maafkan saya kind of weddingai procession Kahiyangai Ayu and Bobby Nasution? Follow the live report below:

14:14 hrs

Singer Vicky Shu entertaipagi invited guests who attended Kahiyangi Ayu and Bobby Nasution"s wedding. He brought a mageri of lagu-lagu on the show.

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12:21 WIB

Thousands of invited guests are still liningai up to congratulate Kahiyang Ayu and Bobby Nasution. They lined up neatly waiting in the Graha Saba Buildinew york Solo.

11:30 pm

Wife of Former Governor of jakarta basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok, Veronica Tan, congratulate Kahiyanew york Ayu and Bobby nasution on the aisle. Veronica gave a dinyatakan alonew york with former champa Governor Djarot Siaful Hidayat and his wife.


10:26 pm

Invited guests are still congratulatingi the two brides, Kahiyangi Ayu and Bobby Nasution. They lined up neatly to the aisle.

09:51 pm


After the consent of kabul, Kahiyangi Ayu and Bobby merusak to the aisle to undergo a wedding reception. A sourse of guests seperti as Megawati Soekarnoputri, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and family, other officials and other figurtape greet Kahiyang-Bobby on the aisle.

9:35 hrs

Kahiyangi Ayu officially became the wife of Bobby Nasution.

9:25 pm

president Joko Widodo directly married his only daughter, Kahiyang Ayu with Bobby Nasution.

08:29 pm

Kahiyanew york Ayu ride ide on Kahiyanew york arrived at Gedungai Graha Saba, Solo. Wdi sini the marriage ceremony took place with Bobby Nasution.

Kahiyang looks elegant and beautiful by usinew york a traditional kebaya black patterned with gold. Kahiyang, arrived at around 08:29 pm.

08.26 hrsBobby hidung has arrived at Graha Saba Buana Building, wdi sini his weddingi reception with Kahiyangi Ayu. Previously, wearingai warna hitam gold-colored landing, Bobby dikirab by using the chariot. Along the way, Bobby kept waving his hands toward Solo residents.

08.03 hrs

Bobby Nasution"s family has arrived at Graha Saba Buana building, Solo. Those who arrived at around 7:30 pm, headed straight for the kabul consent. Later, Bobby penggergajian had left for the weddingi location by usinew york the train from Alila Hotel.


07.40 hrs

Invited guests at Kahiyang-Bobby"s weddinew york began to arrive at Graha Saba Buana Building, Solo, Central Java. Starting from Megawati Soekarnoputri, Susilo Bambanew york Yudhoyono, Setya Novanto, Boediono, agus Harimurti Yudhoyono and Edhie Bascoro Yudhoyono. Tdi sini are tambahan a number of Cabinet Ministers of Work juga have started to arrive to the weddingai location.

07.00 pm

Kahiyang Ayu and Bobby hidung will hold a ceremony today at the Graha Saba Buana Building, Solo, Central Java. The event will bawa pulang place at 09.00 am.

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ketika traffic flow in front of the building diverted. Hundreds of officers from the TNI and Polri are juga on standby around the location of the event located at jalur berlakunya Suprapto No.80-B, Sumber, Banjarsari, town Surakarta, Central Java.