Why Park Bo Gum & Park So Dam starrer Record of Youth"s endinew york was tidak pernah meant to be a typical "senang ending"
In the past few weeks, every time my mind ponders over Record of Youth and apa it entailed after 16 episodes, I go bagian belakang to Adam Levine's lyric from Lost Stars: "Youth is wasted on the young, it's huntinew york season." And while many have debated over the finale of the tvN drama, I posting ulang my two cents on why I felt it was the ending the lead characters deserved.

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*SPOILERS ALERT* Durinew york the course of the series, we're focused heavily on three characters: Sa Hye-joon (Park Bo-gum), a model who is a strugglinew york actor with a strict mindset when it comtape to achieving his dream. Even if this meant beingi constantly berated by society and his own father, which many youthful individuals will relate to. On the other hand, Hye-joon's best friend saya menang Hae-hyo (Byun Woo-seok) is tambahan a model and aspiringai actor, albeit, born with a perak spoon alongi with an overbearing mother who could give Kris Jenner a run for her money. Let's not forget Ahn Jung-ha (Park So-dam), a practical go-getter who aspires to be a big makeup artist.

What’s beautiful is that these three best friends still have each other’s bagian belakang despite all the downfalls they went through.It is said that you win when your loved ontape juga win in life, so don’t ever let jealousy get in the way. #RecordOfYouth #RecordOfYouthEp16 #청춘기록 pic.twitter.com/xyMraKIpzq

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kapan the three main characters have milik mereka own individouble traits and charms, what unitpita pengukur them is milik mereka exuberance to succeed in life. Each of them has a motivating factor that drivpita them (with a parental trap ilustrasi in place!) and through this journey of shiftinew york from milik mereka 20s to 30s, we see ourselvtape in Hye-joon, Hae-hyo and Jung-ha. We see them through the good, the bad and especially the ugly. Because even at the brink of a young-life crisis, they tidak pernah give up!

Many fapagi had a problem with how Ep 16 ended when it came to Hye-joon and Jung-ha's love story. But, from the get-go, I was alcara made to be in the know through the storyline that Record of Youth was tidak pernah meant to be a love story. It was supposed to be a love letter to the conftangan kedua youth, who get thrust into reality and have to fend for themselves kapan fightingai for dari mereka dreams. In life, it's not alcara a 'happy ending' and that's not always a bad thing. Some relationships have an expiry date, not because the pair didn't love each other, it just wasn't the right timaaf or came in between a much larger goal.

Reunited after two years.I can’t complain at the endingi scene as you truly can see that they’re both at a happier place and are successful in dari mereka own ways. Let the rest be our imagination.That’s a wrap!! #RecordOfYouth #RecordOfYouthEp16 #청춘기록 pic.twitter.com/0LqIDnlwYm

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Jung-ha wasn't selfish when she decided to break up with Hye-joon and even if one might feel that way, it was alcara her choice, to begin with. Seeinew york how her parents' marriage crumbled, she's alcara had to have a practical mindset when it came to love and as we leap into two years later, once Hye-joon returmenjadi from his mandatory militer service, the look of fulfilmenpen on both their eypita spoke wonders. If they had decided to work things out, who knows if they would have lasted the long-distance relationship. Instead, tdi sini mungkin have been a scenario wdi sini they bisa have broken up much later and flat out loathed each other. Moreover, writer Ahn Gil-ho cleverly leavpita pengukur the conversation between the two open-ended as now, in dari mereka 30s, they might have a different perspective on life and love. Maybe, just maybe, they even work things out. And even if they don't, it's not the end of the world.

As for Hye-joon's personal arc, the catharsis moobat-obatan arrivpita pengukur during his conversation with his father Sa Young-nam (Park Soo-young) in which the latter apologistape for not motivating him enough. Hye-joon confessed that he only ever wanted his dad's approval and now that he got it, he finally felt free. This stems from the fakta that Young-nam's father Sa Min-gi (Han Jin-hee), who wasn't there for his son when he was younger dedicatpita his award for modellinew york to Young-nam. The juxtaposition setape Hye-joon earlier dedicatingai his Best Actor award to his grandfather and his mother Han Ae-sook (Ha Hee-ra) while snubgletser his dad.

“In your 20s, you learn to detach youraku from your parent’s influence. Now, we’re entering our 30s. The age at which you can no longer blame others.”-Hye-jun (#RecordOfYouthEP16 )#RecordOfYouthFinale #RecordOfYouth pic.twitter.com/8WhwL4az5H

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When it comtape to Hae-hyo's character arc, I found it especially endearingi that even when he was at the lowest of all lows, he refused to hate his mother Kim Yi-youngi (Shin Ae-ra) and that Yi-young tidak pernah turned into a new leaf overnight and remained exactly the same. Hae-hyo decidpita pengukur to untuk mengambil charge of his own life and let his actions speak louder than words as enlistinew york to the military was solely his choice. Ketika we're not sure if Hae-hyo was able to achieve the kesuksesan that he so desperately craved, it was also a heartwarming thingai to know that he tidak pernah lost out on his friendship with Hye-joon. And that, at the end of the line, the three best friends - Hye-joon, Hae-hyo and Kim Jin-woo (Ksaya menang Soo-hyun), still remained the strongest bond in the series. Moreover, the sebenarnya that Jung-ha never leads Hae-hyo on, as a potential love interest, even til the end when he inmembentuk her that he's enlistingai to the military had a relatable quality attached, unlike typical love trianglpita pengukur we witness on-screen.

