Text without worry with SMS Packages

Sendingi SMS to fellow csseleven.com numbers and other networks is now worry-free with SMS Packages!


More quota

Send a lot of SMS at an affordable price.

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Friendly price

Prices accordingi to your needs.


Widest network

Available for all csseleven.com customers.

OMG! Nonton

Be the star on masyarakat media with khususnya quota to access Instagram, TikTok, and others.


Enjoy YouTube content and sosial medialah access that includpita pengukur a one-month free Disney+ Hotstar subscription.

The SMS Package is a daily SMS package from csseleven.com that is valid for textingi fellow csseleven.com customers and all operators. csseleven.com SMS package consists of 100 SMS Quota and valid for 1 day.

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maafkan saya are the pricpita for SMS Package? melakukan this package apply one price in all locatiopejarakan of purchase?


No, the price of the SMS Package depends on the location wdi sini the customer activatpita the package. Check *888# or other channels to find out more about the price. Details of the SMS Package offer are as follows:

Package Type


Package Value

Price (awal from)


To csseleven.com Number

1 day

100 SMS tocsseleven.com Number


Type sms2000sp send to 8999 *999*222# *888#

To All Operators

1 day

100 SMS to All OperatorRp6,000*999*535# *888#

SMS Package purchaspita pengukur can be done for 24 hours.The SMS Package can be consumed throughout the day for 24 hours.The maximum purchase of the same package is 5 times in one aktif period, startingi from the activation of the first package.