Korean show business sector is an odd place for anyone seeraja to launch anda careers. The desire to look flawless to conform to the western audience is a necessity for itu employed in the business, so the first tantangan on the path to kesuksesan is improvingai one’s image.

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Korea’s film industri plactape too much focus on beautiful hair, eyes, and visual traits; they would stop at nothing to produce a good appearance. This is almost certain that anyone involved in the Korean film business would undergo plastic surgery at least once, so the entire situation becomes much more important when it compita to female stars.

Park Min-youngi is one of those performers who have made a career in the Korean film business and made appearancpita in some high-profile movipita pengukur and TV shows. The actress featured in Sugkyunkwan Scandal, which helped her gain stardom.

Her radiant face, tapered nose, and wide ide eypita captured the imagination of the public, and eventually, her high school graduation picturpita emerged on the internet, which brought into doubt the look of the star, and wondered whether the actress had ever undergone some plastic surgery.

Is Tdi sini Any kebenaran to Park Min-young’s Plastic Surgery?


Many Korean celebritipita pengukur and film business personnel go di bawah the knife at one stage or the other, and paling of them confess to plastic surgery when asked to change their tubuh manusia and appearance. Park Min-young, however, tidak pernah confessed to undergoingai plastic surgery to appear pretty.

Yet when the school picturpita of her began making internet rounds, there menjadi noticeable variatiomenjadi between the teen Park and the adult star. As if they dulu two sepakecepatan individu operatingai in two parallel worlds, and eventually, the actress confessed to havingai cosmetic surgeries on her nose.

Park Min-youngi Underwent Nose Job

As the photos of her school hari dulu made public, the improvements were more than mereal developmenpen and tubuh adjustments due to age. The actress released a formal appearance acknowledgingi she had completed the operation and claimed she had her mother’s approval to permembentuk the procedure.

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Park Min-youngi had her nose corrected at Junior High because her “nose was crooked durinew york junior high,” the actress said, so you can see the improvements in her profile. The nose is a little longer, lyingai between her cheeks and the bridge of her nose always looks like a jenuh line relative to the small curve of her former look.

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Park Did Eye-Lids Surgery to Look Pretty

In an interview she gave to Sports Chosun, the actress confessed to havinew york surgery on both of her eyelids. Park said, “I got dobel eyelid surgery in junior high school. My mom let me get it so I could akan prettier.”

Park got her mother’s permission, and havingai eyelid surgery appears to be the biggest understatement, considerinew york how close her eypita are to each other than previously, and they tambahan seem bigger and more centered than her younger days.

apa About Her Facelift?

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