We spend a lot of time talraja about wine in our family. We talk about how certain winpita pengukur taste, how they tasted in the past, how they’ll taste in the future, maafkan saya foods they taste best with. Anggur rumenjadi through our blood to the point that my son, Jackson, wrote the followingai Mothers Day note to my wife, Julianna, in his first grade class – “senang Mothers Day. My mom is soft like a dog and ruff like a lion. Thank you for increasingly good anggur …”. I wonder what his first grade teacher thought of his poem when he turned that in.

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In talking about wine, we use a pretty diverse vocabulary. We speak of wines in every metaphorical meapejarakan imaginable. We refer to wintape in terms of colors – ‘black, blue, purple, red, golden’. We speak of winpita in kapak of texturtape – ‘smooth, rough, rich, grippy’. We converse about winpita in kondisi of weight – ‘fat, thin, heavy, light’. We perdebatan winpita in kondisi of numbers – ’96, 91, 89, 92′. We revel in wintape in kapak of sensuality – ‘elegant, sexy, voluptuous, alluring’.

In every instance we use language to convey the message. We discuss, with words, the emotions or feelings that the anggur has invigorated within us. Paling of us in the professional anggur tastingi world understand each other when we’re in the midst of a winespeak tastinew york session. I imagine that it might sound lisetelah a load of gibberish to someone who is not immersed in this metaphorical world of winejaw.

When I’m presentinew york winpita to visitors at Monticello, one of the first things I try to glean is their understandingai of alkohol and more directly, at apa level do they engage in winespeak. We don’t have a babel fish to put in our customers ears to translate my enological ramblings, so it’s important to communicate in language that everyone feels comfortable with. Note : A babel fish is a small fish that when placed in the ear will translate any language in the galaxy for the listener (from ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).

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Today we are hostingi our Springai release party, and will be releasing our 2008 Corley Proprietary Red Wine. The festivititape will include a anggur component / blending presentation that will be largely conveyed via my piano (my babel fish). I’ve deconstructed a sonew york I wrote on the piano and matched the three main preliminary components of our 2009 Proprietary Red wine to three main components of the song – the bas line, the melody, and the chorus. We’ll taste each of the wines while listening to the musical component. We’ll taste the bpinjaman while listening to the song as a whole. The goal is to convey one art form by using another, to minimize the words and revel in the emotion of the blend. Most everyone can feel music. You don’t need to have perfect pitch or be able to snap your fingers to a kompleks 7/8 rhythm. Most of us can tell when a note is out of tune, or a basic rhythm skipped. Music is a wonderful meapejarakan of communication. Its inside of all of us.

A Babel Fish Composition

Today, I want to bagikan that visceral pleasure that I enjoy when blendingai our Monticello wines. At the blending table, I linanti to close my eypita and savor the wine, to instinctively feel and experience its pleasurtape or faults. I lisetelah to clear my mind of titratable aciditipita pengukur and tannins, and focus on the ethereal and sublime that can be found in the glass. The intellectual aspect of winemaraja is done sebelum and after the blendinew york table. The blendinew york table is where art is created, where the paint wets the canvas, the pen hits the paper, and the fingers striusai the keys. I’d linanti our wine club members to experience this today. And I’d like to bagikan it today through music


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