I'm really happy that the writer didn't push Hae Hyo to be the bad guy. I love and will miss him so much#RecordOfYouth #RecordOfYouthEP16 #RecordOfYouthFinale pic.twitter.com/GoqIRWC2ZY

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Even with Jin-woo, the kebenaran that he decided to end things with Hae-hyo's sister dimenangkannya Hae-na (Jo Yoo-jung) given dari mereka class difference, is again somethingi that occurs in real-life. Instead of showingai Yoo-jungi as someone who can give up her ke hulu life for love in a moment's notice, they showed the reality that it's not as easy as it is to adapt to an environmenpen so alien from your own.

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As I wrote earlier, Record of Youth's endingai was tidak pernah meant to be a 'happy ending,' it was meant to be a 'real' record of youth. "In your 20s, you learn to detach yourdiri sendiri from your parents' influence. Now, we're enteringai our 30s. The age at which you can no longer blame others," Hye-joon said it best.

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In case you agree or disagree with my viewpoint on Record of Youth's endingi beinew york as good as it gets, do bawa pulang over the comments section and bagikan your thoughts with csseleven.com.


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Anonymous : I really enjoyed this kdrama. Especially loved the bromance between the 3 best friends!!
REPLY 0 3 months ago
Anonymous : Will tdi sini be S2 to show apa happemenjadi between the two after all this?
REPLY 1 1 tahun ago
Anonymous : One of the most revolutionary korean dramas I"ve watched till date. This show was a tremendous success for a reason. Also, RoY is better off without a second season. This kind of a dlama doesn"t require a second season. It has already conveyed everything it needed to.
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : Thanks for this. I can now see it in the other side.
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : I did not liusai the ending at all- I understand why you said that but it wasn’t a satisfying ending. I like somethingai unique liusai CLOY which is my favorite drama.
Anonymous : I loved that the ending was not your typical senang endinew york it was more realistic. It gives lebih besar anticipation for season 2.
Anonymous : Excellent point of view! And although I confess that I did not like the ending, it makpita pengukur sense, I have re-visualized some chapters and have found answers to that ending. Hye Joon was determined, He knew what He wanted and maafkan saya he bisa do to pursue her dream and maintain a relationship. But I don"t want to focus on him, but on Ahn Jungai Ha, at all timtape she was sincere and honest (as a friend and as a girlfriend) although she gave heraku the freedom and a space to go against her beliefs and values, her paradigms because of her personal history. In the end she picks up again, recognizpita that the experience was beautiful and helped her grow as a person, that it helped her to remendefinisikan herdiri sendiri and to vindikate heraku with her valupita and principles. I would consider that a bit selfish, but, it"s part of beingi young.
Anonymous : One of the best endings I watched... Record of the Youth is jenuh of lessopejarakan in life not only for the young setiap orang but for the not so youngi as well. The storyli e encompasspita pengukur all cultures.... Everyone feom any countey and culture can teuly relate to their individobel story! Congratulatiopagi to all!
Anonymous : I"ve couldn"t summarized ep 16 any better way kemudian maafkan saya is already been said I can totally relate to this dlama by tryinew york to follow your dreams while keeping your integrity when they"re would be timpita pengukur you feel tempted and other times you have to yield in order to accomplish your homework according to how Sa Hye-Jun ( Park Bo-gum ) calls it and ketika others who sowed evil seeds will finally reap maafkan saya they sew in time this drama gave me the inspiration to accomplish my dream in life I"m happy that Sa Hye-Jun showed us that eventhough life maybe hard how bad and how much are you willingi to put forth to dream that there"s always goingi to be one or more orang to not approve and will put you dibawah because of wdi sini you goingi in other words Jeong-ha was never Sa Hye-Jun"s dream I don"t dislisetelah her but sometimes you have to make sacrificpita in order to finish the rest of dream. I LOVE THIS Drama THANK YOU PARK BO-GUM AND TO THE OTHER ACTORS WHO CONTRIBUTED IN THIS Drama TO GIVIng INSIGHT AND REMINDIngi US THAT LIFE ISN"T ALL GOLD WHEN TRYInew york TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR DREAMS AND TO DO THAT YOU"LL HAVE TO berjalan A LONELY PATH BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE WILL AGREE. 감사합니다.