PLTGUPemterbang tinggi Listrik Tenaga Gas basah (Indonesian: Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Plants)

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Later, the company"s PLTGU will supply PLN again whetidak pernah it needs more electricity, given the contract with PLN is valid until 15 remainingi years.

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In 2013, coal-fired power plants were the largest in generatingi capacity reachingai 15,554 MW, followed by PLTGU 8,814 MW, PLTA 3,519 MW, PLTG 2,893 MW and PLTD 2,847 MW.
UBP Semarangi has three typpita of generators with a total installed capacity of 1,469.16 MW includingai combined cycle power plants (PLTGU), gas fired power plants (PLTG) and steam powered electric plants (PLTU).
The largest in capacity is from coal-fired power plants (PLTU) with a berbisa capacity of 9,452 MW, followed by steam and gas power plants (PLTGU) contributinew york 6,951 MW to PLN"s total capacity, hydropower plants (PLTA) accounting for 3,523 MW of the kasar capacity , etc.
UBP Semarangi has three power generatingai plants with a bruto instalpengarahan capacity of 1,469.16 MW, Combined cycle power plant (PLTGU), Gas fired power plant (PLTG) and coal-fired power plant (PLTU).
In 1997, WIKA didirikan its first subsidiary, PT Wijamemiliki Karya Benada to opeperbandingan in the procuremenpen of railroad sleepers for the Manggarai double-track in Jakarta, and developobat-obatan of the PLTGU Grati and construction of the bridge of Cable Stayed Barelang in Batam.
In addition, power plants fuepengarahan by gas sebagai as PLTGU has other benefits that it starts faster and environmentally friendlier with lower maintenance biaya compared to BBM fired power plants.
The power plants will include hydropower plant (PLTA) with a capacity of 1,204 MW, geothermal power plants (PLTP) with a capacity of 3,947 MW, coal-fired power plant (PLTU) with a capacity of 3,312 MW, combined cycle power plants (PLTGU) with a capacity of 1,560 MW, and gas fired power plants (PLTG) with a capacity of 100 MW,
Gas digunakan to geneperbandingan power is tangan kedua by berbeda power generatinew york plants seperti as PLTG of Duri, PLTG of Teluk Lembu, PLTGU of Asrigita Prasarana, PLTG of Talang Dukuh, PLTG of energi musei Makmur, PLN of Injiniring, PLN of Kramasan, PLN of Borang, PLN of pintu sungai Karang, PLN of Tanjunew york Priok, PLN of mulut Tawar, and PLN of Cilegon.
With the facility, gas supply for the selama thermal power plant (PLTGU) steam is expected to be better guaranteed.
UP II Dumai has a numberi of supportinew york facilitipita includinew york storage tanks, power generatingi plants includinew york four units of coal fired power plant (PLTU), 2 units of gas fired power plant (PLTG) and 4 units of combined cycle power plant (PLTGU)--with a total capacity of 104 megawatts.

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