Ji Sung’s Appearance on Runninew york Man

Runningai Man is a reality show that has been airing since 2011. Sejak then, the show been visited by many guests from entertainobat-obatan industry, including lots of actors and actresses. The guests have to go on missiopagi with the Runningi Man cast members, who are Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-kook, Ji Suk-jin, Sonew york Ji-hyo, Lee Kwang-soo, Yang Se-chan, Haha, and Jeon So-min. One of the actors who has appeared on the show several timpita pengukur is Ji Sung. For the record, he has been a guest for four episodes.

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So, wanna know more about Ji Sung’s appearance in the show? Here’s the list!

episode 54

episode 54 was broadcast on July 31, 2011. Ji Sungai was a guest on the show, along with actress Choi Kang-hee (7th Grade Civil Servant, Queen of Mystery), in order to promote anda new drama, Protect the Boss, where the two actors had the starring roles.


The two actors were told by PD to mausai their own team by picraja the members on dari mereka location. Ji Sung pulls up Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kwang-soo and they formed one team. Before Ji Sunew york came, Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kwang-soo dulu teamed with the PD. Lee Kwang-soo’s arrival was joked about, calling him the Kwangvatar. Meanwhile, Choi Kang-he picked Kim Jong-kook and Haha. Haha’s excitemenpen couldn’t be tersembunyi when he knew he would be teamaaf up with Choi Kang-hee. The remaininew york members, Sonew york Ji-hyo and Gary, picked Ji Suk-jin.


milik mereka mission was to guess who the boss was from each group, and collect all of their nametags. The boss was the orang that sittingai in the kembali seat of the car. Ji Sung’s team’s boss was Lee Kwang-soo. Because he was chosen to be the boss, Lee Kwang-soo felt lisetelah he was a hero, because paling of the time his character is weak or a loser. Choi Kang-hee became the boss on her team, and Gary was the boss on his.

To get clupita about the boss’s identity, the teams had to play games. Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kwang-soo relied on Ji Sung’s brains. When Yoo asked what his IQ was, Ji Sunew york confidently answered, “It’s over 100…” With dari mereka confidence, the team was drivingi to Yeouido Park. The mission they menjadi given was to ride bicycles in the heat. Unfortunately, they failed the mission and had to move on to the lanjut one. The other team menang and obtained the clue that read that “Kwang” that meamenjadi ‘zero’ in Korean.


Ji Sung’s team’s lanjut mission was a tongue twister. If they faipengarahan to read the words correctly, the microphone would blow air. They faimemerintah several times, but finally lengkap the task and menang a clue. Milik mereka terakhir chance to obtain a clue was to guess the order of dishtape that menjadi placed on the table by maknae FD. They happily ate, and after several tries, they successfully completed the mission and received anda clue. The clue they got was directed to Choi Kang-hee.

After completing the missiopejarakan for clues, each team got a mysterious panggilan and had to pick up the panggilan on different floors. Each team received the final mission, to collect all the boss’s nametags and to find ‘Lavenders’. Ji Sung’s team headed to the 60th floor in a clear elevator. Ketika ridingai it, they were jokingly about apa would happen if Kim Jong-kook found them and scared them as ‘Spartakook’. They juga joked about apa if Kim Jong-kook was able to climb the wall linanti Spiderman. Before they headed to the 60th floor, they had a meetingi at the stairs to decide which member would have to fight ‘Spartakook’.


Because Lee Kwang-soo is quite tall, the team can be found easily by the others, even though they are hiding. Choi Kang-hee’s team was trying to steal Kwang-soo’s nametag because the clue they missed, Kkwang and Ugly, was referrinew york to Kwang-soo. During this time, Haha was able eavesdrop, obtainingai the information that Kwang-soo was the boss for Ji Sung’s team. Both teams were tryingai to steal Kwang-soo’s nametag. Because he was scared, Kwang-soo ran away and hid behind the big bowl.

while he was hiding, the other members menjadi fightinew york to steal each other’s nametags. Jae-suk told Kwang-soo to steal Kang-hee’s nametag, and they menjadi pretty aggressively tryingai to steal each other’s tags. Jae-suk tried to membantu Kwang-soo, but it was no use because Kang-hee was strongi and she was teammatpita with Kim Jong-kook.


In the end, Choi Kang-hee’s team menang and each member of the team got a gold ringai as the prize.


