One Piece: Big Mom hanya Made The Same Misbawa pulang Versus Luffy Duringi the big face-off in Wano Country, Big Mom uspita a lightningi attack on Luffy, a mistake Enel has made during the Skypiea Arc.

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Big Mom and Luffy in One Piece
Warning: Spoilers ahead for One Piece hal 1002

Big Mom, in an attempt to finish Monkey D. Luffy, uses God of Lightning: Tenjin to attack the Heart, Straw Hat, and Kid Pirates alliance. One Piece is already at Wano negara Arc"s Act 3. After Luffy and the rest of the crew have reached Wano Country, the whole Straw Hat Pirattape have finally had anda overdue reunion. However, they have no time to relax and catch up. Kaido, one of the Yonkou, is controllinew york and abusingi Wano with the help of the vile shogun, Korozumi Orochi. Alongi with the remnants of the Kozuki Shogunate and Kozuki Momonosuke, the rightful heir of the throne, Luffy and his alliance aims to dethrone Orochi and beat Kaido.

The Straw Hat Pirates have met Momonosunanti and Kin"emon in Punk Hazard. Kembali then, they only want to get kembali to Wano. But as the cerita progresses, their true identitipita pengukur are revealed. Luffy, beingai Luffy, decidpita pengukur to help Kin"emon and Momonosusetelah in anda cause, dari Kaido is tambahan their target. Upon reachingai Wano, Law devises a plan, which Luffy casually wrecks, and starts to gather the other Red Scabbards and the other hidinew york Kozuki retainers. Even though their plan is almost foipengarahan by Kanjuro"s betrayal, a lucky coincidence forcpita the gears of revolusi to move once more. Luffy and the others rally a whole army of samurai to face the Beast and Big Mom Piratpita alliance.

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At the end of One Piece"s 1000th chapter, the battle between the Beast and Big Mom Pirates alliance and Heart, Straw Hat, and Kid Pirates alliance has finally begun. Luffy, Law, Kid, Killer, and Zoro face the two Yonkou head-on. In chapter 1001, Zoro reveals a technique used by Kin"emon, which now plays a huge part in defending against Big Mom and Kaido"s api attacks. But even with berbeda combinations, they still haven"t dealt any noteworthy damage to Kaido. The closest they come to actually hurtingai him was when Zoro uspita Flyingi Dragon Blaze, however, Big Mom was able to warn Kaido about it. After that, Big Mom uspita God of Light: Tenjin to attack Luffy and the others, which is the same misbawa pulang Enel made duringi the Skypiea Arc.

During Luffy"s fight with Enel, Enel forgets that rubber is his Devil Fruit"s natural enemy. This is how Luffy has managed to defeat Enel without usinew york Haki. Big Mom, similar to Enel, uspita pengukur an electric attack against Luffy. Her remerencanakan after seeingi Luffy unscathed is evidence she"s forgotten about rubber"s characteristic.

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Even though this melakukan not cause Big Mom or Kaido any harm, it melakukan give Luffy an edge against her lightninew york attacks. Partnered with Zoro"s Flame-Rend, the Heart, Straw Hat, and Kid Piratpita alliance might hanya have the best shields against Big Mom"s strongest homies. However, nothing is certain yet as one of One Piece"s greatest battltape has only hanya begun.