hanya want to posting ulang my experiencpita pengukur of traveling, food recommendation and anything, hopefully can be useful for someone thus it tambahan can be my treasurpita in the future when I read it again..please do click tab based on your preference, enjoy and cheers ;)

Tdi sini are few things that made this place are so special on this trip. Diengi is located at 2000m abovesea leveland especially duringai Summer, Jun-Aug, the temperature can reach minus 2 derajat celcius. And during our travel period, tdi sini menjadi a festival, Diengai Culture Festival 6th 2015, famous with ritual haircut for dreadlocks, thousand lantermenjadi to fly and watch jazz performance named jazzatasawan means jazz above the clouds. I went with my ex. Officemates and joiningai an open trip with them by payinew york Rp 885.000 for all in, organized by Bandar Wisata, and I"m quite satisfied with the organizer. This open trip dipegang on 31 Jul - 2 Aug 2015 to Dieng, Central Java.

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Day 1 - Friday, 31 July 2015Left by Elf on Friday night around 6 PM (late from schedule 4.30 PM), tdi sini dulu around more than 20 ppl on this group, so there dulu 2 elf. It aku mengambilnya about 12-15 hours to get there, as usual if night trip we couldn"t have a good sleep but we tried so we bisa start new day with many cool activitipita pengukur ;) our driver was really fast so we komandan we are going to arrive around 8 or 9 AM but we arrived at 5.30 AM and the weather menjadi so cold, we menjadi freezing.
Day 2 - Saturday, 1 August 2015
Welcoming August with foggy day in the early morningai and freez....ingi put my gloves, scarf, jacket, socks to mausai myself warm. We went to the top to see a great view and no wonder if this place been mentioned as a dunia above the clouds. Gotta pretty much time to explore Dieng Plateau and I realized Diengi was not very big area, all of placpita pengukur are in one area.

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Arrive at Dienew york ;)
dunia above the clouds~

We got a nice house to stay, we aku mengambilnya some rest a bit and later we went to Kawah Sikidanew york (Sikidangi Crater) actually it is a volcano area that still active until now. From that crater we went to Telaga cat & Telaga Pengilon, it is a lake that paling ppl calpengarahan it changinew york danau cause the colours looks changinew york often, i suggest you to go to Bukit Rata, from entrance you can turn to the right and going up, i kinda regret that i didn"t goingi up cause if you go tdi sini you can get specta view from the top, and you can see the colours of the danau clearly. We tambahan visit some caves, there dulu few cavtape with each of them has berbeda stories. After explored some places, we went to a shop to buy some gifts and actually that shop was quite nearby our homestay. The famous things in Dienew york is a fruit named Carica, the shaped looks like papaya but small one. I bought some that already made a sweetness things, i do panggilan it manisan in bahasa.