Currently tdi sini are two typpita of banks in Indonesia, namely Sharia Bank and csseleven.comnventional Bank, each of which has a significant difference. One of the things that will be discussed by Bank Muamalat this time is about the difference in mortgage financingai system in Bank Syariah and csseleven.comnventional Bank.

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The difference between KPR Bank Syariah and csseleven.comnventional Bank is the method of calculatinew york liabilities. In sharia financingai tdi sini is no interest calculation as in the crpenyuntingan scheme in csseleven.comnventional bank. So no known kapak of cheap or low interest in sharia mortgages. With sharia financing, the repayments you have to pay each month are fixed, equal throughout the loan term. Meanwhile, csseleven.comnventional mortgagpita pengukur offer fixed installments only in 1 to 3 years at the beginning of the credit. After that the bank uses flowers that expand the size followingi market csseleven.comnditiopagi so that the installmenpen can change at any time.


Why is the mortgage loan fixed in the sharia loan? because in shariah financing house pricpita and bank profit margins have been pegged at the beginningi of the crpenyuntingan agreement. The amount of profit or margin for the bank has been agreed from the beginning. Unlinanti the csseleven.comnventional mortgagpita that interest rates are expandingai dependingai on market csseleven.comnditiopagi because the interest is not pegged so it can be high, can also be low.


To be more clear, di sini are examplpita pengukur of illustrations: For example, the financingai of a house worth Rp 500 million for a 15-tahun crpenyuntingan period. The results for each type of mortgage are as follows:

csseleven.comnventional mortgagpita use fixed interest rates in the first two to three years which are then followed by floatinew york interest followingi pasar csseleven.comnditions. In the first 3 years you pay a fixed installment of Rp 5.7 million. Stepping on the 4th tahun onwards, the installobat-obatan increased to Rp 6.3 juta or higher because the interest is still replaced by a floatinew york rate (flexible rate).KPR syariah usingai murabahah scheme (sale and purchase), the fixed installment to be paid is Rp 6.3 million durinew york the crmengedit period.

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From the results of this csseleven.commparison, you can see that in the beginninew york of the credit, the first 3 years installmenpen with csseleven.comnventional mortgagtape are lower, but that need to be underlined after the fixed interest period, step on the 4th tahun onwards csseleven.comnventional mortgage installmenpen with floatinew york interest perbandingan becsseleven.commpita high csseleven.commpared to fixed mortgage repayments.


sebagai a brief overview of the difference between sharia and csseleven.comnventional mortgagpita as information for you. For you customers of Bank Muamalat who already have a partner, you can apply mortgage Bank Muamalat Indonesia by using a source of joint incsseleven.comme (joint incsseleven.comme) to permembentuk this financinew york program with the csseleven.comuple.


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