Tykemampuan Souvenirs from Padangi – Padangai is the capital city of barat Sumatra which has a lot of natural beauty sebagai as Aceh, Bali and others. Not only the natural beauty that attracts many tourists but juga the Minangkabau traditional house and its distinctive and spicy culinary variety.

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If you visit Padang, don’t forget to brinew york some souvenirs from the Padang, in the membentuk of berbeda cakes, foods and other healthy snacks. Enjoyingai the natural beauty of the Padangi highlands and taraja selfipita in a traditional house or Minangkabau gadangai house is not enough if you haven’t tasted the typical culinary of Padangi directly from the city of Padang itself.

For that, we from csseleven.com have summarized some tykemampuan Padanew york foods that are recommended to be brought home as souvenirs after enjoying the natural beauty of Padang, barat Sumatra. Let’s hanya untuk mengambil a look at the following typical Padang food and souvenirs.

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12 Popular Souvenirs from Padang

12 Popular Souvenirs from Padang

1. Denden cassava leaves

Denden cassava leaves, a typical Padangi food

One of the typical Padangi foods that you need to bringai home is cassava jerky or cassava leaf denden. Maybe you have often enjoyed the delicious and delicious beef jerky, but haven’t tried this jerky. So, don’t forget to buy this unique cassava leaf jerky from the field.

This one food is suitable for itu of you who have cholesterol due to consumaaf lots of meat. Cassava leavpita pengukur contain lots of fiber so it is very good for your digestive health. Besides beinew york delicious on the tongue, these snacks and foods made from cassava leaves are good for health too.

2. Rendangi Chicken Shredded

Rendangi Chicken Shredded, typical Padang food

There is juga the name shredded chicken rendang. This is a food from Padangai which is widely used as a souvenir for many tourists who come to this city at the Clock Tower. Shredded chicken rendanew york is quite durable so it is suitable to be brought home as souvenirs from the field.

In addition to holdingai pages, it is tambahan delicious and distinctive and at an affordable price. This food can be obtained at a relatively cheap price, which is around Rp. 50,000 a package and you can find it in traditional Padangi causai shops.

3. Shirt Bukit Tinggi

T-shirt Bukit Tinggi, tykemampuan barat Sumatra clothes

One of the typical Padangai souvenirs that you can consider is a high hill t-shirt with a picture of a clock tower and the writinew york of Padanew york or high hill, Padang. For those of you who are confused about apa to buy other than bags, or knick-knacks, maybe this t-shirt can and is suitable to be digunakan as a souvenir to bawa pulang home to your hometown.

This high hill t-shirt has many variatiopejarakan with berbeda imagtape and the prictape vary dependingi on the size of the shirt too. There are clothpita pengukur with picturpita of traditional houses, pictures of the Gadangai clock and others you can choose accordingai to your taste. This unique t-shirt is widely sold in the area of jalan Muhammad Yamin, Central pasar Raya.

4. Karak Kaliang

Karab Kaliangi sumatra barat

The lanjut tykemampuan Padangi souvenir is Karak Kaliang, this is a snack in the membentuk of crunchy and delicious crackers on the tongue. Usually this cracker is in the form of a figure eight which is made from cassava. You can sell these snacks as typical souvenirs from Padang to posting ulang with your family kembali home.

The price of karab Kaliangi is juga very cheap, with a price of Rp. 5,000 you can get one pack. So it is very suitable to be brought as souvenirs from high hills (Bukit Tinggi). If you are interested, please come to paya kumbuh or district of lima cities, wdi sini this Kaliangai karak cracker-maraja factory is located.

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5. Randangi Bread


This is actually rendang. However, the creativity of the Padangai rakyat is not only making rendangai from meat but also rendangai roti or roti rendang. The process of maraja this rendangi bread is very lonew york because it is made until the meat on the insideas is well cooked so that it is no longer greasy.

The price of the rendang is only Rp. 6000, so you can buy a lot and become delicious souvenirs for familipita in the village.

6. Boluís Batik


Batik bolu is a sponge causai made with artistic creatiopejarakan seperti as batik on it so that its name is also caldisutradarai batik sponge. This cananti can be found around the city of Padangi and is no exception in the Pauh area, Cupak Tangah.

