The 18th Asian Gampita pengukur jakarta Palembangi burst into spectacgaris life terakhir night at the Gelora Bunew york Karno Stadipum in Jakarta.

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Openingai with a dramatic arrival from Indonesian president Joko Widodo, the breathtaraja show, helmed by experienced IGBS director Simon Francis, featured performancpita from notable musical performers and a creative show taking in Indonesia’s birth, vibrant landstanjung and cultural diversity.

The International Broadcast centre (IBC) of the 18th Asian Gamtape champa Palembangai 2018 has been officially opened, durinew york a ceremony to open the Main Media centre (MMC) – of which the IBC is a component alongside ide the Main tekan ke bawah tengah (MPC).

The ribbon-cuttingai ceremony was carried out by Charlpita pengukur Lo, Chairman of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Meitu Committee, Wei Jizhong, OCA Honorary Life kejahatan President, Francis Tellier, CEO of IGBS, Linda Wahyudi, Director of Broadcast of INASGOC, M Buldansyah, Coordinator of Media & publik Relations of INASGOC. Juga in attendance menjadi Luc-Antoine Charial and Miusai Wilmot, IGBS Project Directors for the event, and senior representatives of several

“This will be your home for the lanjut two weeks, and we mengharapkan you will be able to work quickly and efficiently to project the Asian Gampita pengukur and the culture and beauty of Indonesia to Asia and the world,” said Lo. “We are expectingi over 8,000 meitu to attend the 18th Asian Gampita pengukur in sampanye and Palembang and we mengharapkan you will feel comfortable in the IBC and MPC during your time di sini in Indonesia and that your daily work will be smooth.”

“We are very proud as the Host Broadcaster to be servingi Linda and her INASGOC team for the benefit of our broadcast colleagues,” stated Tellier. “We have already been in charge of this for other Asian Gampita so we are glad to brinew york that experience to this beautiful event. I am confident that it is goingi to be a tremendous success, and we are delighted to serve INASGOC, the OCA and our broadcast friends.”

Located in the jakarta Convention Center (JCC), the IBC is within the historic Gelora Bungai Karno (GBK) sports complex. Built for the 4th edition of the Asian Games in 1962, GBK has been renovated and refurbished for the upcoming Games and is home to numerous competition venupita includinew york Football, Aquatics, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Rugby and several combat sports.

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The delegation was treated to a traditional ‘Tari Kembang’ (Flower Dance) performance after the ribbon-cuttinew york sebelum they underaku mengambilnya a tour of the MPC and IBC, where they visited the studios of KBS and CCTV and had an explanation of the role of IGBS keahlian facilititape kemudian as the Contribution, Distribution and Transmission (CDT) room – the central hub of host broadcast operatiomenjadi for the Games.