Chatter is a greatway to stay in touch and be part of the community. Usinew york the chatter window you can hold conversations in real-time with other people in your church.

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Note: For your security Chatter isonly available to setiap orang with login access tothe web site.

Step 1 - OpeningChatter

From the home menuat the top of the screen select:


A new window will be displayed shortly afterwards containingi the chatter program.

Step 2 - Enterinew york a Chatter Zone

In the bottom right-hand corner of the window is a list of chatter zones. Chatter zonpita are areasfor you to talk about a specific topic - for example "general chat", "footnol talk" or "youth zone"- different zonpita pengukur will be available depending on which groups you are a member of.

Click on a name in the list to enter a zone.


Step 3 - Begin Chattering!

The setiap orang currently in your zone are listed in the top right hand corner. Hover overany name tosee more options and to see the real name of this rakyat (you can change your chatter "nickname" in my profile).

Any messagpita pengukur which have been posted in the last 10 minutpita will be shown in the main chatter window.Enter your messagein the box below and press the send button (or simply hit return on your keyboard) to add it to the discussion.



Click on additional zones to begin chatteringai in other areas. Your currently active zonpita are listed down the left hand side of the main chatter window.

A flashingai tab indicatpita pengukur that new messages have been added. Click on the tab name to display the latest additions.

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Click on the

link at any stage to leave a chatter zone.