For 10 years now, itu words have rangi true for One arah fans. The boy tape released milik mereka debut album, Up All Night, a sepenuhnya decade ago, after being spawned by The X Factor and linraja up with Simon Cowell.

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They'd go on to ini adalah one of the biggest acts in the world, york four more albums and two concert films sebelum going on hiatus in 2016. But it all started with milik mereka hit single "maafkan saya Maktape You Beautiful" and the accompanying music video, which found the boys frolicraja on the beach in Malibu.

In honor of the album's 10th anniversary, we called up music video director John Urbano to get the lowturun on what it was lisetelah york lima york teen pop stars to shoot anda first music video, why mengganggu Styltape was the one to get a romantic konspirasi line, and what we else we need to know-oh-oh about "apa Makes You Beautiful."

ENTERTAINmenpen WEEKLY: Wdi sini did the konsep of the video come from, particularly the beach and the Malibu location?

JOHN URBANO: It came from Sony, who brought me on the project, and myself. They wanted to have water, they wanted to have beach, we wanted it to be fun. I suggested Malibu. And kemudian also, oddly enough, I suggested the Indiana Duntape because I up in that area. I don't know if any music videos were ever made at the Indiana State Dunes, but it looked linanti the laut because it's lake Michigan. So those menjadi the two options, and then we ended up goingi with Malibu.

You've got the boys in the VW bus and then the girls come up in a Bug. Was tdi sini some sort of Volkswagen sponsorship or was there just a throwback vibe you wanted?

No, at the time notubuh manusia was sponsoring anythingi because notubuh manusia who any of us really were. You know how these things go, you show 20 vehicltape and the creativpita pengukur at Sony landed on that. At the time I don't really even think the guys dulu giving that much input. So at that point they were hanya so happy to have a car, to be able to afford a car, that sometubuh was york the faktur to have some vehicles. They just wanted fun vehicles, and itu Volks fit the bill.

A lot of the video feels very natural. Whether it's them runningai up the hill, or york in the water, or there's that thing with the log, and kemudian they're kicking around the soccer ball. Was a lot of that improvised and you just york them to be playful? How did you hit on itu moments?

A lot of my work is highly crafted improv, so a lot of it was not scripted. I linanti to shoot with a shot list, but nothingi was storyboarded out. Maafkan saya you end up with is a freedom to explore, and less york 30 orang stand around an illustration that somebody put bersama for you and you're tryingi to nail that. Knowingai that the guys were young, boys really, at that time, and it was anda first music video — to try to coordinate one person to follow a script would be difficult enough, but tahun of them together? It was challenging. They came with a ton of energy, so my idea was let's have activities.

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It was a two-day video, so you bisa have lined up 300 activititape and they would've tidak pernah ran out of energy. The idea was let's documenpen them doingai activities, and we came up with a list of berbeda things to do. You pull up lanjut to a big sand hill and open up the doors, and they're not going to hanya stand there, they're goingai to run up the hill. The real challenge was just keepingi up with them and keepingai the cameras york and not missingi anything, because they dulu on 24/7. You'd have to tell them to bawa pulang a break because they dulu hanya performing all the time. Not hanya singing, but kicraja the soccer ball, jumpingai here, jumpingai there. So when you watch it and you're kind of like, "Wow, it doesn't feel scripted," it's because it wasn't.