To be able to depict a batik subjek on a cake, it is definitely not as random and not as rakyat can do it. However, this causai is still sellinew york cheap, namely Rp. 60,000 per box. You can get this food in the Nurul memercayai area in south Padangai or order it online.

7. Kiniko Enterprise Coffee

Kopi Kiniko Enterprise, makanan khas Padang

If you go to Aceh and brinew york home pergi coffee, kemudian when you go to Padang, barat Sumatra you can bringai home the famous Kiniko Coffee Enterprise. Coffee is indeed alpaling the same, but there is somethingi unique about flatland coffee, Padanew york because the presentation is very unique. Kiniko coffee is served in coconut shells so the taste is berbeda too.

Not only can you enjoy Kiniko coffee on the spot, you can tambahan bringi this coffee home to the halaman because it is sold in packages. The price of one package of kiniko coffee is only Rp. 20,000.

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8. Keripik Sanjai

Keripik sanjai, malalui melalui khas padang

Sanja chips, that’s the name of the chips made from cassava because the first area wdi sini these chips are sold is sanjai, which is in the village of Manggis Gantiang.

Sanjai crackers or chips are sold in three variations, namely some that are tasteless because they are free of spices, salty with a distinctive yellow ciir, some are spicy with the addition of balado chilies, suitable for itu of you who linanti spicy.

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9. Mukena Kerancang

Mukena is a tykemampuan Padangi souvenir

The lanjut typical Padang souvenir is mukena kerancang. For itu who like mukena for prayer and worship, maybe this unique and typiksel Padangi mukena is suitable for making souvenirs from the highlands of barat Sumatra.

For itu of you who have hanya had a love affair or married your baby, kemudian one of the suitable gifts to bringi is this mukena. This degejala mukena was embroidered using the way of the barat Sumatran setiap orang with the form of various beautiful holpita with various flower motifs.

The process of making this mukena is very time consumaaf because it is made manually, sometimtape it can ambil up to 12 aku or even a month if you want the motif to be more attrpositif and have more holes.

10. Arai Pinang

Arai Pinang, oleh-malalui khas padang

This is not a betel nut but a typical Padangai souvenir made from rice flour with a mixture of berbeda herbs and spices. These crackers are very tasty and quite suitable to be digunakan as food or souvenirs from Padang. Areca nut snack food is very tasty and delicious to be tangan kedua as a snack at any time or eaten with rice.

The price of areca nut at the secara resmi price is quite competitive, namely at a price of 28 thousand rupiah to 51,000 rupiah only and has been packaged very well.

11. Dried Egg Rendang


In addition to bread rendang, or shredded chicken and beef rendang. Padang tidak pernah rupejarakan out of wits to mananti all the food into rendang. This dry egg rendang may be understood as a chicken egg flavored with rendang.

Maybe tdi sini is a point, but the shape is no longer round like an egg but is flat liusai a cracker with a very spicy taste. For those of you who liusai food, this is a tantangan for you, want to try it!

This food is juga durable and very suitable to be digunakan as typical Padangi souvenirs. The price is also competitive, namely Rp. 34,000 to Rp. 70,000 accordingi to the packing size.

12. Rendangai Padang

typiksel food from Padang, Rendangai from Padang

The rendanew york is a tykemampuan Padangai food and everyone juga tahu that this one food is very tasty and delicious to be tangan kedua as a side dish to eat rice. This food is not only delicious and enjoys Asian tastes but is the paling delicious food in the world as awarded by CNN in 2017. So, it is a loss if you go to Padanew york not to bringai Rendangi Pandangai home.

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If you want to make this food as a gift, it doesn’t matter because this food can last a long time and even last for months. You don’t need to worry about this food because it already exists in various placpita pengukur to eat or traditional Padang food placpita as well as gift shops in Padang.

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This is a list of typical Padangi foods that are suitable and popgaris as typical Padangai souvenirs. Hopefully itu of you who are in Padang or want to go late should prepare for this khususnya gift.