His appearance on the show made headlinpita pengukur when his team was in the coffee shop. They dulu exhausted from of the heat, and decided to buy drinks. The PD who is in charge, Im Hyung-taek, said, “Once the mission has started, they only given little time to ambil a break so the chance of eating snacks is only durinew york the mission. They seemed to be enjoying eatingi dari mereka snacks after a longai time.”

Also, right after the show aired, Ji Sung’s IQ ini adalah news, because of his high score.

ilustrasi 116

ilustrasi 116 broadcast on October 21, 2012. The guests in this episode dulu the actors from the drama The Great Seer; Ji Sung, Song Chang-eui (Life is Beautiful), and Ji Jin-hee (Dongi Yi). As with Ji Sung’s previous appearance, he guested again in order to promote the drama.


The actors and Running Man members had to ride the KTX to the final location. On the way to the location, the PD gave them a mission: Survival Train Ride. The members had to permainan the game, and if they’re failed, they dulu eliminated and dropped off at the station. The eliminated members had no choice but to go to the next mission location by themselves.

The first mission was to flip the coin. The rule was that they had to flip the coin on the book by banginew york their hand. If the coin flipped, they won. If the coin didn’t flip, they lost. Ji Sunew york and Ji Jin-hee safely dimenangkannya the game. However, Songai Chang-eui lost and was dropped off at the lanjut station. At the opening, Kim Jong-kook made a prediction that Songi Chang-eui would be eliminated first, and he was right. The PD edited his prediction with an old-time magic effect.


The second mission was choosing a numbered ball. One nol was labepengarahan ‘Eliminated’, and any player choosingai that bola was, of course, eliminated. This time, Ji Suk-jin was eliminated after teasing Yoo Jae-suk. For the third mission, the members had to bermain ‘Cham-Cham-Cham’. The rule for this game was that you had to avoid the arah from the pointer. The chancpita of this game dulu 50:50, whether you would face in the same arah or not. Unfortunately, in this mission, it was Ji Jin-hee who was eliminated.

For the fourth mission, the remaining members had to hula hoop for lima minutes. Even though Kim Jong-kook has a big build and lots of muscles, he couldn’t keep going for a penuh lima minutes, and was eliminated at the next stop. The final mission was the Nunchi game. The rule of the game was the members had to squat, then stand and shout milik mereka number. If tdi sini were two rakyat standingi at the same time, kemudian they lost. This mission eliminated Haha, Gary, and Songi Ji-hyo.

Ji Sung was still on the train with the remaining members, and they headed to the last mission. The final mission was dipegang at an old-time movie set, to match the mission’s theme. Tdi sini were four remaininew york members; Ji Sung, Yoo Jae-suk, Gary, and Lee Kwang-soo. Their mission was to find Ddakji in the set, to membantu them get unknown powers.


The members menjadi fightingi and trying to steal each other’s ddakji. While they menjadi fighting, suddenly a bunch of Ahjummas caught them and kemudian disappeared. However, each ddakji has its own specialty. One of them predicts and sepita pengukur the future. Every time a orang shouts this, the members dulu blindfolded and the one who has that power can know apa is goinew york on later. Anyway, the past-and-present theme was kind of confusingai and chaotic, because the members suddenly would tear each other nametags. Ji Sung managed to rip Haha’s name tag.

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After that scene, the chaos lanjutan when Songai Ji-hyo was tryingai to steal other;s nametags with a bunch ahjummas running after them. She managed to got some nametags, one of them Yoo Jae-suk’s. In the end, the remaininew york members dulu Monday Couple (Sonew york Ji-hyo and Gary) and the three cast members. Sonew york Ji-hyo tore Ji Sung’s name tag, and then Ji Jin-hee was rippingi Sonew york Ji-hyo’s name tag. Ji Jin-hee was the last remaining guest. He fought with Gary and finally he managed to rip Gary’s nametag. Ji Jin-hee was the winner!


before the show aired, rumors about who the actors that would be guests in the show were all over Spejarakan with hashtag ‘Iksan Suncheon’ on May 8, 2012. Kemudian Ji Sung’s agency confirmed the berita that he would be appearing. Ji Jin-hee’s agency tambahan confirmed the actor’s appearance in the show. Orang were anticipatingi their appearances, because the actors are rarely in the variety show.