# Main Idea (kalimat kepala atau ide mengurung atau gagasan utama atau pikiran utama) adalah empat istilah yang sebetulnya sanggup dipangkas menenim dua saja; kalimat utama dan ide pokok/gagasan utama/pikiran utama.

Anda sedang menonton: Paragraf yang memiliki ide pokok di awal paragraf disebut

# Secara baris besar, kalimat kepala become pribadi point-point berikut :
1. Mengandungi permasalahan yang potensi untuk diuraikan; 2. Mempunyai arti yangi jelas tanpa koneksi mencapai kalimat lain 3. Umumnmemiliki berada di mulai paragraf (buat paragraf deduktif), dan di di atas paragraf (paragraf induktif).
- main ideaadalah ide kurung (gagasan utama) batin suatuparagraf. - main ideadapat diletakkan di depan, tengah ataudi atas paragraf.
On Friday I went to Mount Bromo. It is one of the mountainsIwant to see very much. It is near Probolinggo. That is whyI stayed at Nida and Hasan"s house at Cemara Lawang, Probolinggo.
To get maximum results tdi sini are several ways that required the installation of buildingi matrials, so that the obtained results are good finishing and elegant looks. The followinew york tips and tricks how to install the material.
> Paragraf ke 2 : Installation of glass block that has been plastered on the walls is by using white cemenpen plus specitape of putih glue. The installation such as bricklaying by addingi grout earlier species.
> Paragraf ke 3 : Installation of ceramic dinding startingai from the ground up. The use of rope is needed to straighten out the installation. And juga the use of a water right. Specipita pengukur are used for ceramics is 1pc : 3PS. While the grout is used to close the distance between the ceramic is adapted to color ceramics. If white ceramic 1pc ( putih cemenpen ) : 3kp : 5ps. As for the other mixturpita pengukur used for ceramic colored dye.
Main Idea : "Installation of ceramic wall startingi from the ground up"> Paragraf setelah 4 : Prior to the installation of wall paper, which has been plastered walls are given a wooden frame to hold the plywood to prevent water seepinew york into the plywood directly. Distance wood frame depends on the size of plywood used. Once instalmemerintah by nailingi plywood on the wood frame, ready to be instalmemerintah with wall paper glue on the plywood giving. And dinding paper ready to be paired.
Main Idea : "which has been plastered walls are given a wooden frame to hold the plywood to prevent water seeping into the plywood directly"
> Paragraf usai 5 : another way if it is not coated with a spesial glue plywood that is prepared wall paper with clean water. For 125 gr spesial glue mixed with 4 liters of dingin water. This mixture is enough to put 7-8 roll wallpaper. Kemudian measure the surface area, create a line extends vertically and use the bobble strap that perfectly straight line. Put a piece of wallpaper upsideas turun on the floor, and bburu-buru glue, more edge section. Kemudian bburu-buru the glue on the dinding also to be closed. Put the wallpaper starting at the top and tingkat the surface with mica, rub it up and dibawah so the rest of wasted water.Main Idea : "lainnya way if it is not coated with a khususnya glue plywood"
> Paragraf ke 6 : Layingai parquet preceded by membrane affixed with a spesial glue on the concrete rebate. Membrane servpita pengukur to attach the parquet floor with perfect precision and thus can more easily shift melakukan not occur.Main Idea : "Laying parquet preceded by membrane affixed with a special glue on the concrete rebate"
> Paragraf usai 7 :For tile floors after the ground litter discarded to avoid pelesakan, kemudian covering, with sand and pounded pretty solid about 15 cm. After the installation of floor tiltape bmelalui done by givinew york specipita pengukur thick approximately 2 - 3cm is 1pc : 0.5 kp : 5ps or 1pc : 3PS. Once installed alonew york berapatan natnya, floor tilpita and kemudian polished with a polishing machine that flat surface.

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> Paragraf ke 8 : Installation is similar to marble floor tile installation. Maafkan saya distinguishes marble dulu given rebate concrete so that water melakukan not seep into the portape of the marble. For customized with color grout marble.Main Idea : "Installation is similar to marble floor tile installation"
> Paragraf ke 9 : Installation lumbresiring, before mounted adjustable humidity around it. Nailingi is done from the inside, meaningai inside so as not to be seen from outside.Main Idea : "sebelum mounted adjustable humidity around it"
> Paragraf ke 10 : Asbestos ceilingai Installation of ceilingi asbestos in wood frame 5/7 that has been installed. The first asbestos drildisutradarai with the sesuai drill bit for nail 1 "is. Ceilingai intact asbestos digunakan in the middle, kapan the rest of it is put alongside. If needed trim the edge of the ceilingai associated with the dinding needed glue plus powdered gypsum is smeared on the edge of the installation in order to finish more smooth and neat.Main Idea : "Asbestos ceilinew york Installation of ceilingi asbestos in wood frame 5/7 that has been installed"

so, this is the main idea of ​​a few paragraphs to an article. Thanks for attention.