. If you have a baby boy, be sure to cgudang di bawah tanah for rambut in his diaper because it is very sensitive dibawah there."— A member

"My 2-month-old cried whenever we penggabungan him. But sometimes he"d drink ravenously, so he was obviously hungry. The problem vanished when we switched to a berbeda brand of nipple."— A member

Teething pain

Teethinew york can be painful as each new tooth pushtape through lembut youngi gums. Some babipita suffer more than others, but all are likely to be fussy and tearful from teethingi at some point.

If your baby seems to be in pain and you"re not sure why, try feelingi his gums with your finger. You may be surprised to discover the hard nub of an emergingi baby tooth. (On average, the first tooth breaks through between 4 and 7 months, but it can happen earlier.)

Find out more about teethingai and how to ease the pain.

Wants less stimulation

Babies learn from the stimulation of the dunia around them, but sometimtape they have a hard time processingai it all – the lights, the noise, being passed from hand to hand. Cryingi can be a baby"s way of saying, "I"ve had enough."

Many newbormenjadi enjoy beingi swaddled. It seems to masetelah them feel more secure when the dunia gets overwhelming. If your baby"s too old for swaddling or doesn"t like it, try retreating to a quiet spot and lettingai your baby vent for a while.

"Swaddlingai is a huge help, especially to infants. Being tightly wrapped mimics beinew york in the womb, and my daughter loved it."— A member

"My 6-month-old gets very exmengutip (overexcited would be the right word) after we have fun together. He starts laughing at the most ridiculous sounds, and when everythinew york is quiet he starts to cry. That"s when we sit on the bed with propped pillows and I read to him in a very low and soothing tone. He calms down in no time and goes to sleep!"— wajiha06

Wants more stimulation

A "demanding" baby may be outgoing and eager to see the world. And often the only way to stop the crying and fussingi is to stay active. This can be exhaustinew york for you!

Try wearing your baby facingi out in a front carrier so he can see all the aktivitas around him. Plan plenty of activities. Gantung out with other parents with babies. Go on regular outings to kid-friendly places, seperti as your local playground, a children"s museum, or the zoo.

"My 7-month-old wants constant kerja goingai on around him. If I put him on the floor with his toys while I work on the computer, he fusses. He"s happiest when I pop him in a baby carrier kapan I wash dishes, do laundry, and other housework. He"s also especially peaceful in stores and other publik places because he"s so interested in and curious about the world."— A member

Not feelinew york well

If you"ve met your baby"s basic needs and comforted him and she"s still crying, she could be comaaf dibawah with something. You may want to check her temperature to rule out a demam and be alert for other sigpejarakan of illness.

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The cry of a sick baby tends to be distinct from one cadigunakan by hunger or frustration. If your baby"s cryingai hanya doesn"t sound "right," trust your instincts and call or see a doctor.

what to do if your baby"s still crying

penuh tummy? Check. Clean diaper? Check. No fever? Check. So why is your baby crying?

Babies have their own good reasons. But they don"t have the words to tell us what"s wrong, and even the wisest parents can"t read milik mereka baby"s mind. However, you can still comfort your baby, even if you don"t know why he"s upset. Find out apa to do when your baby cries for "no reason."