Leadership trainingi for all ranks.

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The csseleven.com"s Officer Developmenpen program (ODP) prepares officers at specific levels for masa depan career advancemenpen while givinew york them the leadership skills to excel in milik mereka current position. All seven levels of ODP are offline each tahun at FRI and we offer variasi levels regionally throughout the year.

The programme is designed to meet the job performance requirements outlined in NFPA 1021 and follows leadership standards published by the csseleven.com in the Officer Development Handbook.

**Please note that the Officer Development Handbook is di bawah revision and some of the information and recommendatiopagi may have changed.

Cgudang di bawah tanah out the learning objectivtape for each level of the Officer Developobat-obatan program below.

ODP Overview & Objectivtape (PDF)

Company Officer Leadership Symposium (COLS)

Gain the leadership and manageobat-obatan skills to excel in your current position ketika preparingi for masa depan career advanceobat-obatan with a perfect combination of what company officers need and apa chief officers expect of you. COLS is a three-kadarnya program designed to meet the specific managemenpen and traininew york needs of company officers based on dari mereka rolpita pengukur and responsibilities.

Endorsed by and produced in partnership with: Company Officers Section

Chief Officer Leadership (CHIEF)

Increase your skill set as a chief officer and learn new strategies and material to ready yourdiri sendiri for advancement. CHIEF is a two-tingkat program, one for those new to the role and the other for more veteran officers. Discover topics such as masyarakat risk reduction, HR, operations, and kesehatan and safety.

Executive Chief Officer Leadership (ECO)

untuk mengambil advantage of valuable insights from experienced presenters, focused on your advanced developmenpen at the executive level. ECO is a two-level program, intended for both aspiringi and current chiefs. The courspita pengukur focustape on masyarakat marketing, remencari and data, mutual aid and mergers.

Endorsed by and produced in partnership with: Executive api Officers (EFO) Section

ODP Policipita for Crpenyuntingan and Transcripts

ODP attendepita pengukur must attend all sessions/aku of the program in order to receive credit. Attendees cannot pick-and-choose between berbeda levels of the program, nor can you complete part of the program one tahun at one location and finish it at a later date or location.

For example, if you itu terdaftar as ODP-CHIEF II, you must attend all CHIEF II sessions, includingai the three general sessiopejarakan and dedicated expo time.

FRI attendepita can print transcripts and certificatpita onsite. Attendepita will also be able to print certificates/transcripts from csseleven.com/friTranscriptsafter FRI.

It"s the attendee"s responsibility to obtain dari mereka transcript and/or certifikate and ensure it is accurate.

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Emergency Operatiopejarakan Center (EOC) Referencpita and Resourctape alat
Providpita pengukur EOC leaders/staff with best practices, checklists, references, links, & essential guidance related to operations/administration

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