Kpopers have not been named if they are not familiaran with Korean dramas that tell the cerita of an elite living in a luxury apartment. Especially if it’s not Penthouse, this dlama has been released and is at the end of the episode, but the ending is still a mystery because it is so hanging. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to watch it, you can stream on Viu, there is tambahan an Indonesian sub.

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Actually this drama tambahan has lainnya name The Penthouse: War in Life, and juga has 21 episodes, which was initially only 20 episodes, but seeing the positive response from netizens, finally this dlama has one more ilustrasi added.

It is planned that this drama will air in 3 seasons, and the second season is startingi to work next month. Aired for the first time on October 26, 2020, this drama directed by Joo Dong-Min has several top actors and actresses in Korea, seperti as Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ki Joon, Kim Youngai Dae, Han Ji Hyun and Kim So Yeon.

Synopsis Korean Dlama The Penthouse: War in Life

Penthouse itself tells the story of the life of an ke hulu centered on three familipita pengukur who live in luxury apartments in the Gangnam area. Tdi sini is an area of ​​the Korean ke hulu and it is certain that all the orang who live tdi sini are tengah and above in the negara of assets.

It is said that the Penthouse Apartobat-obatan has 100 floors, and all the orang who live tdi sini are elite orang who are influential in the area. As for the focus, namely on three elite families who do not want to give up in kapak of wealth.

The first family, Sim Ryeon, is calmemerintah the queen of Penthouse, because she lives with wallowinew york in wealth, her husband works as a real estate businessman who is able to comply with all his wishpita pengukur and juga branded goods he always uspita pengukur everyday to support his appearance.

The second family, Cheon Seo Jin, is the wife of a surgeon at a besar hospital in the area, has an arrogant and arrogant character, maraja her linanti an elite rich orang who is inhuman, moreover, her hustape tambahan has an ambitious alam in the pursuit of wealth.

Apart from the two families, the other family is Oh Yoon Hee, he compita pengukur from a middle-class family, but because of his less grateful nature, he always follows the ke hulu in his apartment, there are many things he always risk in order to have a life that is equal to the ke hulu in the eypita of people. Other.

All of them are tambahan plagued by bullyinew york tindakan carried out by children in dari mereka schools, the children in the family are arrogant and arrogant, and liusai to bully friends who have lower masyarakat strata.

The problems that arise juga do not end there, tdi sini is a secret behind the three familipita pengukur that makes all the audience astonished and curious, because of the affair that occurred and plans to end the households of the three families.

kemudian how is the excitement of this Korean drama? Will milik mereka rivalry end peacefully? Or do you end up with each other’s divorce?

Information The Penthouse (2020)

release Date: October 26, 2020

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Language: South Korean

Director: Dongai Min Joo

Author: Soon Ok Kim


Ji-Ah Lee becompita Shim Su RyeonKim So-yeon becompita Cheon Seo JinYoo-jin Kim became Oh Yoon HeeKi-joon Uhm becompita Joo Dan TaeJong-Hoon Yoon became Ha Yoon ChulEun-Kyungai Shin becomes Kang Ma RiTae-gyu Bongai becompita pengukur Lee Gyu JinJoo-Hee Yoon becompita Go Sangi AhHyeon-soo Kim became Bae Ro NaChoi Ye-Bin becompita pengukur Ha Eun ByeolHan Ji-Hyun became Joo Seok KyungJi-hee Jin becomtape Yoo Jenny

Rate: 8.0 / 10 (

The Penthouse (2020) official Trailer

Nonselang The Penthouse (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

The recent popular Korean drama entitpengarahan The Penthouse: War in Life, tells the cerita of elitpita pengukur who show each other dari mereka wealth and juga struggle for power over who has the highest stratum amengharapkan the family.

The issue of infidelity juga arises, because the three family members do not want to be honest with each other, and juga do not want to accept the shortcomings of anda own partners, that is maafkan saya causpita problems to accumulate and tambahan wants to end the household ark in anda respective families.

Friends can watch The Penthouse: War in Life online on Viu, this is a platmembentuk to legally stream Korean dramas. So watch wisely and don’t menyakiti anyone.

“It should be noted that Esprotsku only providpita information regardingai legal streamaaf websites. For that, let us watch Korean dramas through the resmi website so as not to kerusakan the many parties involved in maraja the drama “

Speaking of legal and resmi streaming websites, we have summarized a sourse of platformulir that you can use to stream movipita pengukur or dramas legally, apa are those?


We recommend Viu as the official platmembentuk for watchinew york dramas especially dramas originating from Asia. Even more fun, the Korean drama Penthouse is tambahan available for free on this palfrom and you can watch it for free.

Viu’s strengths

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Lack of Viu

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This Viki streaming website is rarely heard by the general public, because its work is still less popgaris with Viu, but this platmembentuk can juga be a recommendation for friends who want to watch dramas or movitape legally or officially.

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Viki’s strengths

Tdi sini are so many choicpita pengukur of Korean dramas and dramas in AsiaCan be accessed free of chargeTdi sini are Indonesian subtitlesTdi sini is a feature to change the video qualityIt is considered cheap startinew york from 5,500 per month

Lack of Viki

Usually only provides dramas from AsiaDramas can only be downloaded via the application

How interesting is not the discussion about the Korean dlama Penthouse above, so we recommend that friends who want to watch dramas or movies, can access the official website that we have recommended.