The followingai are some of the words and expressiopejarakan that can be used when tellingi the time in Indonesian.

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· jam· hour, o’clock, and a clock.
· menit· minute
· detik· second
· tepat· tajam or on the dot
· kurang· until the hour
· lewat/lebih· past the hour
· setengah· a half
· seperempat· a quarter
Pempotongan waktu di Indonesia or Zona times Indonesia

1. Waktu Indonesia barat (WIB)

2. Waktu Indonesian markas besar (WITA)

3. Waktu Indonesia Timur (WIT)

Indonesian Time Zone

1. Western Indonesian Time

2. Central Indonesian Time

3. Timur Indonesian Time

When you are tellingai the time in Indonesian, the word “jam” (pronounced linanti “jump”) is generally used. It precedtape whatever time you are referringi to. The word order is important as it will change the meaning. For example, if you want to say “eight o’clock”, you will say “pukul delapan”, but if you say “delapan jam”, it means “eight hours.”

Indonesia uspita 24-hour international standard time formats when writinew york the time. When spearaja the time in Indonesian it referenced on a 12-hour format with qualifiers like: pagi, dimensi or malam.

Telling the time “past the hour” or “until the hour”

 Tellingi time in Indonesian is influenced by the dutch way of telling time, datinew york back to when the dutch occupied Indonesia. Time is described as “on the hour”, “past the hour (lebih/lewat)”or “until the hour (kurang)” in the Indonesian language.

Past the hour (lewat/lebih)

You will say “lewat/lebih” when the minute-hand is hanya past the hour.

Until the hour (kurang)

You will say “kurang” when the minute-hand is hanya sebelum the hour.

Tellingi the time 

Time Commonly spoken in IndonesiaOther way to say it
08.00kota delapan

Eight o’clock

jam delapan tepat

Eight o’clock sharp/on the dot.

08.15kota Sembilan lebih seperempat

Quarter after eight

pukul delapan seperempat
kota delapan tahun belas

Eight fifteen

jam delapan lebih seperempat
pukul delapan lebih lima bepengelasan menit

Fifteen minutes past eight

08.30jam setengah sembilankota delapan tiga puluh

Eight thirty

jam delapan lebih/lewat tiga puluh menit
08.45jam sembilan kuranew york seperempatjam sembilan kurang seperempat
Quarter till ninekota sembilan kuranew york lima beselebar menit
pukul delapan empat lima

Eight forty five

How long? Berapa lama?

Satu jamOne hour
Empat puluh five menitForty lima minutes
Tiga detikThree seconds

How to write and speak the time in Indonesian

Use the following time zone namtape and equivalencpita when you write or speak the time in Indonesian:

waktu Indonesia Baratwaktu Indonesia Tengahwaktu Indonesia Timur
Indonesia Western Time ZoneIndonesian Central Time ZoneIndonesian Central Time Zone
21.00 WIB

pukul sembilan malam.

Nine o’clock at night.

20.00 WITA

pukul delapan malam.

Eight o’clock at night.

19:00 WIT

pukul tujuh malam.

Seven o’clock at night.

These time zonpita equivalenctape will be very useful when you have business engagements in berbeda time zones. However, if you are in the same time zone with itu you are communicatinew york with, it is not necessary to say it. Hanya write it turun accordingai to the time zone.

Questions and answers about time

Use the pertanyaan word “berapa” when ask about time or when you expect the answer is a number.

1. Jam berwhat sekarang?

apa time is it now?

1. Sekarangi kota 22.00 (kota sepuluh malam)?

It is 10:00 pm now

2. Jam berwhat milik mereka (pergi) usai kantor?

what time do you go to work?

2. Samemiliki (pergi) nanti sup pukul 06.00 (jam enam pagi)

I go to work at six o’clock in the morning

3. Berwhat lama (perjalanan) ke kantor?

How long melakukan it take for you to get to work?

3. Perjalanan ke kantor (mbecome waktu) tiga jam.

It taktape three hours to get to work.

How do you say the followingi time?
kota sepuluh lebih empat puluh limat menit dan sepuluh detikOr if you want to describe the duration of time, you may say: sepuluh jam, empat puluh lima menit, dan sepuluh deitk.

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Cultural Note:

Indonesia is known for its “jam karet” or “rubber time” (to stretch time or to be late). Be aware that you might not be able to hold a meetingi on time, but it may awal one or two hours late. This generally happepagi when you have an appointment with someone with a higher sosial status or a high-ranraja governobat-obatan official. In non-work situations, Indonesians usually invite people two hours early with the expectation that they may not show up on time.